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Title: Developer Update: Season 8 - New Content [Print this page]

Author: MasterZeR0    Time: 2018-3-16 07:00 PM
Title: Developer Update: Season 8 - New Content
Edited by MasterZeR0 at 2018-3-16 07:00 PM

Hi, everyone! I’m Arnold, and I’m currently responsible for battle experience design and hero balancing in the game. This week, I’d like to talk to you about the upcoming new season’s update and its various adjustments.

Our new season update is expected to arrive in the first week of April. This new version will bring important changes for everyone.

Firstly, we will increase the number of bans in Draft Pick Mode from 2 to 4. At the same time, we will launch a selection helper function for everyone. The selection helper’s main function is as follows: when selecting heroes in Draft Pick Mode, and players placed further down the selection order wish to use a certain hero, players placed higher in the selection order can help them to choose this hero in order to achieve a more ideal team line-up. More detailed rules of this function are on the way. Through these two adjustments, we hope to make hero selection in Draft Pick Mode more strategic and enable players to communicate more effectively.

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