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[Query] Is it me or is the match making system just wrong?

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Post time 2018-2-13 06:40 PM | Show all posts |Read mode
2 days ago, it all started.... a losing streak... a 19 match losing streak on Classic/Rank. I was like wth. I was being matched up with people i know from their gameplay, Legend to Mythics. on Day 1, After a short losing streak, matches full of feeders, surprisingly only one afk, i called it a day. Day 2, Some players threw the match, one player who played bruno bought 3 shoes, and the others were feeders and AFK. Day 3, i played so hard to end this god forsaken losing streak but couldn't, i Killed really less as i know the enemy was already well fed enough. Day 4, Takes a deep breath, this time for sure i thought we were going to win since we had a perfect lineup. But two of us ended up feeding the enemy and went AFK.
This all happened after a winning streak. But is this really possible? a 19 losing streak... maybe i will just call it a day. Play next week... Really discouraged to the point i hid the MLbb app in a folder. lol
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Post time 2018-2-13 07:25 PM | Show all posts
is ok~ this is players problem. but u still not yet break my record losing streak, free 20+ stars
jz to remember the time, i not suggestion when Lunch or Dinner time play, a lot of kids


Another 10 matches to go i guess. hehehehe  Post time 2018-2-13 09:19 PM
Post time 2018-2-13 08:24 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
just get a rest bro. I've get ur problem last week. Lost my rank, from Grandmaster V 2star to Elite I 1star.
Post time 2018-2-13 08:33 PM | Show all posts
Edited by goarweam at 2018-2-13 08:37 PM

I have actually made markings on my calendar.
And now I can predict on what week I am going to get losing streaks (being in the low priority queue with noob 40% to 50% winrate teammates), on what week I am going to get winning streaks (being in the high priority queue with better 60% winrate teammates), and on what week I am going to be in the normal priority queue.

Believe me, they can actually say anything they want about it not being true, but sadly it is true.
Last week was the best week, this week is the nightmare week for me. And I was able to confirm it last sunday with 10 games in Brawl. 4 losses, 1 win, then 5 losses. I wouldn't dare go to Rank this week. At least not solo.

This is another exploit you can do so that you can farm for stars.
Like I said before, this matchmaking system is so prone to exploits
I have moved on from ranting, they can keep their s***y matchmaking, I can now get my way around it.


Dayum that's a new level of dedication...  Post time 2018-2-14 12:54 AM
i guess i will mark this days on my calender. thx for the info ^^  Post time 2018-2-13 09:14 PM
 Author| Post time 2018-2-13 09:17 PM | Show all posts
Xaverine replied at 2018-2-13 08:24 PM
just get a rest bro. I've get ur problem last week. Lost my rank, from Grandmaster V 2star to Elite  ...

currently this week off. i m just gonna slack off this week
Post time 2018-2-13 09:49 PM | Show all posts
It's a mix of both IMO Often matchmaking pairs you up with people who suck at playing even heroes like Layla. So there needs to be a better matchmaking (IK saying is easier than implementing it) that pairs you up with people who have the same win rate as you or something so high win rate players pairs up with another high win rate player and so on.

Last week, I was on a losing streak in ranked. This week, I've been on a winning streak. It's weird tbh
Post time 2018-2-13 10:01 PM | Show all posts
wow and i thought my 9 out of 10 loses was bad.  it's been said by countless members here that the matchmaking is really crappy and i agree wholeheartedly.  nowadays i don't even dare to touch a ranked match solo.  I'd rather stay a gm and reap my rewards at the end of the season.
Post time 2018-2-14 01:09 AM | Show all posts
I'm creeping in a corner waiting for the matchmaking conspiracy theory. Not much in this thread though.

If you are good enough, you will easily win when playing with and against other low win rate players. The fact that you cannot win even playing against other low win rate players meant that your skills are not good enough.

GL next game. Try harder or maybe get friends that can carry you to winning.


It is fine if you realize your own shortcoming. Instead of blaming the matchmaking like most people.  Post time 2018-2-14 06:17 PM
My skill varies with my mood really. I ended the losing streak after another loss lol hahaha i m still sharpening my fangs  Post time 2018-2-14 06:02 PM
Post time 2018-2-14 02:27 AM | Show all posts
I played a soloQ match today...i played against a trio queue team (i know that because i know them all 3) ended up feeding and lost the game and he posted an Screenshot on discord channel woop amazing
Post time 2018-2-14 02:38 AM | Show all posts
izaidi replied at 2018-2-14 01:09 AM
I'm creeping in a corner waiting for the matchmaking conspiracy theory. Not much in this thread thou ...

You probably missed the #4 post.

It was still all about the matchmaking s***.

But please stop using the word conspiracy.
Because I am not plotting with some person to do anything that could be considered a crime.

But yeah, I have already shared in that post what I have done and what I am doing to exploit said matchmaking s***.
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