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[Unclassified] Irithel Guide (Retribution Edition)

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Edited by Djentist at 2018-3-6 10:07 AM

Edited: I realised that Scarlet Phantom comes before Haas's Claws in the previous version. Pardon my mistake, Haas's Claws should come after Berserker's Fury and Swift Boots!

Hola my lovely players!

I've written a guide few months ago about Irithel based on Inspire spell. The gameplay style and strategy were based on Inspire, so I thought that it would be better if I make another guide for Retribution.


Inspire playstyle focuses on Late game and playing defensively + pushing tower only during early/mid game.
Retribution playstyle focuses on roaming, ganks + outfarming in early/mid game.

Since these two spells determines your playstyle entirely, I suggest that you read up both of my guides and master both playstyles so that you can be flexible according to team composition, strategy and overall getting better as an Irithel player.

Gear Set 1:

Game start item highlights for both Gear Sets (go by this order): Hunter's knife -> Berserker's Fury -> Swift Boots -> Haas's Claws

1.Berserker's Fury

2.Swift Boots

Haas's Claws
Scarlet Phantom
5.Blade of Despair

6.Malefic Roar

Optional/Situational for item 6 if not Malefic Roar: Demon Hunter Sword/Deadly Blade/Athena's Shield (only if mages are too OP)/Rose Gold Meteor

Gear Set 2:

1.Berserker's Fury

2.Swift Boots

3.Haas's Claws
Scarlet Phantom
5.Demon Hunter Sword

6.Malefic Roar/Rose Gold Meteor

Optional/Situational for item 6 if not Malefic Roar: Blade of Despair/Deadly Blade/Athena's Shield (only if mages are too OP)/
Rose Gold Meteor

Last item after every slot used: Attack Potion

For gear building at the start of the game, buy hunter's knife and then spend 320 gold to get 8% critical first. Then proceed to get 910 gold sword while building your Swift boots. Depending on the situation (if enemy requires you to run and dodge too much in lane), you can stick with basic boots first, and then getting Swift boots after completing Berserker's Fury.

And again like in my 1st guide, NEVER BUILD DEMON HUNTER SWORD FIRST. Number one no no!!!!!! The passive don't work enough or as good compared to late game (since no one is getting fat or tanky on HP yet) and lifesteal on this one is sh*t. Just DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Might as well get Berserker's Fury first with all that gold that you'll be spending on D.H.S.

And TIME your creep score so that you can maximise gold. You win farming by good timing and safe plays in early game.

Next, build Haas's Claws. By now, your damage output is great for 3-6mins mark into the game. Your lifesteal will matter even with Vampire Mallet (400 Gold) since there's enough damage for lifesteal.

In case you're wondering why I ignore getting Raptor Machette or 2nd tier jungle gears (they give more XP and even HP + mana regen right?), it's because it's simple a waste of gold and you can't Retri-steal monsters easily in tight situations. Trust me on this one. As for XP, you can get it by getting kills when you go for ganks. For HP/mana regen, just recall at the right time (when your creeps haven't even respawn on next wave + you cleared current wave for example).

After Scarlet and Berserker combo, you can choose Windtalker or just build Blade of Despair next by using your remaining 2 item slot (sell hunter's knife now) for their item recipe. If you choose to build BOD first, go for Malefic Roar afterwards. If you choose for Demon Hunter Sword to bust HP hungry tanks (Akai, Hylos, Grock etc) or just tanks in general, build Rose Gold Meteor or even Malefic Roar is you can. No tanks can tank properly with the Gear Set 2.

This is a guranteed tank buster or if you don't have enemy tanks or only one, go for Windtalker.

For team buff, you can even buy Deadly Blade if you got lifesteal hungry enemy like Zilong, Roger or Alucard (usually) building a Haas's Claws + Endless Battle etc. (Highly Recommended to do this in that situation)

I like the classic BoD + Malefic Roar set up. It's satisfying blasting your enemy team into bits and pieces with these two OP gears. But because of the current metas, I found myself using Gear Set 2 more often these days.

