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[Share] How To Tank

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Edited by PjTyrant at 2018-3-10 08:32 PM

Hello PjTyrant here teaching the tanky methods that is being a tank


so you want to be a tank, well how much do you know about what tanks does, if your answer was to be a piece of HP meat for your enemy team to bite on then your half correct. but there is a lot more about being a tank that helps your teammates throughout the game.

FEARLESS & BOLD Strategies

being a tank means you got nothing to fear, assassins wont burst you and heroes take time killing you, and most of the time they wont succeed because most tanks are also mobile and armed with CC to get away from situations like Akai and Hylos. with that in mind the whole map is your play field and with that mind set you gotta take advantage of map control.


this is something i always do, be in a bush and provide vision/surprise to any hero who checks, you also can check bushes for your teammates in order to clear objectives.

Example: you and your teammate cleared a wave, gold crab is up so your teammate goes to take it. will you

A: go help him kill it.

B: ignore the crab and help other laners since you got nothing to do

C: stay in a bush and make sure no enemy sneaks in to steal it.

the answer is obviously C. heres another example

the minion waves are pushed and your team decides to do lord.

A: go distract the enemies

B: help kill lord

C: be in a bush close to the paths enemies will obviously come through.

the answer is again obvious, remember your a big wall that can block enemies for your allies so they can get a peace of mind. so use Bushes, and check bushes so your allies can feel at peace and push onwards.


there are times newbies yell at me for not doing my job which is staying with my team and help, to them i say they need bigger shoes to understand the weight of a tank. Zoning enemies is when you go in between enemies and their allies basically blocking reinforcements.

Example 5v5 is gonna happen. you rush in and CC the ADC and next to the adc is a mage. they back off from you leaving their allies to your team, making it a 4v3 (your not included since your zoning)

zoning also goes onto clearing objectives like turrets.

example: your allies pushed a wave to the enemy turret, you go over the turret and check if enemies are coming and zoning them from protecting their turret.

in one match i zoned a pharsa and a really fed bruno and my team still lost, when that happens your caught in a pincer from both sides so zoning is advised when you trust your teammates.


i mentioned before that you should be bold and couragoes that means the map is your oyster do whatever you think helps, good example is to tail and distract enemies from ganking another lane.

example: at top lane your enemy laners decides to go mid, you tail them to give your mid laner vision.

example: one of your allies over extended and you see a bunch of enemies going over to get him, tail them from a safe distance to give your ally vision.

Bold but remember your chances of survival is higher so if they decide to deal with you, you wont die.. .  probably.

and thats about all the advise i got in mind today, hope it helps. for tank mains who are reading this comment below your strategies to help players who want to start tank.

Item Guide

Tank Heroes Guide

Thank For Reading!

Post time 2018-3-10 03:22 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Nice share
Post time 2018-3-10 03:27 PM | Show all posts
Thanks for sharing this tips!
it would be really helpful to the community and the players who wanted to be a pro tanker
Post time 2018-3-10 03:34 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Crixce at 2018-3-10 04:40 PM

Protecting key members of your team.
There are some hero’s where there early game sucks but there late game  is amazing.  As a tank you run into situations where  you have to protect certain hero’s to get them to be amazing at end game. that sometimes includes letting certain team members to die. ( you can’t save them all)

as a tank player you have to watch and time when to open up war,  this can take along time.( like 30-40sec) You have to be patient . The enemy team will bound to make a mistake. Capitalize on it... the mistake that you are waiting for is the tank going to a different area leaving mm and mages. Mm , mage, fighter, support moves  dangerously out of position. Things of that natural.

Attacking certain heros.
As s tank you have to have a priority list of who is the most dangerous to your team, your job is to put pressure on those  players. Through out the whole game. make it your goal to force them to recall  and/or take them out with your team.

Holding skills.
there are times when dealing with certain assassins that you may want to just autoattack, and save you skills to destroy that one player. Example would be Lolita saving her skill 1 for  Natalia opening move on your allies.

Knowing when to excape the battle.
After you open up war  the enemy team will be all targeting you, this is good, because they will  use there ult on you. But after eating  the ult of the enemy escaping should be something to consider.. by escaping the target of the enemy  players will split to different teammates. This is good because your team is focus fire memebers of the enemy. While the enemy is targeting is mixed.

 Author| Post time 2018-3-10 03:45 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Crixce replied at 2018-3-10 03:34 PM
Protecting key members of your team. There are some hero’s where there early game sucks but there l ...

Nice Share.

its also good to partner up with weak early laners that can be powerful late game. Marksmans like lesley or Miya. as a tank you can feed them and keep them safe and open up kill opportunities for them.
Post time 2018-3-10 03:52 PM | Show all posts
thanks for this sharing.

just an addition, i want to include equipment, we need to build tank based on the hero you are against with or the hero that is dominating the game. such as if you are against bruno or lesley, get item that counter critical strike and so on.

same with magic resist and physical defense. I've seen players getting magic resist even they are playing against the team with no mage.

that's it, over all this tank guide is awesome.
Post time 2018-3-10 04:27 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by Crixce at 2018-3-10 04:28 PM
Legendary replied at 2018-3-10 03:52 PM
thanks for this sharing.

just an addition, i want to include equipment, we need to build tank based ...

I am surprised that went over  Pj’s and my head... XD. That so true. I played as Lesley before and my teams tank was a Johnson who built 5 armor items and 1 magic resistance item when the enemy team had 4 magic users...
Post time 2018-3-10 07:30 PM | Show all posts
Too bad team co-ordination, and optimal usage of tank is almost impossible in solo queing. So the first advice here should've been "Create a team!!!". lol

Also building tank is all about looking at enemy equipments too. Use the equipment that lowers crit strike when the enemy has crit dependent heroes (like Lesley), go for Blade Armour (or Demon's Advent) if the enemy team has a hero with very fast attacks like Miya, use Athena's Shield if there are Mages with good KDA etc. Always try to create a build with the most effective stats (don't just stack HP items or defence items, build items with both stats. If you only focus on one stat then it's still not an optimal build).
 Author| Post time 2018-3-10 08:34 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by PjTyrant at 2018-3-10 08:36 PM

there was a really experienced streamer i used to watch that once said HP is good against burst damage or mages for short so if you got High HP delaying magic Res is fine like Johnson that gets a better passive shield whenever he builds armor.
but that is only if the enemy team has weak magic potential as is. its still important if enemy has more magic damage heroes or a fed mage or gusion.
Post time 2018-3-13 12:04 PM | Show all posts
The having  high hp is good, but if you’re relying on your high hp and passive and neglecting the gear you are using  for that match, it doesn’t matter you become a useless tank. Your hp will drop fast because you choice to underestimate  a certain player or players skill/ build
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