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[Lore & Novel] Story of the entire timeline of the Land of Dawn (Part I)

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-The Land of Dawn-


  Amidst the Land of Dawn, where chaos was the only rule of this land. Though, it was never like this. In fact, in the beginning, life was all peaceful, until the war against the queen of apocalypse - Alice, broke out, which was also known as the War of Apocalypse.

  Before, this land was just a mere planet full of life, what was used to be called Earth, has turned into a flaming red ball of catastrophe. It could've been avoided, but everything good has to come with a cost, and the same goes for this world. Even through all of this abundance of hell, people arose, united together, and they fought against the invading troops from the void.

  They were the Heroes. They became legends, for all the work they've done to save this world, but it wasn't enough. One of them betrayed them, and that person never had an objective to save people when joining the heroes, that person's sole purpose was for the praise. This made matters worse, considering the fact that the world is already at stake, they would still go playing around and wandering off to their own direction.

  When news broke out to other land, planets and galaxies, more and more reinforcemens arrive to end this war once and for all. Will this be enough? Or will it just become another mere dot in the history of the Land of Dawn?

Chapter 1: Intertwined Beginnings

  When this land was created, there was only one purpose, and it was to become God's sandbox for creating life. His experiments brought newmorous weird creatures into this world, but when God abandoned it for a better one, life evolved to create beautiful landscapes and creatures that were never seen before.

  The first pre-modern entity that roamed the Land of Dawn that still exists today are the Stone Titans. Grock, one of the few stone titans that survived, now roams the land, in search of his now-deceased friends.


  These stone titans emerged from the rocky mountains of the Land of Dawn, their bodies consisting of rocks, vines, and a special kind of power source that made them what they are today. They had a special affinity for nature, though Grock likes to carry his fortress tower around more.

  When Grock was hibernating for a few thousand years, life thrived as never seen before, but this brought no good, as his race was almost completely wiped out. Luckily for Grock, he was hibernating inside of a mountain, so he wasn't affected at all.

  After his awakening, he found a mysterious race of horses with a human body, which were the centaurs. These centaurs feared Grock when he approached them, thinking he was a threat because of his immense size. Fortunately for the centaurs, Grock was particularly friendly and patient.

  Their leader, Hylos, was going to negotiate with Grock, but due to his huge body and slow talking speed, it was a tough negotiation. In the end, Grock agreed to help the centaurs with defending their home, in exchange for what had happened during his years of hibernation.

  In the other side, where darkness roamed the dead lands, were where the mysterious race of creatures that could fill spaces with darkness and erasing light out of existance lived. They were said to be extinct now, but they're slowly emerging again, ready to feast of revenge.

  These creatures were gifted with the power of bringing darkness from thin air, and they had the ability to blink through space as well, making them very dangerous. Even more, they had poisonous tails with sharp stingers that could shoot out and instantly kill anyone, no matter if they were poisoned or stabbed by the stingers. Thus, they became a very dominating force way back then, though nobody knows the reason of their fall and why they went extinct - but that was what they thought.

  In the two poles of the Earth, there lived moon elves on the north and night elves from the dark south. These night elves were born killers because of their gloomy surroundings. Unlike their friendly moon elves, night elves were very skilled and killing, and they lived in jungles, so they have high skills in roaming and trackking around the jungle.

  One of the best night elves was thought to be Karina, and she was the best of the best. She had the ability to make herself invincible to attacks, which was an ability that her race had never seen before, hence making her very talented in the art of killing. She also had exceptional mobility, and unpredictable yet strong attacks, moreover the fact that she could become invincible.

  One day, while Helcurt was roaming the lands, he was spotted by Karina, and was captured, soon being brought to their jungle, where everyone could see the captured little pet. But, what they didn't know was that Helcurt was just as good as them in killing people. So, Helcurt blinked out of the cage and killed more than 5% of the total population of the night elves at the time.

  Karina, who was just back from her roaming duties, spotted Helcurt again, but this time, it was Helcurt's turn to capture her. Helcurt had two decisions for Karina to decide, either to obey him and become an ally, or to be let free but her race will be executed.

  Karina, being a loyal night elf, had no choice but to obey Helcurt, sacrificing herself for the greater good of her race. But Karina had other plans. She wanted to gain enough trust from Helcurt so she could be let loose for just a while. This would give her a chance to hide and jump out at him, killing him in a slash of her swords.

  Helcurt on the other hand, had absolutely no interest in Karina as she was borderline useless when in clear one on one fights. This is because Karina is supposed to be skilled at surprise attacks, not face to face battles. Helcurt decided to keep her anyway, thinking she could be useful one day. When war broke out, they migrated north, making them closer to their fate and leaving both Helcurt's and Karina's race behind.

  While Helcurt and Karina were migrating north, Grock and Hylos along with his race were journeying south to find a better suited land for both Grock and the centaurs. This is where they met Helcurt and Karina. Even though Grock gave them a warm welcome, Helcurt and Karina had a suspicion due to Grock's huge size. Hylos on the other hand was busy leading his race, but when Karina saw them, she immediately froze, wanting to leave ASAP.

  Helcurt didn't know why, but he went along with it anyway. Hylos didn't notice Karina, so he never knew what happened just then. Suddenly, a large explosion came from the east, though they were unsure of what caused it. So all of them decided to venture into the heart of the explosion.

  What caused it? Find out in part 2 :) (coming soon)

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patience is a virtue... and I am patiently waiting for the next chapters...
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