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[Forum Original Content] Community Update: Hero and Game Changes

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Good day players!

Today we'll be talking about some of the recent changes and future changes in game. As from time to time these changes go unnoticed by players hence we would like to make a point that the MLBB team and developers are doing their best to make the game better.

Recent Changes

From time to time in the game updates, the developers slip in some changes some of which may or may not be mentioned in the patch notes but rest assured you'd feel the difference after the patch hits. For instance, take a look at this one in which they've mentioned that they had optimized the match making algorithim for Classic Mode. I'm sure many of you have been frustrated about this in which you usually get paired up with weaker teammates or stronger enemies in either way. Sometimes even paired up against higher or lower rank players creating a disadvantage in the game. But after Last week's patch(March 6) the changes took place. You may also notice that even tho the matchmaking has improved it still doesn't change the fact that you'd still encounter players who are trolls,feeders,toxic,etc as this is the current state of the community which we moderators are hoping to address one step at a time.


There are also some changes that might make you feel a bit odd at first but on contrary, it actually helps the game be more clearer to players especially the newer ones and this is the optimization of skill description in the lobby of heroes page. Wherein now the skill growths are shown and labeled what type of skill it is such as Blink=Escape, AoE=Area Of Effect Spell, DMG= Either physical or Magical,Etc.


Hero Changes

In light with some of the game changes, we've also have our usual nerfs and buffs of heroes. These Hero changes are meant to adjust the hero based on its performance and popularity amongst the community in which some heroes out shine the others while some are forgotten in which these forgotten heroes may sooner or later get a rework as well as a probable remodel to better fit the current hero designs as well as to catch up to the latest heroes. Another thing to note is that these hero nerfs and buffs are not meant to totally kill off the hero or make them totally "OP" or unbalanced, these changes are meant to help them either perform better or perform just right into the meta as these changes may or may not be drastic from time to time.

These changes also hits the Advance server first in which a select few can try them out first before all players do hence feedback and data are gathered from these players before it is fully implemented in the original server and that not all these changes are actually what you players think it to be, for instance kagura's ultimate change in which before it was a hot topic  to many players specifically kagura users, but now she's one of the most banned and feared heroes. And then of course there was the great fanny nerf contreversy in which after gathering data from players in the original server, it was deemed that the nerf was too harsh on her and so some adjustments were made. So before you guys get into what others are saying, try it out first because you would never know if it actually fits your style more than the previous design and that you guys should give it a shot before shunning down the works of the developers afterall these changes help players be on their toes as to what the meta would be


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Nice information. Hopefully they will absobrb and understand this. Speciay those who keep on whinning about Chou's nerf and match making. Can wait for this update.  
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Cloudstrella09 replied at 2018-3-13 12:56 PM
Nice information. Hopefully they will absobrb and understand this. Speciay those who keep on whinnin ...

Halo. Nice to know You all. Im new to this forum, so i dont know where is the right thread to talk about this. I just bought hayabusa skin, future enforcer. The skin look so cool in the preview. But its different in the game field. First, the katana position. It would be better if the katana place is like the preview ( lower back, horizontal position). The next is the katana size. It so big, realy different from the preview. I believe it will be cool if it the same with the preview. A lof of player has also complaint about the same thing, in the youtube comment. They just dont know how to talk to the game developer. They also talk about the ultimate animation. They want it to be hologram effect. Again, like the skin preview. I hope the developer can fix this issue, for all hayabusa fans. Best regard
 Author| Post time 2018-3-15 04:56 PM | Show all posts
Tesgame2019 replied at 2018-3-13 01:24 PM
Halo. Nice to know You all. Im new to this forum, so i dont know where is the right thread to talk ...

Hi Tesgame,
First of all welcome to the forums, if you actually have suggestions about the game or anything related to the game you can actually make your own thread about it especially if its about bug reports or suggestions as we carefully read and note down each of them. Second well the lobby preview of the skin/hero is really different from in-game due to the FF reasons:
1)Game Settings
2)Phone model

But usually the difference would be slight hence we always recommend users to check out the skin spotlights first before buying the skin if its actually to your liking.
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nice info bro.
Post time 2018-3-22 04:00 PM | Show all posts
I was excited with the optimized classic matching algorithm.
But it seems like the old patch, often encounter player with higher or lower rank, not to mention feeders, AFK, etc
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