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[Share] The Path of Every Laner (Guide)

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Edited by PjTyrant at 2018-3-12 07:29 AM


mid lane is for heroes that rely on their skills to do Damage and have decent range shots or Mobility to go in deal Damage and Escape.

the reason why Mid Lane is most beneficial for Skill users is because of the 2 neighboring jungle monsters and 1v1 combat giving you extra EXP to lvl up your skills.

Mid lane is also the base of operation for ganks since minions collide earlier then other lanes hence mid laners have more time to gank other lanes before a new minion wave arrives, vice versa for heroes to gank you since mid lane is sandwiched between both top and bot lane, thats why good Range/mobile heroes are neccesary to attack from safe distance and escape.

Best role for Mid Lane are mages since they got high range skill shots to attack from safe distance and AOE to kill minions quickly in order to gank other lanes.


Theres not much difference between bot lane and Top except the locations of good Objectives that will determine the dominance of your Game.

Gold Crabs

Gold Crabs are a Kill worth in gold so getting them equals a good win in your lane.

Top Lane Crab

Top has the gold Crab closer allowing you to easily steal or disturb the enemy from taking it if you cant put Up a fight.

a good Steal hero would be Ruby thanks to her Ult grabbing crab over a wall then retribution for an easy steal.

Bot Lane Crab

Bot lane has the gold crab farther away so having a tank or a semi tank fighter to establish ground will make it easier to take it.

personally i use Jawhead bot for an early game dominance that helps take it, and if by chance your losing as jawhead simply rushing in and tossing the crab to reset it like a troll helps stall time.

Bot Lane Turtle.

having good early game heroes will also help achieve the turtle, by first killing the enemy laners


Junglers are heroes that can easily sneak up on enemy laners and pick them off easily, they help capture objectives and decide the outcome of the game, good hero junglers have to be mobile and a good skill set that helps them clear jungle camps fast and also Take down heroes before they can escape to their turrets.

Heroes like Zilong with his thrust in and then pulling the enemy behind him, is the best example.

to be a jungler you need to Pay attention to the map and any situation at all times.

If enemy laners are pushing then flanking them from behind becomes easier.

Taking objectives is also important by first helping the Bot lane since their gold crab is harder to get PLUS Turtle will be up so you can get 2 objectives in a shorter time.

The path of a jungler is followed by where he starts farming his jungle monsters, if they start top jungle they will follow the path to bot jungle then gank Bot, vice versa for Bot to top.



 Author| Post time 2018-3-12 07:10 AM | Show all posts
Edited by PjTyrant at 2018-3-12 07:24 AM

Basically, Top is for weak early laners since Gold crab is the only objective and easier to get (theres also less bushes next to your turret making it harder for Enemy heroes to flank.)

Bot is for strong early laners because it has more objectives that need to be secured, harder to get gold crab and easier to get ganked since theres a bush closer to your side of the lane.

Post time 2018-3-12 08:55 AM | Show all posts
Good guide @PjTyrant !

May want to mention that also because mid lane has minions coming in at a faster rate (reaching the middle line) than top or bottom, the mid lane hero gets more xp and gold from minions as well as they can clear waves faster since it reaches them earlier compared with other lanes!
 Author| Post time 2018-3-12 09:10 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
CloudDevelic replied at 2018-3-12 08:55 AM
Good guide @PjTyrant !

May want to mention that also because mid lane has minions coming in at a fa ...

it doesnt count because every lane spawns 3 minions at the same time, mid lane minions just clash faster because the route is shorter compared to bot and top.

so mid clears their wave faster but will have to Wait longer for a new wave giving you time to do other stuff like killing jungle monsters or ganking other lanes.


Yeap, but it does contribute to faster XP rate too since top/bot takes time to clash compared to mid.  Post time 2018-3-12 12:21 PM
Post time 2018-3-12 09:24 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Good guide, ü. This will help a lot of players like me ü. Hope some one can pin this. Im here since s3, but this quite new to me. Especially how to use top and bot effectively.
Post time 2018-3-12 09:49 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Top lane tank, mid Lane mage, bottom lane support and marksman but for now usually support is the semi tank, jungler just roam, be aware if top lane become punch bag, jungle need to help tank not letting tank die
Post time 2018-3-12 09:53 AM | Show all posts
Edited by ariefhzt at 2018-3-12 09:54 AM

10Q mate, nice guide. fufufufufufu

but i hate when assassin only jungling though ally tower get attack from enemy minions. Map blind. cih
Post time 2018-3-12 09:57 AM | Show all posts
If my teammate said go to lord lane or turtle lane, where should I go.
 Author| Post time 2018-3-12 10:01 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Patrick1324 replied at 2018-3-12 09:49 AM
Top lane tank, mid Lane mage, bottom lane support and marksman but for now usually support is the se ...

you didnt really explain why top is tank and bot is marksman.

 Author| Post time 2018-3-12 10:05 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Ar3neKn1ght replied at 2018-3-12 09:57 AM
If my teammate said go to lord lane or turtle lane, where should I go.

Lord doesnt count, once your in the mid/late game Heroes taks whatever lane that needs a good pushing, if all enemy heroes or the most of the dangerous ones died you lord with your team.

early game Lord is tough since your team is still low with equips and lvl.

so the real question is go to turtle Lane or the lane without turtle and the answer is simple if your hero is a lane bully like jawhead then take turtle lane to suppress the enemy while your jungler kills turtle, if you killed the enemy laners you can kill turtle your self with your laner.
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