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[Hero Techniques] Kagura - My Playstyle

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Today, I am going to share with you all my Kagura playstyle! If you are looking for an easy, straight to the point guide you are at the right post because I consider my playstyle very easy to adapt!
Disclaimer:I'm not a professional player. I just want to share my playstyle.

Let's get started! First, please observe the image below.

Alright, you done? Do you understand? No? Don't worry. Let me spell it out for yer' maties!

Passive: Whenever and I mean WHENEVER you recover your umbrella back you will generate/gain a shield that wil absorb a certain amount of damage for a certain period of time. This shield is not spammable as it has 4.5 seconds cooldown.
Advanced tips: When jungling at level 1, stand right in the monster and use skill 1. This will throw and recover the umbrella instantly which will give you a shield. Thus, reducing the actual damage taken from the monster. If your skill 1 cooldown is below 4 seconds, wait 1 more second before using it again. If your skill 1 cooldown is above 4 seconds, feel free to use it at will. This is because the shield will only be triggered every 4.5 seconds.

Seimei Umbrella Open/Skill 1: Kagura will throw her umbrella, damaging (direspecting) her enemy.
Advanced Tips: Practice aiming manually! It's not that hard. Basically you want to aim it as far as possible. You can also flick if you are THAT used to the aiming. Don't quick tap unless the enemy is immobilized/stunned. If the umbrella is with you, you have to always manually aim ahead of your enemy. Also, get used to predicting the enemy movement. The umbrella takes time to travel (duh!).

Rasho with Umbrella Flee/Skill 2: Use it to recover from any CC'ed i.e Cyclops' ulti, Saber's ulti and Franco's ulti as long as the umbrella is with you. You also can go through walls.
Reminder: In teamfight, don't quick tap. Aim it manually at the direction you want to move (preferably away from the enemy) or else you'll move toward the direction of the enemy you locked.
Another reminder: Certain CC skill like Franco's ulti, even if you use this skill you will still be immobilized. Also, if you get hooked, don't use this skill too early else you will still get pulled. Wait until the hook animation is over then use it.
Advanced Tips: Create your own, exclusive shortcut (go through the terrain). It'll help a lot.
Rashowithout Umbrella Flee/Skill 2: Teleports you to your umbrella and deals a certain amount of damage also stunning them for like 0.5 seconds.
Advanced Tips: When you are being chased, use your skill 1 to throw your umbrella as far as possible (preferably across the walls) and then use your skill 2 to teleport to it.

Ying Yang Overturn with Umbrella: Deals a certain amount of damage, knocks the enemy back and slow them down.
Advanced Tips: You can legit cancel Karina's ulti (or any similar ulti (?)) if you use your ulti the moment she's inch away from you. I saw Lemon did it. It was amazing. But, I guess it was just luck (or maybe some mad skill).
Ying Yang Overturn without Umbrella: Creates a link between the enemy and the umbrella dealing a certain amount of damage and slowing them down. If the link is still up after 3 seconds, the enemy will be pulled to the umbrella and will be dealed a certain amount of damage. Using this skill will reset skill 1 cooldown.
Advanced Tips:Immediately tap on skill 1 the moment you use your ulti so you can maximize the damage dealt. When chasing an enemy, throw your umbrella as far as possible towards the enemy and if it didn't reach them quickly use your ulti. The umbrella has its own range at which the link will be created. So, successfully created the link, the enemy will be slowed down. Don't use your skill 1 yet because the enemy is most likely to be out of range. Instead, get close a bit more before using your skill 1 this way the enemy will be hit and you can continue by teleporting to them.

I don't think I need to explain these items.

These are my gear sets. The one I frequently use is the third one. Although, the gears will have to be changed depending on the enemy you are against. For me, I have 5 core items, and they are Calamity Reaper, Arcane Boots, Glowing Wand, Holy Crystal and Concentrated Enerygy. Basically, core items are like the girl/guy you can't live without. I recommend you to get used to Calamity Reaper and Arcane Boots incase you like Enchanted Talisman and Magic Shoes. Yeah, cooldown is nice but you need damage and penetration. Or you can stick to Enchanted Talisman and Magic Shoes if you are still in Grandmaster. Honestly, penetration is all that matters. It increases the amount of damage dealt to the enemy. Alright, so 5 core items and the last one is a SITUATIONAL ITEM. That is,... you're right! Necklace Of Durance. Basically it reduces lifesteal effect. It's a great item when you are against Alucard/Roger/Zilong or any lifestealer you find annoying and hard to kill. But, if you are not up against any of these you can buy any item you like. Doesn't matter anyway. But I recommend Lightning Truncheon. Blood Wings is good but Lemon was once asked why he doesn't buy Blood Wings... he said "It's too expensive."

Right, so next is prioritising the items according to the situation. Nothing much to say here, let's say you're on the bottom lane and you're facing Alucard. Well... Go for Necklace Of Durance. Why? Because Alucard's ultimate greatly increases his lifesteal effect. Even without damage, he still can get a good amount of health. If you're facing a tank, go for Arcane Boots. [Reminder: If the enemy team has Alucard and you're not on the same lane as him, buy Necklace of Durance as the fifth or fourth item depending on when you think you will be meeting him.]

Spell and Jungling
Always go for Retribution. At the start of the game, set priority on Tier 2 Nimble Blade and buy Hunter's Knife. Preferably, go get a buff before you proceed to the second Monster/Reaper(?). Why tier 2 Nimble Blade? Because it's the cheapest tier 2 jungle item. I don't go for tier 3 jungle item because it's kinda pointless? Hey, this is my playstyle! Anyway... After you got the buff, you will have some money. Use it to buy Magic Necklace. [Advanced Tips: To avoid from getting your buff stolen, wait until its health is around quarter or so then tap your skill 1 and immediately use Retribution.] After killing the second monster, clear the minions. You're now level 3! Secure the Crab and if you succeed, just under 2 or so you're now level 4. [Advanced Tips: If you are having trouble securing the crab because there's an enemy nearby, make sure your spell is available and don't buy Tier 2 Jungle Item yet as it will target heroes rather than the crab. If you're ready, go for the crab and when its health is like a quarter or so use your skill 1 and immediately use the Retribution. You will most likely get the crab.] When you are jungling at the very-early-game, do not worry about the tower as the minions/heroes don't really deal much damage to the tower.

Emblem and Talent
I use Magical emblem (40) since its level is higher than the Mage emblem (24). For the talent, I go for Energy Absorption. Just because, I don't like recalling to base and there will always likely be minions. I spent 3 points on Energy, 1 on Flow, 1 on Desire and lastly 1 on Energy Absorption. When I get the last point, I would spend it on Desire because I am all about that Spell Vamp.

It's worth the read (or not), I promise you! Thank you for reading. I hope you learn something from this post.

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what image?


you said observe the image below  Post time 2018-2-10 01:29 PM
What image what?  Post time 2018-2-10 01:28 AM
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