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[Share] Easiest Ways to Win Solo Rank. Schhh!! Dont tell everybody about this.

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Edited by Ar3neKn1ght at 2018-3-13 10:47 PM

Easy. Just play solo rank in right time, if you are pro. Every server must have different time zone. So, please play ML when kid didnt play. When?

In the morning-->
Kid/Teenager going to school, so they very hard to play ML in this time. At same time man who are (19-26) year old are also playing ML (team rank). So, chance to get a star in every single match is 70%.

In the evening-->
All are return to the home. So many player will player rank mode, (team rank and solo rank) in leisure time.  Most critical time to play solo rank. So chance to get a star in every single match is 20%. If you have 3 or 5 team, you are very lucky too get star in this evening.

In the night-->
Same as in evening, but some of player are sleeping already. Play team rank in this time are very low. So chance to get a star in single match is 50%.

In the midnight-->
All kid (little of them are still awake) are sleeping already. Same as adult. In this time, more player play solo rank but least of them play team rank. So, chance to get a star in single match is 80%.

Special Cases-->
Dont play in weekend because too much noobs or pro team play that time. So, very easy to lose a star.

Anyways my theory about this are not true sometime (only joke for me) but there are some logic too. Some of kids are also pro player in ML. So, if you want to play solo rank, go ahead. Find the good time where the noobs are not playing this game.

Dont blame me if you are lose streak on that suitable time. This post are not true sometime.

Post time 2018-3-13 11:47 PM | Show all posts
totally agree with this. As well as the explanations... It's true.
Post time 2018-3-14 12:15 AM | Show all posts
The weekend one is completely true. Pushing rank during weekend is a guaranteed star loss without a team because there are nubs everywhere.

On the other hand the "morning", "evening" thing is kind of dynamic due to cross server match ups and time zone differences.
Post time 2018-3-14 12:29 AM | Show all posts
Age has nothing to do with skill.. Yeah I can't deny mostly kids and teens players are kinda bad behavior like trashtalker, afker, feeder, etc..

Kids these days like playing video games.. Most of them are game enthusiast.. I don't think every kids or teenagers supposed to be noob in any games.. Even in MLBB itself, I'll take an example.. Top Global Alucard is 14 yo kid. So once again.. Age has nothing to do with skill.

I also can see most of this forum members are a bunch of kids.. and the rest are weeb.. Yeah I can judge that by their profile, their post, their comments, kids drawing, anime fans, delusions, troll, and cry*es..  Don't get offended.. I just saw that by my subjective.. But I do believe still there mature ppl here.. Me, myself is 26 but I like anime and trolling.

Back to the topic, Agree with ya.. I know that there's prime time for players to push ranked in certain period, if you're lucky maybe you will find a good team / teammates, but it doesn't proof anything also if it's vice versa, bcs every players have different time zone, they have their own prime time gaming. Playing game is free will, so you can't predict who you will face with when solo q. Btw nice suggestions
Post time 2018-3-14 12:39 AM | Show all posts
I tried this for a long long time. Recently, the system has betrayed me. Lost 18 stars in 4 days -_-
I play at midnight and morning time always.
 Author| Post time 2018-3-14 01:02 AM | Show all posts
titan666 replied at 2018-3-14 12:29 AM
Age has nothing to do with skill.. Yeah I can't deny mostly kids and teens players are kinda bad beh ...

I know already there are pro player kid, like Cold (pro alucard) and Nash (pro fanny). Dont underestimate kid sometime. Sometime adult player also can be noobs player.
Post time 2018-3-14 01:28 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I can agree and also disagree with this. I agree playing during morning and late night does work with gaining stars, and playing during the peak time can equal to losing stars due to bad teams. But when it all comes down to it. A team win a team loses. So it pretty much a 50/50 chance throughout a game session. But I will note player that play more hardcore will most likely be playing at late night and are most likely to have meta 1st pick hero’s.
Post time 2018-3-14 04:09 AM | Show all posts
For me, I just make sure to balance between Classic and Rank. When I got win streak in Rank, I will play Classic for a while to neutral the result so the pro*lity for me to lose in Rank will be lower. Sometime I do experience lose streak in Rank and it kinda frustrating but it doesn't happen that often so I don't really care. Now I'm trying to push my rank to Legend before the season end. Just hoping that I won't have losing streak before I got into Legend.
Post time 2018-3-14 04:42 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Only thing I disagree with is age. Am an alpha main learning to play gussion. My alpha win rate is %73.7 and am 14 ( which am pretty sure that’s young )
Post time 2018-3-14 05:47 AM | Show all posts
I love to play with my kid in morning weekends, there are time for children to fully enjoy their holiday. We got about 80% wins there.

I feel that all pro adult player got in their prime time in late to mid night! Thus are when they released from any job and hunger to kill everybody.

If you play in weekday morning, 7 - 10 am, there are probably alot of emak-emak (housewives) that playing.... lol

If play around lunch break , there are adult that spending their lunch break trying to get one rank game.


emak-emak wkwkwkwk  Post time 2018-3-14 11:40 AM
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