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[Hero Techniques] Hilda Guide

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Edited by arcmagi at 2018-2-28 10:19 PM

This build is from my own use. I wont say its the best build or the worst but for me its work well with my playstyle. The build is focus on Regen item.
Item Build:
Wing of Appocalypse - best for its unique bonus when at low HP plus cooldown
Boot of Tranquility - for its regen
Ancien Ghoststatue - for regen & mainly for its spd boost. It really help u roaming alot as u can run super fast to help ur friend or gang the enemy.
Oracle - regen, unique ability to heal when getting poked, & cooldown.
Immortality - for worst case u got ganged & die.
The last item is optional. U can use any other depend on role & situation.
Athena Shield - for its shield & regen. More survivalability.
Courage Bulwarak - regen & team buff.
Dominance Ice - for its unique slow & cooldown.

Spell : Petrify

>>edited part
Ok thanks for the advice.
Here i will explain about Hilda unique skill that no other hero hav which is the very reason why i use this kind of build.
Passive skill
while inside the the bush u gain faster HP regen. So imagine if u hav 100+ hp regen & it happen like 2x per sec. U hav ur unlimited HP potion so u never need to go home. Early u can jungling for free HP when u hit from bush as u get hit & heal at the same time.
Another effect is while in bush u get shield equal to 10% max HP, so poking is possible for u as u hide, charge with 1st skill, do some 2nd skill combo & hide back.
The last effect is that if ur HP get bellow 30% u gain another regen like oracle stuff that heal u for a great amount of HP if ur in bush.
All that combine makes u very tanky & can hold the lane without ever being worry about going home.

1st skil
This skill give bonus spd for short time & ur next normal atk deal bonus dmg & hit aoe in line shape.
The main beauty of this skill is for its spd bonus that giv u chance to charge the enemy, running away easily, or roaming & above all the cooldown is quite good so it can be spammable. Not to mention that this is the only skill that can hurt the tower (Bane ulti excluded. I know it can to).

Skill 2
This skill can be used 3x, each give semi cc which is ur poking skill. Hav i mention thay all her skill is mana free? Yeah use it as many as u want. Dont need to conserve or hold it.

Skill 3
This is ur CC skill for 1 target & deal good amount of dmg. Yeah this skill is mana free to, good cooldown, & can be used on jungle to.

So with all the skill u hav u can jungle easy early without Retribution as its mana free. The thing to remember is always try to fight inside a bush. If u ever in low health, dont just run & recall. Stay out & hide inside bush for few sec & get back with good amount of HP + shield which mostly is 50%++(HP+shield).

If in ur team hav 2nd Tank, its good for Hilda charge deep inside enemy formation to targeting enemy MM or Mage. Well, u might not be able to kill them alone but it will be :
1. Scare the enemy to move back, so Tank without a hitter is just a food for ur MM. Mostly they Run.
2. MM keep busy atking u, while ur team destroy their friend. Even if they presist to atk, 1st skill +3rd skill + 2nd skill will put them to 50% HP state & they ll run eventually.
3. Enemy Tank will waste their cc on u to protect their MM & u wont die easily for that as u r tank.
4. Enemy Mage waste their skill on u.

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Edited by Jokar7 at 2018-3-1 09:36 AM

maybe u can explain more about Hilda's passive skill. she's 2 passive skill in one.
(Well done, thx to u, updated ur guide. )
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Hi there.Nice guide.I think you should more describe hildas passive and a little bit more explanation everything other is okay.Continue your hard work and dont forget to support MLBB!!Happy gaming!
Post time 2018-3-1 01:22 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
You should add that all her attacks are gap closers. Making her able to stick to slippery heros... she is also great at split pushing or countering enemy split push
Post time 2018-3-1 04:30 AM | Show all posts
Nice guide mate! I wanna learn this hero alot tbh shes interesting since her ulti does so much damage while being tanky ss well
Post time 2018-3-1 02:34 PM | Show all posts
No need WOTAQ especially as 1st item.

change to cursed helmet after boots ( I suggest warrior boots)
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