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[Hero Techniques] Moskov Guide :D

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Edited by eclipsed at 2018-2-9 09:39 PM

First time writing a guide so feel free to give me any suggestions to edit this guide to make it better.

Passive – His passive allows his basic attacks to penetrate targets and deal damage to enemies behind them. If a basic attack hits an enemy successfully, the cooldown of Abyss Walker and Spear of Death will be reduced by 0.7 seconds.

Abyss Walker- This is his 1st skill and allows him to teleport to a specified position and increase his basic attack’s penetration ability and his attack speed (20%/28%/36%/44%/52%/60%). This lasts for 3 seconds.

Spear of Death – This is his 2nd skill and allows him to strike an enemy hero with his spear dealing (140/160/180/200/220/240) pts of physical damage and knocking back the target. If the target collides with another enemy hero, both of them will be stunned for 1sec and receive (210/240/270/300/330/360) pts of physical damage. If the target knocks onto an obstacle such as a wall, the target will be stunned for 2 seconds and the enemy will not be able to go in stealth for a short while.

Spear of Destruction – This is his ultimate and he will throw a spear of destruction after powering up for awhile dealing (450/550/650) pts of physical damage to enemies along a straight line. Every enemy it hits increases (10/20/30) pts of physical attack to Moskov and stacks up to 5 times and lasts 5 seconds.

Advantages of Moskov
-He is easily able to wipe out an entire team with good position and stuns

-He does a lot of damage late game with full build and is practically impossible to kill if he stuns you properly.

-He has a 1st skill which enables him to teleport away from danger or to reposition himself for a stun making him hard to kill as he can stun you and run away

-He has a literal global ultimate that reaches almost the entire map for snipe kills
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Edited by eclipsed at 2018-2-9 09:26 PM

Disadvantages of Moskov
- Low health (I mean every marksman is squishy so...)
-Short range ( His range is VERY short and he can get burst down by just about any other marksman if he fails at stunning them, this is why positioning is important)

-Slightly useless during early game ( he doesn’t do much damage and his mana reserves deplete quite fast)

Swift Boots, Scarlet Phantom, Haas’s Claws, Berserker’s Fury, Rose Gold Meteor, Blade of Despair
Firstly, you should build swift boots to gain some movement speed as well as attack speed. Next, build scarlet phantom for more attack speed and more critical chance to allow you to take the jungle camps faster and clear minion waves faster. Next, you should build Haas’s Claws for lifesteal and allow you to participate more actively in team-fights. Next, build Berserker’s Fury for more critical chance and physical attack to make your basic attacks deal a lot more damage. Next, build Rose Gold Meteor for the magic resistance it provides you with and the shield to be able to sustain in team-fights. Lastly, build Blade of Despair for the extra +170 physical attack it gives you and the 10% attack speed to deal even more damage to enemies.

Emblem Set
I’d recommend you to take physical emblem with life drain as it allows you to gain a bit of HP early game and mid game from minions as Moskov does not really do a lot of damage unless he’s half way through his full build. You can also take the jungle emblem set with veteran hunter as it gives more gold when you use retribution on a jungle camp and also for the extra movement speed it provides you with to escape encounters with enemies.

I recommend you to take retribution to clear jungle camps faster as Moskov does not do much damage early on in the game. It also allows you to slow down enemies.  

*The guide below is based on Moskov going solo mid-lane because that’s the most common way people play Moskov*

During the start of the game, you want to buy ANY tier 2 jungle item and proceed to clear the minion wave. Then take the jungle camp on the bottom lane. If you find that you are running out of mana very fast, consider buying a mana necklace for more mana regeneration to not have to recall and waste time. Then clear the minion wave once more and take either side’s buff if there’s any available. Your main focus is to clear every minion wave and jungle as much as possible. If your team is planning to take turtle try to help out if possible but do not die because you wanted to take the turtle.

*You should be careful as some players like to gank mid-lane at the start as such you should NOT teleport with your 1st skill to clear the wave faster. If you are being ganked at the start of the game, you can simply use your 1st skill to teleport away.

During the middle of the game, your main goal is to out-farm the enemy’s mid-laner and also participate in team-fights if possible. If you see your team mates fighting you can help them by throwing your ultimate towards the enemy. Once you clear your minion wave you can either jungle if there is any available or go to a lane that you are most likely to be able to gank or help out. (Don’t waste your time standing around and not doing anything).

*You want to stand near the wall as you can use your 1st skill and teleport outwards and stun the enemy with your 2nd skill allowing you to kill them quite easily. If they are not dead, you can simply use your ultimate to finish them off.

When ganking, don’t rush in as any marksman is an easy target if they stand right in front of the enemy. You want to stay behind your team mates and wait for an opportunity to stun them onto the wall or other heroes. You also do not want to do anything risky as if you die you lose valuable time in which you can gain more farm and gold. You should always destroy turrets when you have the opportunity to do so instead of going for kills.

*Always remember about your lane and sometimes its better to just stay put and clear the minion wave and jungle instead of helping out your team mates as you would be able to better participate in team fights in the later game when you have more items and do more damage.

During the late game phase, you should stick to your team mates as the enemy’s assassin (especially Natalia) can easily kill you. If more than 2 of the enemy team’s heroes are resurrecting, you should be able to take the lord ( if enemy team has Balmond be wary of balmond’s ultimate ). Other than that you should follow what you did during the ganking phase and stay behind your team mates and wait for an opportunity to stun enemies.

*Do not randomly use your 2nd skill while trying to chase down enemies as the 2nd skill pushes back the enemy and sometimes by randomly throwing your 2nd skill you can push them back even further and not stun them which aids in their escape.

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I prefer to use my Layla
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