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Edited by Synology at 2018-2-5 04:25 PM

*** Applies to normal players, and does not apply to player who create smurf account ***

This post allows a better understanding the situation of those who complain about AFK/Feeders.

Experiencing it is the best way to understand.
So i made an account 2 weeks ago, solo Q and played rank.
No usage of MM/ADC.
Only use fighter/mage/assassin/support.

In short, playing at master was the worst. I could literally go blind seeing how my team plays.

Enough with the nonsense and go direct to the secrets.
The darkest secret!!!!
The key to winning the game at the every different ranks?

Here is the formula for each ranks:

Warrior & Elite
Competing on number of AFK(s) on team.Standard team role: 2~3 Marksman. No tank. 2 others.
Players at these ranks are not committed to playing the game. Hence you often see them AFK. THey just close the game as it is like Candy Crush to them.
You cant blame them as they are new to the game.
So, form a team of 3 with your friends. the chance of AFK in the team is now only 40%.

Master & Grandmaster
Competing to see which team feeds more. It's the YOLO ranks!
Standard team role: 1 Marksman & 2~3 Assassin. No tank. 1 others.
Nobody like to play as a Tanker, still choosing hero that they like.
Jungle aggressively and not clearing minions. jump in to feed and at the same time have their turrets have been destroyed.
Apparently they think they are terminator and goes 1v4.

1) Cyclops stand(not moving) in between 4 enemies, activate the 2nd skill and thinks that each orb could kill one enemy.
2) Zilong chasing after 2 enemies with full health. OMG! No support nearby.
3) Fanny misfires with a 75% rate. Flying around and landing into team of 5 enemies.
So, form a team of 3 with your friends. the chance of noobs in the team is now only 40%.

*** Not achieved ***

Lastly, lets share your woes and cries here.

Post time 2018-2-5 02:17 PM | Show all posts
that quadratic formula. Hahahahaha


ikr {:lol:}  Post time 2018-2-5 03:19 PM
 Author| Post time 2018-2-5 02:28 PM | Show all posts
PakCikTua replied at 2018-2-5 02:17 PM
that quadratic formula. Hahahahaha

You are right!
Post time 2018-2-5 02:52 PM | Show all posts
Maybe by 40% chance of AFK, you mean it like, "only two out of five person would go afk" while the percentage of wether there is an AFK in your team would still be 50%-ish depending on how "uncomitted" the two players are.

Plot twist: two of your party members went afk and your phone battery's dead.
Post time 2018-2-5 03:48 PM | Show all posts
What do I replace a, b, and c with?
Post time 2018-2-5 04:02 PM | Show all posts
LMAO I'm laughing so hard. You perfectly correct!

Addition to the Master & Grandmaster part :
- Still selfish about choosing hero. Nobody like to play as a Tanker, still choosing hero that they like
- As they starting to know about jungling, they become aggressively to clear jungle monsters for fast leveling, but end up their turrets have been destroyed


I will add it in to my list  Post time 2018-2-5 04:08 PM
Post time 2018-2-5 04:21 PM | Show all posts
You forgot the Walking Fanny... the 1/4 Cable accuracy...

The Band Waggon people... thinking its on the Meta perhaps they can play like Pro... instead of practicing it in Classics or AI...


Thanks for reminder. Done =)  Post time 2018-2-5 04:26 PM
Post time 2018-2-5 08:34 PM | Show all posts
Your formula has nothing to do with the probability.

If you taking probability of noob player is 0.5 and afk player is 0.5:
Warrior & Elite: (with team of 3)
possible outcome: {(afk,afk),(afk,non-afk),(non-afk,afk),(non-afk,non-afk)}
P(at least 1 afk)=0.75, is 75%!!

Master & Grandmaster: (with team of 3)
possible outcome: {(noob,noob),(noob,non-noob),(non-noob,noob),(non-noob,non-noob)}
P(at least 1 noob)=0.75, is 75%!!
Post time 2018-2-5 08:46 PM | Show all posts
LMAOooof. (no one plays tank/support)
Post time 2018-2-5 09:01 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
this formula of yours doesnt really works evertime. specially in gm's most player prefers team strategy and therefore always take tank within a team or else the last one that pick a role thats already been taken will be bashed during the entire game, except when he can carry the game.
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