If you find yourself dying ever too often due to enemy CC and mages, go for Athena's Shield.



I'm not a big fan at the beginning at playing Retribution to be honest. I like late game Irithel too much, which is why I favoured Inspire until Epic Tier. That was when mages were in meta and Cyclops/Harley/Kagura were too OP. I found myself getting r*ped by them hard since they outfarm me most of the time. That's why I changed to Retribution just to fight with their farm rates. Plus nowadays games are getting too fast paced which is sad. So oh well, here I am to the "retri-noob" team.

One tip to not be a retri-noob but a retri-pro: don't and I mean DON'T take buff when your minions are already at your second tower. You will never farm fast enough and this will disrupt your gold and farm rate. While you were happily taking the buff, enemy has already cleared the minion wave and then heading to their own buff, making you out-gold by at least 100-200. This is bad.

Please practice and time your farm rate so that you maximise all revenues of gold and XP. This will guarantee you a well-farmed Irithel!

When playing Retri-Irithel, please ROAM and gank whenever you can. Once you clear your waves ahead of time (either by using all your skills or even ulti), go straight to ganks if you see your team engaging or dogfighting with enemies on either Top or Bot. Pick the lane that is having a hard time. Just cue your arrival to the gank by pressing "launch attack". Most teammates will understand your signal and intentions unless they are totally braindead and didn't even bother to look at map.

If you find yourself constantly engaged in mid lane and unable to clear ahead of time, while seeing your enemy mid laner going to gank, just stay in mid lane and aim to quickly push down the empty mid. This is the only viable play since you going to gank now would not only be too late, but disasterous most of the time due to late timing plus when your teammates die, you'll be next. Stay alive and focus.


Jungle Set

For me, I personally prefer Jungle Set because of the additional percentage of attack speed and movement speed it gives. This is super crucial for Irithel as she depends heavily on good movement and attack speed. It will help you in jungling and in fights. Physical emblem is also alright, though I feel Jungle set is better. Both is fine to use. Maybe Marksman Emblem will be better, who knows? But I still like getting additional 40 gold when killing a jungle monster since early game additional 40 gold will tilt the farming to your favour.

1. When using Irithel, always move in a figure of eight or circular motion. And NEVER STOP MOVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean it.
And please for the love of God, don't get hit by Kagura's Umbrella because you have the excuse of moving while attacking.

Figure of eight is for when you want to move in and out of targetting enemy hero, while circular is more defensive in nature, focusing on killing minions while trying to keep a safe distance away from enemies' range.

Don't let her poke you to near death and then ulti comes, teleport and bam you're dead.

2. Always push turrets first, or if you can't push because of good defence from enemy mid, clear mid lane super fast and go help other lanes when you're level 6 onwards. Alternatively, ask your team to help turtle together works too. Of course, please wait for the right time when there are no minions in lane and the next wave is still far away/not spawn yet.

3. Try not to recall back to base because you will waste a lot of XP rate and time, if jungling helps you sustain a bit, go do that as your role is to constantly farm and farm. Only opt for recall as a last option when your health or mana is below 30%. When you must recall, clear minion wave as fast as you can and then recall. Sometimes depending on timing, you should not wait until your bars are fully regen. Just go when it's 90-95% full. 1 Sec is a lot for mid laning, and that second can take out 30% of turret health already if the MM uses Inspire to hit turret while you are away.

4. While casting Ulti, always jump sideways or backwards depending on situation, only forward when enemy is running away already. NEVER jump into the middle of the crowd; you will die super easy and fast. Free food for enemy lol. Please use your Ulti to clear minions too if you find yourself rushing a little late to turret to defend so that you don't risk losing too much turret health. Also use this when you see empty top or bottom lanes so that you can quickly rush to fill the empty space.
*Pro Tip* When in ganks and enemies are constantly CCing and always aiming you, use Ulti as a burst finisher. Don't use ulti first. Keep poking while your team advances and pushes, and then ulti once your charger/tank engaged most of your enemies and they all start engaging. This is the best time to use Ulti as all of them are close enough to each other to get hit by your Ulti; thus, finishing your enemies in a matter of seconds. Good timing is everything!!

