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[Hero Techniques] A to Z about Hylos the best tank

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Firstly i want to thank you for being intrested on my post and learning the ways of the Ferry Forest

Why Hylos is the best tank?

1.The meta of the game is rotating around mages and hylos is one of the best heroes to lane a mage with since he had CC, High Hp , a beautiful pathway to chase and escape
2. Hes not a typical tank who can just take damage but he can dish out a ton of damage too
3. The only competetion he has is from Grock , Akai , Johnson lets keep on to know why hes the best tank


I wont waste much of your time on un wanted stuff like explaining every skill since you can find it on the hero but will be giving a small outline

Passive - Thickening Blood: Every 1 point of mana is equal to 1.5 times Hp (this is the best passive maybe only next to harley)
First Skill - Stun , Not much but this will do.
Second Ability - Ring of Punishment , The Main damage ability and this comes with a reducing movement speed , attack speed and increasing the amount of damage taken upto 20% and guess what it has no cooldown
Ultimate- Glorious pathway , Good ability to heal , chase and escape


1. Common magic emblem - with max mana build
2. Custom Support emblem - to increase healing by 20%

Battle Spells:

1.Petrify just like most other tanks
2.Heal if your using custom Support emblem

Who are your Allies in game:
1.Any hero who can do a massive damage and burst opponents down are your allies - Lancelot , lesley , kagura to name a few
2.Best suited to lane with a high damage output hero since he will be the opponent whole priority

Who are your enemies in game:
1. heroes who deal high Critical and true damage and most marksman like - Irithel ,Bruno , Lesley , Karrie
2.Burst damage heroes

Phew now that we got the basics out of the way lets get into the main stuff about hylos

Gear Build:
Here i wont be suggesting you all the 6 items but i will be suggesting you on how to build to counter maximun number of heroes. I always try to play aggressive around the MM or mage i lane with so my build order will be in reference with that over the first 5-8minutes of the game and also we will be trying to take full advatage of our passive in a sensible way

Item 1: Cursed Helmet : Deals 1.5% of max Hp as damage which is pretty good since we will be ending up with north of 16k hp(about 240 damage if the target has no magical resistance) and makes a good sync with our second ability.

Item 2: Generally second item would be for movement i use Tough Boots if opponent has a lot of CC or use Boots of Tranquility in all other cases.

Item 3: Clock of Destiny : The best possible item for hylos since it adds the higest amount of mana , hp

Item 4: Blood Thirsty King or Oracle , personally i prefer Blood thirsty king but if your using Custom Support emblem i suggest Oracle obviously you can use both if you wan to skip item 6 which will be explained later below

Item 5 : Dominance Ice this item may not look like a big deal but it reduces attack which can be very crucial while fighting MM and a fighter like roger and if you havent noticed none of the items mentioned above have an armour so this becomes very crucial with that +70 armour

Item 6 : Situation build if there is no situation you can build the item 4 which you left off

Situation 1: True Damage Effects

if you can trigger the true damage effects by clicking spamming second skill on/off and basic attack then i suggest you to use Thunder Belt if you intend to become one of the best hylos users then you should try to master this

Situation 2: Solo Que Pain or life stealers

its very hard to deal with life steal heroes like alucard , roger and many more if your solo que and your team doesnt build deadly blade then its on you to build this item Necklace of Duration i highly recommend not to build this item unless if your team doesnt differ from the recomended build , now if you can trigger true damage effects then skip ITEM 4 and build this.

Gameplay Tips:

1. First thing i want you guys to build is Elegant Gem which can later be forged into the Clock of destiny , you should get this by say Lv4 and you can get forge the clock at lv9/10
2. Blue Buff if there is any high priority heroes let them have the buff otherwise take the buff at early game as the mana consumption is very high in late game its better to let MM/Mage/Assasin take the buff
3. Dont be shy to tower dive once you have a single hero defending a turret use your ultimate and go in along with a team mate also keep a eye on the map as some of your opponents may rotate to help
4.Kite the enemy heroes as you have high movement speed just try to keep them in your ring and drain their health most fights if built logically 1v1 you can win

We had a lot of talk about Hylos now let me explian you why i feel hes the best tank - a tanks job is to sustain for as long a possible and to protect our high valued targets on our team having the simplest mechanics and a good amount of cc he is one of the best in terms of tanking and playing his role.

