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[Hero Techniques] Kagura- Full Guide * Complete *

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Edited by UndertakerX at 2018-3-23 05:53 PM

Its been almost a year since i started to play with Kagura. I been addicted to play her as long as i know. So i wanted to share my experience with Kagura with all of you. I spent alot of time for the guide so i hope you guys enjoy it!
To start the guide, lets first get a insight into Kagura's Background.

"Onmyouji Master is a strong yin and yang of the powerful driven by spirits, yin and yang. The Kagura family is the oIdest and most powerful of the Onmyouji, the most powerful of which is the Ancestor Master. Kagura as the family of the most potential of Onmyouji, was given to the generation of artifacts from the yin and yang - Seimei umbrella. It is said that the umbrella had been Seimei with a hundred ghost of the power of refining, have their own wisdom and life, only by the owner's drive and control. She recently heard that her childhood playmate, Hayabusa, was now of to the Land Of Dawn to perform a task of life and death, Kagura secretly took Seimei umbrella from the home to the Land of Dawn, hoping to help him in battle"


Currently, Kagura has 3 skins which are :-

Onmyouji_Master.jpg           Flower_Season.jpg           Cherry_Witch.jpg
== Omniyouji Master==                         == Flower Season==                           == Cherry Witch==
In my opinion, Kagura's skill combos were very complicated until the rework which made it easier. So lets take a view at her skills. Kagura has a total of Six Skills. Each having it's own specialty.

Passive :-

When Kagura and her seimei umbrella becomes one , it generates a shield for Kagura that absorbs a certain amountof damage about 330(+180% of total magic power) and stunning the enemies nearby. This effect has a cooldown of 4.5s. So, i will explain how to trigger this effect at appropriate times.

123830cyydlov7evoebbn3.png           123831qf2c58vzjhhht1ta.png                                              
Seimei Umbrella                  Seimei Umbrella
      (With)                             (Without)

With :-

Kagura can throw her umbrella at a desired location. When the umbrella hits a target it inflicts a magic damage of 330(+Item based Total Magic Power). After throwing the umbrella at a enemy or a location, the umbrella stays there until you go out of range or cast Skill 2 (without) to teleport to umbrella and stun the enemy nearby. When you go out of range of the umbrella, the umbrella teleports back to you. If your passive is on, it might stun the enemy if you are being chased by melee heroes like roger.

Without :-
After the skill 2 is casted, you can move the umbrella anywhere inside the range. Getting hit by the umbrella would inflict a damage of 330(+ Item based Total Magic Power)

123831edvqzszvoddsd05m.png          123832n4rly8qwaglago2a.png
Rasho Umbrella               Rasho Umbrella
       Flee                              Flee
     ( With )                       ( Without )

With :-
When this skill is casted, Kagura will move in straight direction in a fixed distance leaving her umbrella behind. This skill debuffs any state such as stun and petrification. You can call it as Purify. This skill can be casted when you are being CC or after being Stunned which makes this skill very useful in War and Solo.
Note :- If Franco hooks you, cast this skill after he pulls you because casting this before he pulls you will pull you to him, though if he Ults you near his team, you are finished unless lucky. Same goes of Zilong's First Skill.

Without :-
Casting this skill will teleport Kagura to her umbrella when they are both seperated. This triggers her passive and deals about 330(+180% Total Magic Power)

Skill 3 (Ult) : Yin Yang Overturn

023305l3njuvlml7m7szpv.png           023306lba6mz634mp77zhu.png
Yin Yang Overturn              Yin Yang Overturn
      ( With )                            ( Without )

With :-
Casting this skill, will push back any enemies near her and deal magic damage of 260(120% of total magic power).
This skill is used to push back enemies if being chased or inside a combo to deal damage.

Without :-
When this skill is casted, The umbrella creates a link to all enemy heroes nearby and deals 330+(100% of total magic power). After the Skill is casted, those who are linked is slowed down considerably for 3 seconds. After 3 seconds, the linked are pulled back to the umbrella dealing a damage of 450+(180% of total magic power).
Build ==
Now that we got to know about Kagura's Skills, lets turn to her items. Remember the first item is a jungle item which is Beast Axe. It gives you 30% damage to jungle creeps and 30% extra XP and stacks Physical and Magic Defence for each jungle creep kill and it stacks up to 10 times. Killing a jungle creep will give 10% of HP and 4% of mana back.  So lets get to her main build.

+50 movement speed.
it gives her speed early game so she can jungle and escape faster.

Thunder Trucheon :-
75%+ Magic Power
30+ Magic Regen

This item is crucial to Kagura as it gives 75+ Magic Power and 30+ magic regen. It gives her more time to lane and jungle as that magic regen will keep up mana up. unless, you use the ult and skill 2 continously. Gives advantage Early Game

Concentrated Energy :-

+70% Magic Power
+700 HP
+30% Spell Vamp
This item gives her important spell vamp. Spell vamp meaning she will get a certain amount of HP after damaging anyone with her skills.