5. This applies to all mid laners but I will put it here; watch the map constantly and the moment that the enemy is missing in action, they can be: one, jungling; two, recalling; three, going to turtle; four, waiting in bush and looking at the right moment to gank you. Be very, very CAREFUL of ganks during early game in mid. This almost always happen in high ELO.

6. Lane choice
You may ask, should I mid all the time or take turtle lane? The answer is, take turtle lane ONLY when you're playing with an extremely good lancelot/harley/kagura. If you are not confident that they can take mid, screw it and take mid. DON'T give up your lane rights if you're confident in countering your mid opponents. For me, I like facing Kagura because I always make her waste her umbrella shots and their MM will not be well farmed in other lanes.

If opponent has Lancelot/Harley and no MM, it's time to give up mid lane because you will NEVER outfarm them. Whenever I see such a line up, I cry a little inside because I know the consequences of letting these two cancers (no offence but they are cancerous OP) take mid lane. The best way is to let your assassin take mid lane, and gank these annoying twats as much as you can plus steal their jungles. Deny them any chance to farm. It's called counter-play.

Whenever they do this, they are aiming at disrupting MMs at mid and ending the game in mid game. BEWARE, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!

Be extra careful and don't let your guard down, yeah?

Why? Because:

Irithel is bae, Irithel is lyfe, Irithel is love, Irithel is ez maniac.

Thanks for viewing my guide, Irithel users let me know what you think in the comment section below and please criticise me for whichever parts that I'm missing. All criticism are welcome!

Here's my credentials and stats to prove the effectiveness of my guides and strategies!

Here's my credentials and stats to prove the effectiveness of my guides and strategies!
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Post time 2018-3-5 01:12 PM | Show all posts
Nice guide here.
I main tank but rarely play MM as so many player really want to become MM (i always adapt & giv MM to other tho i want to).
But lately, when Tank like Jhonson, Akai, Balmon become favourite, i had many chance to play MM.
Well, today i already get used to play YSS & perform well. I guest i ll try Iritel as my 2nd MM. I ll try ur guide^^.


And btw, the guide has been edited and have their gear order corrected. The one previously is wrong :(  Post time 2018-3-6 09:50 AM
Hi! Sorry for the late reply! Thanks for viewing the guide! Once you play Irithel more, you'll realise that she can be super versatile and better than YSS (in my opinion).  Post time 2018-3-6 09:49 AM
Post time 2018-3-5 01:30 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I lately been using iri since i knew starlight is gonna be her.I feel like want to main her now from nata cuz easy maniac savage.I am in mythic glory 13.I usually use magic blade at end item never tried ur build so i go try it.Thanks for guide


My guide has been edited and corrected in regards to the real gear order that I use. The one you see previously is wrong :(  Post time 2018-3-6 09:48 AM
Haha Irithel is another easy maniac. Good choice! Basically Rose Gold Meteor is the advance and better version of Magic Blade.  Post time 2018-3-6 09:47 AM
Post time 2018-3-6 09:11 AM | Show all posts
WOW~ wat is tis... XDD wtf i really cannot understand MM build pls slap me
 Author| Post time 2018-3-6 09:44 AM | Show all posts
Jokar7 replied at 2018-3-6 09:11 AM
WOW~ wat is tis... XDD wtf i really cannot understand MM build  pls slap me

Well, Berserker's Fury as 1st item is to boost the damage output significantly, not only giving critical chances but also increase in critical damage. This will help a lot in early game ganks at top or bottom lane. I only build Berserker's Fury as 1st item when I have retribution, because without Raptor Machette to heal more HP, I need to get retribution in order to not get as much damage from monsters; since I'm not building Haas's Claws first in this scenario.

For Swift Boots, I usually buy basic 250 gold boots first (so that I can concentrate on finishing Berserker's Fury) and completing it after getting 1st item. In some rare cases, I build swift boots completely before completing Berserker's Fury if I need extra movement speed earlier.

