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In this hero tutorial we will learn how to use hero with the highest difficulty level that is Fanny. Many players who want to learn how to play Fanny but instead often become a feeder because do not know how to master this one hero, ane advice do not use this hero in classic mode let alone ranked, start from custom mode or at least versus AI. Ane himself was sorry for playing Fanny directly in the match up (classic) until finally a feeder many times until humiliated throughout the game. Especially if one throw the rope to the turret is often really rich dumb dead and make this cotton make hero again.

Excess Fanny :

• Quick farming, Fanny can move the lane in an instant, making it the fastest hero to ngutan so can very quickly collect gold and exp (fast leveling up), you could say this hero is very, very strong at the early-mid game phase.

• The highest mobility, the 2 Fanny (Steel Cable) skill makes it the hero with the best mobility level in the game, he can attack and run whenever he likes, the hero is ideal for the turret dive and attack the marksman / mage behind tankers during war.

• It's hard to kill, obviously because Fanny can run away in an instant and no hero hero can defeat her in a blurry affair, Fanny is also one of the best heroes to fight Argus, since she just escaped when Argus ulti and back again attacked her ultinya.

• Burst damage one shot, in the mid-game phase, Fanny usually is 2-3 levels higher than his opponents, so do not be surprised with his skill combo Fanny can instantly kill the hero of the opponent with one attack (combination of Tornado Strike + Ulti).

• Fun to play, ane himself most like the main hero Fanny because gameplaynya very fun especially if dapet savage with this hero.

Lack of Fanny:

• Very hard to play / mastered, for the newbie hero player is quite difficult to master because it is not easy to use the cable skill, plus every time the folder is updated, Fanny users have to get used to using the new folder (learn again ).

• Dependent on buffs, Fanny's biggest weakness is its very limited energy, energy regeneration system is faster than it is, but energy consumption is also faster exhausted than where, even worse, no items can help regenerate / consume Fanny energy this hero should always be prioritized to take the buff.

• Very soft, basically all hero assassin is soft, especially Fanny, if this hero got CC stun / disable when the war team has been confirmed he will die instantly, essentially Fanny must continue to move / fly to escape enemy attack, including when attacked.

• Weak in the late game, suggest ane finish the game as fast as possible under 15 minutes if using Fanny, because in the late game phase (> 15 minutes) the opponent hero has reached full item build and level 15, making it more difficult to kill by Fanny, while Fanny energy remains segitu-segitu aja.

Fanny tips item build:

• Fanny ga need to buy shoes because just use skill 2 to go anywhere quickly.

• Fanny also does not need to buy attack speed items because it depends on the skill, especially Tornado Strike to finish off the opponent (not the assassin type of the rich daggers Karina and Natalia).

• Build Bloodlust Axe items so that our blood increases every time the skill produces damage

• Magic Blade is useful to survive (survive) in the critical moment, this item provides blood reserves for a moment when HP drop below 30%, as well as items Immortality.

•Sometimes there is also a player who builds with Blade Armor so that physical defense is higher (semi tank) and can give a little damage when attacked by basic attack (let ga just sansak boxing if stun).

The most suitable Battle spell for Fanny is Retribution.

The goal is to make the ngutan faster and most importantly ensure we always get boost when playing with strangers (use retribution for last hit monster buff).

For emblems we can use Physical or Physical Assassin emblems.

Fanny is very strong against all hero marksman and mage because it can be so easy to get closer (engage) using the cable, including when the war team, Fanny is very good to fight the following heroes:

• All hero marksman.
• Rafaela, Estes, Gord, Vexana.
• Natalia, Bane, Argus (one of the best counter ultinya Argus).

Fanny is pretty weak against some of the following heroes:

• Nana -> skill 2 Nana can make Fanny helpless for 3 seconds and will surely be dead if hit by this curse while flying in the middle of the fight / war team.

• Aurora -> Aurora freeze effect with skill 2 makes Fanny must have been frozen despite flying at high speed (as long as it is in range of aurora).

• Eudora -> 2 stun skill effect Eudora often makes Fanny die helpless when war / dive turret.

• Saber -> ulti Saber will pursue wherever Fanny fly.

• Franco -> ulti Franco can also be used when Fanny attack (so fly past Franco directly press ulti).

• Chou -> ulti Chou can also be used just like Franco.

• Ruby -> skill 2 and ulti Ruby can control the movement of Fanny at the right time.

One shot skill combination:

First use skill 2 to attack, then use ultimate, then skill 1, and use skill 2 back to blur.

Skill 2 -> Skill 3 -> Skill 1 -> Skill 2 (escape)

Fanny hero guide tips:

• use the minimap left help to throw the cable towards the wall in the distance (if we can not see the wall).

• When open war, wait for the enemy heroes ngeluarin stun / disable existing.

• When the turbine / war dive always watch the energy bar we have, whether it will be enough to attack and escape, if not enough, then wait a few moments (Fanny regen full energy approximately 10-15 seconds).

• Before finishing ultimate, keep the enemy 2x skill 2 (remember passive skill Fanny gives the mark / prey marker on the enemy when flying, and can be stack 2x), ultimate damage will increase 20% / layer if exposed to enemy who has prey marker.

• When the enemy is near the wall (stuck the wall), we can attack quickly with spam skill 2 continuous wall until the enemy is killed / energy runs out.

• The best way to master Fanny is to keep practicing diligently as it takes repeated attempts to master the timing of the cord especially when attacking enemies, team war, and dive turrets.

• Diligent-watch the video pro Fanny user on YouTube or live streaming top Fanny player.

About Me:

IGN : tz-Fanny小璐
ID : 152720492
Server : 2774
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