Johnson : Needs to build Armour to deal damage but since armour doesnt cover up for magical damage thats a minus and also his skills are skill shots which is slightly diffcult to aim than hylos

Akai : in terms of annoyance akai is still the leader but after nerf he cant directly get behind you and create the seperation but hylos would win the 1v1 fight and hylos is a better team weapon than akai

Grock : no big differences between them both are equally strong and can deal a massive damage output but i will give hylos a slight edge because of the CC he posses

How to Counter Hylos : obviously the guide wouldnt be complete if i didnt tell you how to counter him dont you think i wont be telling all the counters but ill be telling the best way to counter him through gear because picking a hero just for the sake of countering a tank is pointless. Deamon hunter sword is the best way to counter him deals 10% of targets current hp as damage and what we have the most Hp ... RIP

if you have reached this point of the guide i really thank you and am keen on listening to any suggestions you may have
Post time 2018-4-30 11:38 PM | Show all posts
Nice guide, but are you sure your hylos is 16k+ hp? From what I recall, he should only have like, 13k when capitalizing on passive back when thunder belt still gave 400 mana.  Also, why not clock of destiny 1st item? You're skipping out on a LOT of early game potential. To be exact, your skipping out on 50 magic power and 300 additional mana by not getting it early to hit that 10x passive on "Time" perk asap.

1515 hp from initial stats (615hp and 600 mana = 900 hp for hylos). And 60 magic power.
Then 30hp and 5 magic power every 30 seconds up to 10x for passive (300 hp and 50 magic).
Once 1st passive is maxed, 2nd passive "Reincarnate" gives 5% additional magic power and 300 mana.
300 hp and 300 mana = 450hp)
Total, this is 2265hp from this item alone once maxed out. 900 mana. 115 magic power.
So by waiting, you're giving up 750 hp early game, 300 mana, and 65 magic power.

I'd say switch Clock of Destiny with Cursed Helmet. The magic dmg done by cursed helmet won't make up for the missed out dmg of Clock of Destiny. And though you'll clear minions quicker with cursed helmet, it shouldn't be that much of a priority if you go into lane with power hitter teammate as you suggested.
Post time 2018-2-22 11:54 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
usefull tips i guess and taking patrify is also good for the team fight
 Author| Post time 2018-2-23 12:41 AM | Show all posts
Nicky_veronica replied at 2018-2-22 11:54 PM
usefull tips i guess and taking patrify is also good for the team fight

absolutely only take heal if you are using Custom support emblem
Post time 2018-2-23 11:52 AM | Show all posts
Good guide, but I think you need to learn about punctuation.

For example :
... take the buff at early game as the mana consumption is very high in late game its better to let MM/Mage/Assasin take the buff

My poor brain is gonna pop. How about this :
... take the buff at early game. As the mana consumption is very high in late game, its better to let MM/Mage/Assasin take the buff.

See? It's better now, I guess

OK back to the topic. I just want to clarify that statement, Assassin & Mage should prioritize for buff since it decrease the cooldown of their skills. For farther reading, see : Blue Buff for all Heroes Role by @Jokar7
Post time 2018-2-23 01:37 PM | Show all posts
iri replied at 2018-2-23 11:52 AM
Good guide, but I think you need to learn about punctuation.

For example :

thx for using my Thread. Arigatou
Post time 2018-4-6 07:50 AM | Show all posts
Thank you. I am an Akai user and bought Hylos yesterday. I'm starting to enjoy using him esp when teamed up with Angela. This guide is useful. Hopefully, I can master him as well.
Post time 2018-4-7 12:48 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I'm playing aggressive Hylos with building HP, Mana, and Vamp Spell with the ice shield. It's awesome.
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