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[Hero Concept] Kil'maw the Void assassin

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Below is a concept description for his look, it isn't final.                                                                                                                                                   
(Colour theme) if hyplerlink doesn't work

Kil'maw has 3 forms which he will ascend through as he plays.
Base Form: Alpha's height and physic but a look similar to a darker and more orange hercult. (Colour theme) but orange instead of purple.
Empowered Form: His claws will be slighty enlarged and his overall appearance should be darker and lightly shift from orange to purple.
Ultimate Void Assassin: Instead of fighting with claws he should use a halberd. The halberd should look like alpha's spear with karinas sword as the tip instead. The handle should be dark grey and the end should be dark purple. He should now look like (Colour theme) and look a bit more like an assassin.

Play style concept:

Kil'maw's kit (skills) will be heavily geared towards jungling as he will be required and roam and get kills to become stronger. Kil'maw is going to be a difficult champion to play who relies heavily on getting kills early on. He will start moderatly weak in the game but becomes a monster later on. I have designed his skills so that taking him in the lane would be very hard so that instead he will be used in the jungle. The writings in bold are his skill descriptions.

[Passive] The Soul Hunt. When Kil'maw stands still for 3 seconds without attacking or being attacked he phases into the void and gains 20% movement speed and can walk through walls. This is the part of his passive that allows him to ambush enemies as he has no dashes early in the game. The second part of his passive is 'the soul hunt'. Upon killing an enemy Kil'maw will gain a soul shard he can only gain this once per enemy. After retrieving 5 shards he can return to the base to upgrade himself strengthening his abilities. This is the important part about what makes him unique, unlike other champions he has a shard system which requires him to hunt every champion to get stronger while other champions just need to require a lot of gold. Kil'maw has 10 minutes after the jungle camp spawns to collect 5 shards for his master, if he fails to do this he must wait a further 5 minutes then he will automatically transform.  What this means is that Kil'maw has 10 minutes to kill each enemy hero once if he succeeds he gets stronger but he has a time limit to do this. Failing to complete the task in time will mean he has to wait 15 minutes in total to transform putting him behind in the game. This puts emphasis on team work so that his allies will help him obtain kills and get stronger in time.After becoming empowered Kil'maw is assigned a new task to obtain 5 more soul shards within 8 minutes so that he can become the ultimate void assassin, failure to do so will result in him waiting 8 more minutes before he can transform. The second form is very tough, because he has gotten stronger he has less time to complete the mission and if he fails the repurcussions are worse. With this passive Kil'maw can become a monster at the latest 18 minutes which will benefit his team a lot but if he cam't get enough shards in time the worst case scenario is that he has to wait 31 minutes (15 + 16) to reach is final form.

[1st Skill] Rend & Tear. Kil'maw quickly slashes in a circle and stabs foward with both strikes dealing damage (extra physical damage), I made it extra physical damage so players don't start trying to build him tanky and still being strong, if its extra physical damage he can deal lots of damage but he has to build attack. The double attack means he needs to position himself well. When empowered if Kil'maw lands both strikes the enemy is slowed by 50% for 1 second. As i stated before being well positioned will reward the player. If you have reached the ultimate void assassin landing both strikes also deals (extra physical damage) and 8% of the targets missing hp as true damage. The player is further rewarded for landing both hits, the extra physical damage is dealt as physical damage and the 8% of the targets missing hp is seperate true damage.

[2nd Skill] Void Tresspass. Kil'maw channels a void attack along a path for 1.5 seconds dealing extra physical damage if it hits Kil'maw steals 15% of the movement speed for 2 seconds stacking up to 3 times. This attack can hit multiple targets which is why it can stack it is similar to lapu lapu's ult but a smaller range. The reason why he gains movement speed is so that as an assassin he can catch up to foes and makes up for the channel time. While empowered the attack applys a mark that lasts for 2 seconds on an enemy. Your first basic attack against a marked enemy lunges you at them and consumes it. This becomes Kil'maw's first dash and allows him to catch opponents easier. If you have reached the ultimate void assassin you can cast this skill at a location while moving and it no longer requires you to channel it, the path now explodes after 1 second and knocks enemies airborne for 0.5 seconds. What it means is that instead of standing still and charging the path Kil'maw can now cast the skill why moving and it stays there and charges itself, he is now free to move attack and do anything. This is really powerful as is why he can only do this on his final form.

[3rd Skill] Dark Vessel. Passive: Kil'maws attacks and abilites mark the enemy hero with void traces that last 3 seconds. Once an enemy has 5 marks you can cast your ultimate on them. If you have obtained the void assassin the soul hunt now gives you 40% movement speed from phasing. I have put a limiter on the ult to make it harder to use and fairer for others, his passive speed is also buffed in his final form as later in the game enemies become much stronger so he must catch them quickly unless you wants to be kited out and killed.
Kil'maw opens the void fully on a target and pounces on them waiting for the perfect moment to split their soul in half for 1.5 seconds. He then attempts to execute them and deals extra physical damage, if he succeeds in kililng them he gains 30 physical attack permantly (this can be gained once per hero) and heals 15/20/25% of his maximum hp. If the hunt fails he is humiliated and his attack is reduced by 70% and his movement speed increased by 10% for 5 seconds. There is no hp indicator for this attack.
This is a hard to land and use skill. The player has to know how much damage he can deal and must be certain if he can get the kill, in doing so he is rewarded with attack damage and heals after allow him to escape from any dangerous situatuons alive. This skill is also very risky because if the player doesn't use his ultimate wisely he will become weakened for 5 seconds which could give his target a chance to kill him instead, I have given him a speed boost though so he can run away when he is weakened giving him a chance to escape.

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As a hardcore assassin main, I agree. My checklist for “good assassins” should be:

- Relies on kills to scale
- Should be slightly-heavily difficult to use.
- Very snowbally.
- Mistakes are easily punished.

So this is what a hero suggestion should be. I also like the fact that he seems to be very unforgiving for new players but extremely rewarding for skilled ones. (Like Zed but I’m just LoL toxic player so ignore me.)
Post time 2018-2-14 09:54 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
This is a Brilliant idea that I absolutely adore, Bravo.
 Author| Post time 2018-2-14 10:46 PM | Show all posts
FromShadows replied at 2018-2-14 09:54 PM
This is a Brilliant idea that I absolutely adore, Bravo.

Thanks for the feedback, it is much appreciated :)
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BloodLancer replied at 2018-2-22 08:59 PM
As a hardcore assassin main, I agree. My checklist for “good assassins” should be:

- Relies on ki ...

Thanks for the feedback! As a league player I agree with you too. The only assassin I play though is Diana because I prefer to go top lane.
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