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[Hero Concept] New Marksman. SKYLER The Captain of Space Battleship. a Kangaroo skills.

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Edited by ariefhzt at 2018-3-19 02:47 PM
SKYLER The Captain of Space Battleship
Charge / Reap

a Kangaroo woman
a Captain of Space Battleship
She is very love her family

HP  :   2500      HP rgn : 36
Mana : 435    Mana rgn : 15
Phys atk : 115    Armor : 15
atk spd  : 0.8   mv spd : 245

When Space Battleship Sirius was on patrol in space, Sirius was attacked by King of Kastiyans, Zhask. Skyler was trying to defends but his attack too Big damage. Skyler's husband suffered a very serious enjury. But there was something help  them. The power of space travel make them far away. someone in blue traveled to the Land of Dawn.
With that  opportunity Skyler tried to attack back and run away to avoid war. Actually Zhask's main goal to invansion all. Skyler didn't want that happen. She should save her son in Scholar City. She tried to prevent Zhask.
She must went to Land of Dawn to kill Zhask and
asked for help from someone in blue.
" the fate of the people is in my hands, I have power and I must take responsibility to prevent destruction"

She has additional 2 slots for perfect items , her first and second perfect items/last tier items will enter into her pouch automatically and permanently. That 2 items will dissapear from 6 slots items and turn into part of Aura, and return the gold from that items or cashback worth with the sale price. ( so you must be wise to buy last tier item in early game)
If standart slot item filled with perfect items/ last tier items that will add Physical penetration too, +8 phys Pen each slot ( so it total is 6 slot x 8 = +48 Phys Pen)
Her basic attack is shoot laser bullet from her two handguns, each bullet deal 55% physical damage.

First Skill
cc  aoe
cd :10 mc: 85
Skyler leaps to target and kick deal 0(+100% total phys atk)phys dmg that make knock target back and stunning for 0.8 second, while she kick , she make distance with jump backward and combine her pistol into blast gun to shooting basic attack a blast laser ball to target and nearby dealing 170% phys dmg automatically.

Second Skill
cd: 8 mc: 70
Skyler jump to specified area highly ( her condition same like flying fanny) and do bassic attack with shoots  6 bullets to target from above/airborne automatically, fastly and shortly. If Skyler still stay in airborne she still can do basic attack normally.  During she jumps, Skyler will immune from slowing and trap/root/immobilize.

cc aoe
cd : 34 mc : 125
Skyler orders Space Battleship Sirius to launch orbital air strike Mega Laser to specified big area that has been marked. Enemies in area will slowing 40% movement speed during casting in 1.5 second.
the more enemies is in the middle of the area, more damage enemies receives, dealing 350~550 (+90% total phys atk) phys dmg. skill can not be canceled or accelerated

combo : ultimate skill + skill #1(to push target to center area) + skill #2 ( for finishing)

will matching with  battle spell retribution dan custom marksman emblem or assassin emblem.
my standart build maybe is swiftboots, beast killer/raptor machete (in pouch)
demon hunter sword, windtalker, endless battle, scarlet phantom, berserker’s fury, blade of despair.

very good in late game because of her passive
has 2 mobility skills
her skill using basic attack, so really fit if use life steal item
her second skill support in killing hero
her ultimate skill has big area

Her second skill can be easy targetted by enemies because  long duration of landing
her ultimate skill easy to avoided by enemeis becauce  long duration of casting time
she is so squishy

“Boom shakalaka boom shakalaka boom”
it's Dawin time, click the skills name for listen it.10Q fufufufu

references for Skye appearance

references for Skye appearance
Post time 2018-3-19 02:48 PM | Show all posts
This hero is uhh...very unique XD...thats for sure haha. Well as for the hero spells/abbility’s i cant imsgine them ingame somehow, but it sounds like much fun


HAHAHAHAHAHA  Post time 2018-3-19 11:33 PM watch this fufufufufu  Post time 2018-3-19 09:57 PM
Post time 2018-3-19 11:53 AM | Show all posts
I love her passive. And 2nd skill is good. I am not sure that she is attack based hero or skill based hero. But i want to see her in development. Can you please suggest this to in game cs? Cheers
 Author| Post time 2018-3-19 12:00 PM | Show all posts
Edited by ariefhzt at 2018-3-19 12:17 PM
BD007 replied at 2018-3-19 11:53 AM
I love her passive. And 2nd skill is good. I am not sure that she is attack based hero or skill base ...

yes, when her any shoot with her handgun is basic attack, on skills too, that is her profit when she skilling. only Ultimate skill that she can't get life steal because that not from her handgun

yes i will to submit it. 10Q for your response. i have bonus for you with check skill name for listening Dawin song that base of her skill name too fufufufu.
Post time 2018-3-19 12:21 PM | Show all posts
ariefhzt replied at 2018-3-19 12:00 PM
yes, when her any shoot with her handgun is basic attack, on skills too, that is her profit when sh ...

Hehehe thanks a lot man. Now listening.
Post time 2018-3-19 12:48 PM | Show all posts
Sounds dope! But one thing though, change her name. Because there is already a hero in another moba game *cough* vainglory *cough* that is also a marksman with huge mobility and a devastating ult (which can also be easily avoided) the only difference is that she is not a kangaroo. Try to watch "SKYE vainglory". You'll get what I mean.

And lastly, her passive is over-powered. Having additional items (2 OF THEM) can outclass all mm. I'm calling for a nerf! lol just kidding. Anyways I hope this suggestion goes to the devs because I want to see a furry hero in the game just like diggie.
Post time 2018-3-19 01:11 PM | Show all posts
Love this concept
 Author| Post time 2018-3-19 01:48 PM | Show all posts
Kido replied at 2018-3-19 12:48 PM
Sounds dope! But one thing though, change her name. Because there is already a hero in another moba  ...

10Q for your suggest, lol. i didn't know about that, actually her name is skye because she can jump highly in the sky skye i've been watching it. maybe i should change it to hmmm, Azura maybe,  actualy my inspiration to make this heroine is gyrocopter from d0ta

fufufufu i know it kinda OP, but if just add 1 items is too common for me so what should i do? that is why i choose Kangaroo because her has pouch when she got baby. fufufu Lucky Kangaroo she has pouch to keep other items
10Q mate, MLbb maybe shoud focus on Races they have. like Akai and Diggie, that is why i suggest to make other animal humanoid.
 Author| Post time 2018-3-19 01:49 PM | Show all posts

10Q mate happy listening dawin songs .lol
 Author| Post time 2018-3-19 01:50 PM | Show all posts
BD007 replied at 2018-3-19 12:21 PM
Hehehe thanks a lot man. Now listening.

nice   keep enjoy                           
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