Glowing Wand :-
+75% Magic power
+5% Movement Speed
+15% Magic Penetration
Unique :- Burns the target for 3s, dealing 2%,2.5%,3% of the target's currunt HP as magic damage.

Frost :-
+75% Magic Power
+15% Magic Regen

+7% Movement Speed
Unique :- Skills that damage a hero will carry a 10% slowdown effect. The effect lasts 3s and can stack up to 3 times.

Blood Wings :-
150+ Magic Power
Unique :- Adds 2Hp for every 1pt of magic power added

Basic Damage Poke
You can try this combo to clear minions or to stun enemys near tower

Finisher Inside Tower
If you are chasing a enemy which has some low HP and he enters the tower, i use this combo,.
Note :- Try to throw the umbrella just above the enemy. Otherwise, it might be a miss.

Dont use this combo if a Stunner or a CC hero is nearby. Instead use the Finisher.
The most common combo, used to finish off the enemy,
123830cyydlov7evoebbn3.png 023306lba6mz634mp77zhu.png 123832n4rly8qwaglago2a.png 023305l3njuvlml7m7szpv.png 123831edvqzszvoddsd05m.png 123831qf2c58vzjhhht1ta.png
Escape Combo from Melee heroes ( one on one )
A simple combo used to escape from heroes like Roger. Timing is essential. Combo works if a wall is nearby.

If you are being attacked, use the Ult(with) to push the enemy away. Run towards a wall, dash over it. If the hero has dash skill to chase you over the wall, wait for him to come near you and use the Spell 2 ( without ) to teleport to the umbrella and run.
Escape Combo from a Team Chase.

Idea is to Dash, place the umbrella in another direction and teleport back to umbrella. Usually i wait for the enemy to come near to me before i teleport back to umbrella.But, Dont let them lock onto you.
Common Enemies of Kagura and how to counter them
1) Fanny :-
    Fanny can easily escape Kagura's Ult and her first skill too easily. But her energy is limited. So lets take that into play. Remember, that you have 2 dashes. The dash to the umbrella and away from the umbrella. When fanny attacks you, head towards a wall and dash...leaving your umbrella behind. You can control you umbrella, so use your first skill to move the umbrella to a different location over another wall and teleport to the umbrella using purple skill 2. I doubt fanny will chase you over 2 walls since she dont have any skills to jump over walls. If she trys to chase you and exhausts her energy gauge, thats the moment for you attack.

2) Hayabusa :-
    So, how to avoid Kagura's Playmate Hayabusa's Ult? his ult cannot be escaped if she is not near minions or a team mate. Nevertheless, his ult cant deal much damage during team fights. But, still dont let your guard down around Hayabusa. Watch him closely and look out for him when he tries to get near you or moves towards you.

3) Zilong
    The best one on one fighter for Kagura is Zilong. She cant escape a fully built Zilong unless she is near a wall she could dash and teleport back to. If you are near a wall, dash over it leaving umbrella behind. purposely, let zilong use skill 2 on you to cross the wall. Use your skill 2 again to teleport back to umbrella and run.

4) Jawhead
    A mid Tank which can target key enemies and throw into your own team. Jawhead can target Kagura and throw her into your team which she cant escape. The only thing you can do is to stay away from him and avoid getting locked by his ult. If you get thrown, use you skill 2 to dash. Dont dash towards the enemy team or towards jaw head. Try to dash sideways. Use you Ult after you have dash. The purpose of using your ult is to slow down enemies that will give you opportunities to escape.

I put alot of efforts into this guide and i hope it helped. Thanks for taking your time to read this Guide. Thank you!

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Hi there.Thank you for this guide.Its very useful and i guess you have put much time into the guide.Continue your hard work and always support MLBB.Hope you will write more guides.Happy Gaming!!
Post time 2018-3-1 12:13 AM | Show all posts
Where are the skill's discriptions?? @UndertakerX


I accidently posted it, right now am writing the guide and update it as soon as i can  Post time 2018-3-1 12:15 AM
Post time 2018-3-1 09:45 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Jokar7 at 2018-3-1 09:51 AM

hmmmm.... i think u add one more set item is for CDR. coz on higher RANKED game, u cannot take the blue buff on everytime.
ur item set dont have any CDR item, i cannot imagine how u spam ur skills and how u combo ur skills.
for "ice queen wand" item, unique passive: is 15% slow down effect, effect lasts 3s and can stack up to 2 times.
Post time 2018-3-1 10:02 AM | Show all posts
Thank you. I am not really master using her yet (partially noob). Kagura happy.


hahaha, thanks for reading  Post time 2018-3-1 10:44 AM
 Author| Post time 2018-3-1 10:43 AM | Show all posts
Jokar7 replied at 2018-3-1 09:45 AM
hmmmm.... i think u add one more set item is for CDR. coz on higher RANKED game, u cannot take the b ...

Yeah. thanks for the suggestion, i will add them as soon as possible.


u r welcome, well player ^^ enjoy the game  Post time 2018-3-1 10:48 AM
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