I build Haas's Claws after Berserker's Fury for lifesteal, since now I can recover HP easily with the nice damage Berserker's Fury gives.

Next will be Scarlet Phantom which gives a lot of speed, more burst increase in speed when critical damage happens + slight boost in critical rate when this happens. Works really well with Berserker's Fury.

5th will be Demon Hunter Sword to tackle HP heavy tanks like Hylos, Akai or Grock or just "annoying", hard to kill tanks in general because of 10% HP left as additional true damage :)

Last will be Malefic Roar or Rose Gold Meteor. Malefic Roar to guarantee bust and kill tanks even more easily or Rose Gold Meteor to help me have additional 510-1350 shielding. Helps me to get away and save my life many times from crazy burst opponents.

Hope that helps bro! If anything don't understand still just let me know
Post time 2018-3-6 09:49 AM | Show all posts
Djentist replied at 2018-3-6 09:44 AM
Well, Berserker's Fury as 1st item is to boost the damage output significantly, not only giving cr ...

is possible if early game, MM jz get the Berserker's Fury & Swift Boots, can kill enemy??
 Author| Post time 2018-3-6 10:10 AM | Show all posts
Jokar7 replied at 2018-3-6 09:49 AM
is possible if early game, MM jz get the Berserker's Fury & Swift Boots, can kill enemy??

Eh yeap, especially when you're talking about MM being a few level higher than enemies at top/bottom lanes plus the fact that when you arrive to ganking there, your teammates already engaged and take away enemy HP up to 30-50%, sometimes even more.

Sometimes before even having Berserker's Fury (just the 2x 8% critical chance items + 910 gold big sword), I can kill a few enemies. The critical rate really helps in early game to burst damage.
Post time 2018-3-6 10:34 AM | Show all posts
Djentist replied at 2018-3-6 10:10 AM
Eh yeap, especially when you're talking about MM being a few level higher than enemies at top/bott ...

OIC~ thxQ ur infor
Post time 2018-3-10 01:35 PM | Show all posts
Hii again.
Lately i try using Iritel hoping her become my next MM after YSS i just Mastered.
Here the thing if i compare YSS with Iritel.
For dmg output Iritel Win late game & can slaughter in team fight for sure.
But early i find myself cant clear lane fast unlike YSS who hav 2nd skill that can clear lane wave super fast.
With that situation i find my self hard to time my jungling or roaming.
The good thing while jungling, as i can atk while moving i can conserve HP without being hit by running in circle letting the mob chase me while i keep atking.
Is there something i miss here or im doin wrong?
Post time 2018-3-20 09:23 AM | Show all posts
arcmagi replied at 2018-3-10 01:35 PM
Hii again.
Lately i try using Iritel hoping her become my next MM after YSS i just Mastered.
Here th ...

Ehh I assume that you build BF first right? If so and if it's still slow for you, maybe you didn't spam skills on minions enough. You should use ulti to clear wave too since it's useless early game (without Scarlet Phantom ulti is kinda useless on damage alone in early game), using it on minions is better as it hits multiple targets; and you don't need ulti to kill in early game ganks.

Also, I use jungle emblem with the additional 40 gold talent on retribution kills so that I get that gold boost in early game, completing my items sooner than most enemy MM.

One tip for jungling: you know that you can hit monsters with 1st skill while running away from them right? It takes a while to master the exact range in order for it to not miss, and especially helpful if you already got a buff. In any case, whenever you want to jungle, your ritual should be: 1st skill always first, spam basic attack, 2nd skill once 1st skill is available again and then run away from monster; then hit 1st skill and then go back to monster again. This way, you will maximise the penetration that 1st skill gives to kill the monster way faster than without the penetration boost.

For roaming wise, whenever you want to roam, always clear minions ahead of time by spamming skills and using ulti. Try not to go ganks without mana as a MM without mana is kinda useless, unless you're a Layla LOL.

PS: BTW I'm Djentist, the author of this guide. Send me a PM if you have any other problems and I'll try to help you in-game to understand better. Thanks for viewing my guide!
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