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[Hero Balance] Nana needs a buff!

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Edited by Halbikx at 2018-3-14 08:26 PM

In this meta right now, Nana is not very powerful compared to other mages and supports. She has exceptional crowd-control, but her disadvantage here is that she is very immobile and her skills have long delays. So, I thought she would need to receive a big buff, or even a rework.

I reworked some of her skills, keep in mind though, this is just a suggestion.
Passive: I completely changed Nana's passive, giving her a stronger one.
Nana's basic attacks will attack enemies along the way and back again since she is using a boomerang. She will be abld to damage the target enemy twice in once hit. But, her next basic attack will need to wait for the boomerang to come back.

Skill 1: I buffed her first skill, giving her a higher chance of hitting the enemies.
Throws out her boomerang, dealing 300/330/360/390/420/450/480 (+100% total MP) points of magic damage to the first enemy hit, then riccochets to other nearby enemies, dealing 10% less damage each hit, up to 60% less damage. Afterwards, it will bounce back to the initial enemy, dealing 200 (+50% total MP) points of magic damage. If there are no nearby enemies, then it will instantly bounce back to the initial enemy and back to her. All enemies hit will be slowed by 50% for 1.5s. If the boomerang that is bouncing back to the initial enemy hits their back, they will be stunned for 1s.

Skill 2: I completely reworked her second skill, givng her some mobility.
Nana turns herself into a cat spirit, increasing her movement speed by 60% for the next 5s. She cannot be cc'ed, but can still receive damage, though cannot attack with her skills nor abilities. Anywhere she walks through she will leave a trail of magic dust, enemies that walk through it will have their movement speed decreased by 50% and allies that walk through it will get their movement speed increased by 20% and heal them for 50/60/70/80/90/100 (+20% total MP) HP per second. The trail lasts for 2s.

Ultimate: Like how I did with Mino, I combined her first skill and her ultimate together.
Nana summons a large cat spirit onto the ground, bouncing up after 1s, knocking up all enemies and dealing 500/625/750 (+60% total MP) points of magical damage. Afterwards, for the next 3s, all enemies hit by her ultimate will be trainsformed into a cat spirit, having their movement speed decreased by 50% and cannot use any skills and basic attacks. Allies that attack the spirits will gain 10% of the damage dealt on the, back as HP.

This might look a little OP, but she really needs it. I hope you like it as well. Thank you for taking your time to read this.
Edit: Since a lot of people think this is truly OP, I'm adding another section, this time her buff is smaller.

Passive: Grants 10 gold for herself and her allies every 5s, and when gaining gold, her allies and herself also will have a 50% increase in the amount of gold gained.

Skill 1: Remains the same, but if it hits the same enemy twice, it will stun the enemy for 0.5s. Each hit will decrease the enemy's armor and magic resistance by 15 points.

Skill 2: Nana can now transform up to 3 enemies at once, allies that attack it will gain 50/65/80/95/110/125 (+40% total MP) points of HP plus an additional 4% of their current lost HP back. The transformation will last for 2s.

Ultimate: The animation will now go faster, also getting a bigger range, dealing 350/450/550 (+100% total MP) points of magical damage to the enemies, each enemy hit will increase her attack speed by 5%, up to 30%. (Minions and monsters included)

Her skills are now more marksman-friendly in this buff.
Post time 2018-3-13 10:06 PM | Show all posts
Edited by chung2 at 2018-3-13 10:12 PM

I don't like your idea for her ulti, it's too broken. I like your other ideas though (although I would make a slight change to her passive & 2nd skill).

Here's my idea for her rework:

Passive: Throws a boomerang which damages all the enemies in its path. Nana and her nearby allies also gets 15-20 Gold randomly per 10 second.

First skill:  Remains the same. But enemies hit my Morph spell will take additional damage.

Second kill: Remains the same. Additionally Morphed enemies will take a specific amount of constant damage during the Morphed state.

Ulti: Just speed up the animation.

I play around with Nana (MM and CDR defence build) very often so I'd like a change in her as well.
Post time 2018-3-13 10:09 PM | Show all posts
Nice inspiration, i hope many ppl wll support your suggestion since i like to use nana back
In old days OwO
Anyways i will support you
Post time 2018-3-13 10:59 PM | Show all posts
I think she is the only support that gives money... for me its good but I think it needs a buff.

old passive:
- gives 10 gold every 10 seconds

new passive:
- gives 1 gold per second and double all the gold that can get on jungle monster and minion kills.

Post time 2018-3-13 11:17 PM | Show all posts
the passive should be called gold digger XD
Post time 2018-3-13 11:26 PM | Show all posts
I like your idea on the ulti but i think its a bit to op try lesening it a bit. On the second skill not so much its kinda stupid to run and leave a trail of pixie dust so you can heal your allies its just not worth it using the 2nd skill .sorry if I offended you.The current 2nd skill is still good for team fights and gangking, but you guys should try making her a marksman . you should try this build for marksman nana 1st build haas claws  then rest atackspeed like sp ,wt,asp boots,bod
Post time 2018-3-13 11:56 PM | Show all posts
I like the idea, since this is just a suggestion, they might get ideas from here to make Nana great again.
Post time 2018-3-14 08:59 AM | Show all posts
i think she will rework soon.... jz wait. i also miss my Nana
Post time 2018-3-14 09:05 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
How about enemy getting pull in if her boomerang hit twice same enemies.
 Author| Post time 2018-3-14 08:19 PM | Show all posts
Mclynndon replied at 2018-3-14 09:05 AM
How about enemy getting pull in if her boomerang hit twice same enemies.

If it damages the enemy twice already, it won't damage it any further
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