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[Hero Concept] Iris of the Eternal Lake (Water Support)

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Edited by Khaltz at 2018-2-11 05:41 PM

「  Iris Llyr 」


Eternal Lake Spirit
Role: Support

Specialty: Regen/CC

Cost: 24,000BP

Durability          ■■■■□□□□□□
Offence             ■■■■■■□□□□         
Ability Effects   ■■■■■■■□□□
Difficulty           ■■■■■■□□□□

Movement Spd       245     Mana                 545
Physical Atk           118     Attack Spd         .8
Magic Power          0         HP regen            32
Armor                     13       Mana regen        22
Magic Resist          11       Basic Atk Crt      0
Health Point           2350   Ability Crit          0

    - TBA

Passive: Aqua Body

      - Her body is made up of water renderring physical attacks useless. Reduce Physical damage receive by 100% >75% >50% >25% >0%. With 6s cooldown.
At first hit she will completely resist the damage but the next one will reduce her resistance by -25% dropping at 0%.

First Skill: Water Bubble
Cooldown: 8    Manacost: 45

    - She throws a Water Bubble on a target Area, Healing and Shielding allied Units for 180/ 220/ 260/ 280/ 320/ 360(+1.1AP). If no target is hit, the bubble will stay on the area for 10s but it no longer grants shield. Enemies can also burst the bubble by passing by.
The Heal and Shield is the same value making it double. (Ex. 180 heal 180 shield)
The shield last for 4s.

Second Skill: Tidal Wave
Cooldown: 14    Manacost: 70

     - She cast a water wave on a conical area knocking back enemy units dealing 100/ 120/ 150/ 170/ 190/ 220 (+0.8AP) Magical Damage. If she cast Tidal Wave on Water Bubble, it will launch the Bubble; knocking up enemy units dealing 180/ 220/ 260/ 280/ 320/ 360(+1.1AP) Magical Damage.
The cone blast is bigger than Bane's.

Ultimate Skill: Great Divide
Cooldown: 34     Manacost: 100

    - She send out a wall made out of water pushing enemy units back and blocking them dealing 450/ 650/ 850(+1.5AP) Magical Damage. The wall last for 3s.
The water wall blocks projectiles and movement (like real wall with lolita shield).
Azir Ulti with Yasuo wind wall.


●She is Ion from cosmic break

Check out my other creation/s:
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I'm open to any suggestion and comments, pls voice your opnion on the comments section and additional constructive critisism for improvements.
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You got a lot of suggestions! And all of them are great. Keep it up!
 Author| Post time 2018-2-11 06:04 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
queen.kira replied at 2018-2-11 05:49 PM
You got a lot of suggestions! And all of them are great. Keep it up!

Thankz a lot.
Post time 2018-2-12 01:29 PM | Show all posts
I love it!!! :D Push support
 Author| Post time 2018-2-12 06:19 PM | Show all posts
revered_skies replied at 2018-2-12 01:29 PM
I love it!!! :D Push support

Thank you. Your support guys will help to realize this hero.
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