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Author: MasterZeR0
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[Talk With Developer] Developer Update: Season 8 - New Content

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Post time 2018-3-20 02:13 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Please upgrade vexana ulti. Be fair and square like the valir and pharsa.
Post time 2018-3-20 03:13 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Hi there, I think helcurt's ult should be able to counter lesley's
Post time 2018-3-20 05:44 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
zhsk used to be my favourite hero but you guys super nerfed him...  now anyone can target him easily that stun used to defend him his attack is reduced drastically so as his defence his movement already very slow and he cant even save himself onstead of decreasing atk speed that much you guys could take his stun for immobility as other range players would still be able to atk him...  he also cant even heal to heal he have to use 2nd and 3rd ability which is rarely used by zhask players all other mages can heal alot but he can't that made him to go back to base heal and return with super slow speed. in my opinion zhask should be rethinked as he is very different hero so that it wont be threat to other heroes and could save himself too. Earlier guison, lancelot, kagura, natalia and lesley could kill him easily before hylos, akai and johnson were also great counters to him.  now he is nerfed and defenceless and his death rate rose drastically
Post time 2018-3-20 09:09 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
PsyRmX replied at 2018-3-18 03:26 PM
What about buying a revive in the game,when player is dead,it would be good to have an revive option ...

Good idea!
Why just buy revive? Here's complete price list for rich player to spend their diamonds
Buy Revive : 1 diamond
Get Buff (without killing the monster) : 1 diamond
Pay the turtle to commit suicide : 10 diamond
Bribe the Lord : 20 diamond
Bribe the enemy team to surrender : 10 diamond / player
Post time 2018-3-21 12:20 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
They don't care what people does want. Look at the Irithel skin gets changes after u do purchase, and look how she looks behind like naked booty idk how stupid u should be to design her like this keep takin money of the players and keep doing stupid things like u did till now.
Post time 2018-3-21 04:42 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
disgusting, thousands of messages, no one responds to suggestions or bug reports, the tank role is not valued, there are no epic skins for tanks, they are also abandoned, they are not improved to face the new heroes with super exaggerated powers and stupid skills no cooldown or mana cost, and now this stupid nerf to the second skill of chou, having a lancelot with double immunity, they must leave it as it was, and the routine of giving buff to heroes who will receive new skins, at this step goes to end up as heroes evolved , everything for those who hurt,always laying the same damn assasins and disgusting magicians like fanny lancelot gossen kagura cyclops harley or zhask, they need nerf to be really balanced,this game have nothing clean or fair.
Post time 2018-3-21 09:20 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
PsyRmX replied at 2018-3-18 04:26 PM
What about buying a revive in the game,when player is dead,it would be good to have an revive option ...

That is one heck of a bad idea.Do you want this game to be a pay to win? Dont give silly ideas. This is not a temple run type of game. CASUALS!!!

Just kidding dude, i know this is just a troll.
Post time 2018-3-21 09:51 AM | Show all posts
some heroes need rework and rebalance, especially old heroes

Rafaela - total rework, remake model and skin
Passive Normal attack will slow the enemy movement speed 40% for 1 s (doesn't stack and doesn't renew the debuff before the current duration end) and healing skill will increase allies movement speed.
Skill 1 Holy Baptism  (CD 12 seconds)
Uses Holy Light to punish enemies before her, dealing magic damage and stunning targets for 1 s.
Skill 2 No change
Skill 3 Rafaela Blessing (CD: 80S)
Remove nearby allies status ailment (Stun, Silent,Transform etc) and grant nearby allies (turret, minion, heroes) Immunity to physical attack (including turrets damage) for 5/6/7 seconds.

Miya - change her 2nd skill like remake of her old ult
damage and knockback enemies, also slow them by 60% for 1,5 seconds.

Additional effect for ultimate during the ultimate duration, increase movement speed by 20% and reduce incoming damage by 15%/20%/25%.

Minotaur - skill and mechanic rework, remove rage gauge, give him mana, total rework of his skill for disabling and crowd control, remove his heal.

Sun - Remake model, longer duration of clone, clone no longer gives gold, second skill now send enemies to the air for 0.5 seconds.

Increase Ultimate skill Stuns duration to 2s/2.5s/3s.

Vexana - additional effect for ultimate, heroes killed by this skill will increase the spawn duration by 20/25/30 seconds. Increase puppet duration by 5 seconds.

Eudora - increase her skill range and buff her passive, when enemy heroes dies near her decrease her skill cooldown by 50%.

Stun/Disable now detached her cable.

Lancelot: need rework of his skill to make him difficult to use, his skill set is easy too use, especially his 2nd skill is too op, can clear minion fast, had full immunity so it can dodge ultimate and tower damage.

Nana: Ultimate skill now stun enemies for 1.5s/2S/2.5s instead of sending enemy to the air.

Johnson - nerf: had mana, decreased shield point by 50%, remove skill 3 electric shock damage. buff: shield cooldown duration decrease by 30 %.

buff passive: increase physical attack and attack speed for each kills and assists by 20-30 pts, 2-3% attack speed. (Depends on level)
Ult: sword gauge always full during the duration.

Kagura: change her ult to old ult.
Post time 2018-3-21 11:13 AM | Show all posts
I would like that this games a better tutorial for new players and meaning what spells to use and the meaning of what items to choose to counter your enemy. It would make this game enviremnt a lot better! No one is looking at the event page or youtube. Make it easier for beginners to find those tutorials.

Lastly i would like that this game could make a picture of somthing to see which friend is best to add in game not to have lagg issues. So seeing a person from which server they are could also be a good help for new players.

This game should also help a player according to what style he likes to play. So they know which hero are suited for them and can mainly focus.

Thats all i had to say.

Ps i would like that any player from around the would could play with eachother without vpn. Just a dream i gues
Post time 2018-3-21 01:44 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Can you save The Star of MVP in the losing team?
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