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Hero Discovery:Angela

Publisher: WtripleO | Publish time: 2018-2-11 07:35 PM| Views: 1505| Num of Comments: 6|Thread manage logs

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Considering to buy Angela? Then check out these information about her!
Angela is both a healing and utility type support that offers a lot of versitility to the team. Overall she's one of the few supports that is totally fine and viable for the current and future metas with all the utility she offers.


-She excels particularly at holding down enemies and keeping her allies safe and healthy thru her 1st and ultimate skills.

-She is diverse in her role as well as flexible with her item build in a way that she does decent damage as well as offer a good amount of utility to the team from heals,shields,speed boost, root and slow.

-She can immediately offer a 1 man advantage to any part of the map as long as she has her ultimate

-She is very vulnerable when you misuse your ultimate or when your ally dies while you are using your ultimate since Angela has no escape tools.

-Her 1st skill relies heavily on the # of charges you have. So unless you stack them up them up then it is pretty much an ineffective skill. In addition to that, this is a skillshot so if you miss your skill it will be a complete waste

-If you are looking for damage on her, whatever damage build you put on her won't be on par to that of a mage but may from time to time be enough. She really is just a support that has a lot of utility to offer to the team.

Latest comments

Affzan Post time 2018-2-14 01:57 AM
Commnet hero pleh my .....
UndertakerX Post time 2018-2-16 06:30 PM
I dont like the limitation put on Angela's first skill. Might as well consider removing it and put a cool down on it.
Gerot87 Post time 2018-2-16 11:29 PM
Gerot87 Post time 2018-2-16 11:29 PM
new hero Angelaaaa
Evan34 Post time 2018-2-17 01:55 AM
Support hero with friends to play this game...
i like Angela patner with Hilda push the game.

IGN : ㅋ[A] rsya.34ㅁ
ID : 86996213 (2223)
Affzan Post time 2018-2-17 06:08 AM
ples .the play the time

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