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[Hero Techniques] Jawhead Hero Guide

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Mobile Legend : Jawhead Item Build and Strategy Guide

new hero jawhead mobile legends.jpg

Find New Hero Jawhead Lore, Stats, Price, Abilty, Gameplayand  Skills in Mobile Legends Bang Bang.
New Hero Jawhead Lore
New Hero Jawhead Lore Clandestine organizationshave existed throughout the many ages of the land of Dawn's history. No oneknows the true purpose of these organizations, but one thing is for sure,whenever a crisis is at hand, mysterious figures emerge from the shadows torestore order the world.
Professor henry and hid wife worked for the Dawn Council, known for itsresearch in cutting-edge technology, providing and endless and varied stream pfhigh-tech products to government agencies and mysterious, anonymous clients.
But when they finnaly finished developing the SMART-01, all this changed, astheir new creation was more inteligent and powerful than any android the worldhad seen before, and was designed sp that once a genetically matched hostcontrolled him, he could act according to the controller's consiciousness, TheLeaders of the Dawn Council saw the potential of this technology for warfareand ordered the Henrys to transfer the technology to selected governmentagencies for a mass production program.
The Henrys refused. After ordering their prototype One to destroy all of theexperiment's data, the Henrys mysteriously disappeared. To this day, littleAlice has no knowledge of these events. All she knows and cares about is thatthis special robot has always been there to protect and accompany her, and thathe xalls her honey like her father once did, while she affectionately calls himJawhead in return. The only clue left behind by her parents was a pocket watchshe carries with her wherever she goes. Finnaly, Alice decides to journey withher robot friend to track down her parents whereabouts.

1. Skill Pasive : Mecha Suppression
mecha suppession passive jawhead.jpg
Mecha Suppression - Weach time Jawhead deals damage to a target, Jawheadsinflict it with a stack of Compression for 3s (up to 10 stacks). Each stack ofCompression increases Jawhead's basic attack damage dealt to the target by 6%.

2. Skill Aktive
skill 1.jpg
Smart Missiles (Skill 1) - Smart Missiles: Cooldown: 7.0 Mana Cost: 60 Body-mountedmissiles enter launch state for 5s, randomly firing up to 12 times. Each attackdeals 50 (+20%Total Physical ATK) physical damage.

skill 2.jpg
Ejector (Skill 2) - Ejector: Cooldown: 12.0 Mana Cost: 80 Enters Throwing state,gaining a shield and extra movement speed. Use the skill again to throws yourclosest target to a designated location, dealing 300(+80%Total Physical ATK)physical damage and briefly stunning the target and enemies in the area theyland. (Prioritizes heroes. Can be used on teammates, but they won’t takedamage).

skill ulti.jpg
Unstoppble Force (Skill Ultimate) - Skill 3: Unstoppable Force: Cooldown: 55.0 Mana Cost: 120Locks onto an enemy target, charging into them and stunning them for 400(+250%ExtraPhysical ATK)s, while knocking back enemy unitsaround the target. Deals400(+250%Extra Physical ATK) physical damage to the target and the unitssurrounding them.

Bloodlust Axe - Rake up some kills anddamage with the Bloodlust Axe at your disposal.Your skills are vital in the early game to deal some damageso the bonuses of this item will be very useful for you.
More damage is a bonus but +10% Cooldown reduction would begreat so that you can use your skills earlier and faster, you can be morereliable in the battlefield with that on. Plus, this item also has spell vamp.Which lets you gain HP by dealing damage with spells, so it’s like life stealbut with spells and since you are spell-hungry take it.

Dominance Ice - Since Jawhead has good mobilityat the start of the game, you can skip the boots for now for this second item.
Dominance Ice gives you 700 mana, CDR, armor and more. Andthat’s not the best part. It has a passive that slows down your enemies givingyou the time to spam those skills to your opponents away.

Warrior Boots - Now should be the perfect timeto get some boots to gain more mobility in the battlefield.
Warrior Boots is a great way to go since you need to be moretanky for teamfights and to catch all the damage you may receive from theenemies. The boots also have this neat passive where you gain armor for everyattack received which is great so that you can deal more damage while takingsome.

Blade of Despair - This item gives you highdamage output, more attack speed and a passive that can give more damage to anenemy that got into an abnormal state which includes effects from crowd control.
Since Jawhead has crowd control, he can benefit from this.Alongside the power of attack speed and damage. Prepare to annihilate evenfurther with the Steel Sweetheart.

Immortality - Ahhh, tanking the game. Takingall those damage and trying to stay alive for your teammates to deliver damagesfrom your enemies. But armor isn’t the only one you should be worry about.
Howabout those pesky magic power that your physical armor cannot protect? Well, Immortality gives that and more. Magic resistance ispart of the deal in this item.
With additional HP and an awesome passive that resurrects thehero you are controlling, in this case Jawhead and a chance to wreak havoc oncemore or retreat to prevent them to score a kill and give the enemies aleverage. Take this item for more survivability.

Bloodthirsty King - And nowfor the pièce de résistance, this item has two useful things. First, it givesoff a whopping +1550 HP for the hero.
Ultimately, making him a tough as nails tank as it could be.Jawhead would be harder to kill in battle. Jawhead’s a figher means he is meantto deal damage but with his natural tankiness in his initial build, you can gostraightforward to that route and make your teammates be happy with yourpresence in the game.
Not only that but if you do manage to get kills or assists,you will get 20% of regeneration in your HP in a fast time with a fast cooldownas well, this in mind, we can see that if we help fend off the enemy team, youcan guarantee your survivability.

The recommended Battle Spell suits for Jawhead heroes are Retribution and Stun. Battle Spell Retribution is suitable to replace Jawhead solo in Lord's judgment. While Battle Spell Stun is suitable to add a combination of Stun effect launched by Jawhead.

IGN : ekasnry
ID & SERVER : 3137575 (2003)

Post time 2018-1-26 08:04 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I don't want to say this to spoil your guide but I can't understand anything that you're saying. And how come you didn't ever rank up from GM III onwards? Btw I think Jawhead works better as an offtank/support since he can throw allies or enemies, plus like you said he is tanky. I find his damage good even on tank build. Easy kills with a tank build since no one can really kill you easily.
Post time 2018-1-30 01:16 PM | Show all posts
The way u build him, ur main skill would be 1st skill which has low dmg per hit which wont help u much with Spell Vamp. Yes the total is high if it hit 1 target but if u calculate the time needed to stack all those dmg (DPS), its far to low to be usefull.
Then as 2nd skill toss area is quite small, i find it hard to use ur toss & have high possibility that u will toss a wrong target unless u just use it as a Damage dealer only. But it also waste the full use of his Toss skill.

Here i have write a guide u might interest : ... 9465&pid=309253

Its totally tanky build & my main role aside as a tank also as a feeder that catch enemy, toss enemy to be feed to my team. With my build i find it easier to tossing around & even tower dive to catch & toss 1 enemy outside. Even a good Zask is rendered useless to me as i always toss him or his minions away from each other & when both is separated far away, then the minions is gone.
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