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[Hero Techniques] Zhask - My Jokar Guide

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zhask hqdefault.png
{:5_137:} Hero: Planes Dominator - Zhask
{:5_137:} Role: Mage
{:5_137:} Specialty: Push/Poke

now u can see Zhask jungle is 77!! ya~ coz he got BUG can help, easy and faster take down jungle monster~

~~The Real Mage MM is here~~

{:5_129:} Skill leveling order & Play style information: {:5_129:}
{:5_117:} Passive Skill:
When Zhask is dead, after delay a sec, it will BOOM on the area and ur Spawn area. and deal True Magic Damage!! so if enemies around Zhask near Spawn, is will taken Double Damage.
Yeah~~ when Zhask dead, DESTROY EVERYTHING!!! POOM~~ but i suggest u jz forget this skill, ya!!! listen, pls forget it!!! dont think u are tank and go in BOOM the enemies =.=''

S5010.png Skill 1:
Nightmaric SpawnSummon the Nightmaric Spawn\'s physical form in the designated location, Nightmaric Spawn cannot move but it will automatically attack nearby enemies. Every 2 basic attacks it launches a death ray at the target, stunning the target that is hit continuously for a short time. The Nightmaric Spawn\'s stats will scale with skill level.
Zhask summon out the n00b BUG! (yaa~~ so i call this n00b Spawn is "BUG" coz it cant move!!) and stay there using pee attack target enemy!! 1st pee attack is nothing, but, WTF the 2nd pee can make enemy keep taken damage and stun!!! WTF
my build and Play style is focus on this n00b BUG 2nd attack!!!

S5020.png Skill 2:
Mind EaterFires penetrating mental missile at the targeted direction, all enemies in the path will take 400/480/560/640// points of magical damage. The Nightmaric Spawn will also cast Mind Eater once.
Eater??? LOL... wat is tat... this skill really nothing~ When Zhask using this skill, and he will dealay a sec!! and following ur BUG (Spawn) also will auto using this skill. but, remember when ur BUG is fire 2nd pee attack to enemy, pls dont use this skill!!! it will cancel ur BUG attack =.=''

S5030.png Skill 3:
Hive ClonesIn the targeted direction release a swarm of nightmaric clones, they will explode on contact with enemies dealing 160/200/240/280// points of magical damage and for 3/3/3/3seconds will reduce enemy movement speeds by 80%/80%/80%/80%, if they do not come into contact with enemies, they will burrow into the ground and then attack bypassing enemies.
this is ur BUG's *~ when this skill is hit enemy, or enemy stamp it, i can sure tat enemy player will say "WTS (Wat The *)".

S5040.png Skill 4 (Ultimate):
Dominator\'s DescentSubstantially enhances the powers of the Nightmaric Spawn, increasing all the attributes. The enhancement scales with level.
make ur BUG become Butterfly? NO~ jz a Big n00b BUG!! and make ur BUG attack range more far (Still ok lah).

Style on my Zhask: Skill up -> 1/3/2/4   1/2/2/4
1st level is up BUG (Skill 1: Spawn) for take the 1st blue buff. On level 2, up WTS (skill 3), it for def Zhask, if has enemy come to kill u, use this skill slow down enemy. than level 3, up skill 2 (GG skill). level 4 sure go for Ultimate.
after tat, max ur BUG skill (Spawn), 2nd max is Ultimate 2, 3rd max is SKill 2, last is WTS (Skill 3).

Take Blue Buff on early game only. 1st and 2nd times:
1st item i always go for this!!! than take down the 1st blue buff~

Battle Spell:
i only use "inspire". make ur Bug can faster and faster vomit out pee...
if u pick this spell... pls remember looking MAP!! coz if enemies gank u, u cant RUN... for sure. but if u near own turret, try to kill back enemy~ use all ur spell and skills ^^.

Killing Turtle:
level 4!!! zhask can go solo Turtle. put ur BUG, than open ur Ultimate, yes!!! using Big n00b BUG vs Big Turtle!!!, and open ur spell "inspire" added atk spd. when fighting the turtle, dont u using skill 2!!!, jz use WTS (Skill 3) let the turtle eat. only when u see the turtle is low HP, now u can last hit using Skill 2 end it!!!....

Open War:
1- if ur BUG is on the field, then ur team tanker is go open, jz open ultimate, GO!!! active ur spell!! make ur Big Bug atk fast fast, then u jz looking enemy go to where, put ur Big Bug following there!! dont use skill 2!!
2- if ur BUG is dead, and CD. and enemies is open war ady, jz open ur ultimate, than ur skill 1 can active now. put ur Big Bug come out and war!!!! let them eat pee and WTS!!!
3- if ur team has Ruby, or other Tanker using Stun Spell, is good for ur BUG!!! continue Stuning enemy ^^.
4- try to always aroung ur BUG fighting with enemy? dont ask y, coz tat is ur BUG!!! ya is ur n00b BUG!!!
5- now u will know wat is "Auto kill" muahahahahahhaha~~ this will happen is ur team know how Zhask's BUG (Spawn) work

jz simple push loh~ coz u can use ur Bug for atk turret. than always ready set ur WTS (Skill 3), dont let enemies come close.

hqdefault sp.png

{:5_129:} Equipment purchasing order and Emblem Set: {:5_129:}
1st set with Magic Emblem: Hyper Attack SPD with Magic Damage~ Destroy u?? no~ is killing u~~

2nd set with Magic Emblem: i dont think so i will use LOL...

3rd set with Tank Emblem: team buff support style~

items build:
1st is Hunter's Knife $280. for faster take down blue buff/jungle/turtle. after tat, sell it! 2nd item sure for added movement & atk SPD. than continue go for added atk SPD (Feather of Heaven $2230). ya coz need make ur Bug faster pee out!. 4th item is go for CLock of Destiny %1950, Zhask need some magic damage, HP and MP. coz he is mage, easy kill by enemy, so u need this item for added some HP. following back to same item Feather of Heaven, or u can try other atk SPD item, me suggestion is back to Feather of Heaven, coz this added Magic Power. last two items, as u like, jz build Magic Damage on late game^^


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Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
 Author| Post time 2018-1-18 04:11 PM | Show all posts
chelski replied at 2018-1-18 04:07 PM
flicker is much better to chase enemies when you ulti and they try to escape or to escape yourself,  ...

haha~ tats y i say is focus on Spawn 2nd ATK. after me hast 4 full build items i got 75% atk SPD, jz only 3-4 hit enemy mm hero is ady dead.
if u got a time, u can try try~
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Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
 Author| Post time 2018-1-18 06:10 PM | Show all posts
chelski replied at 2018-1-18 05:45 PM
i don't think i've ever had problems killing mm or fighters in a few hits, the thing is if they ve ...

tats y i added zhask atk spd~ if zhask atk more fast, mean more fast ur spawn can end off 2nd atk and stun the target.
this atk spd build i learn for Mythic player. but tat player not build two feather, is build one feather and one atk item, is added 40% atk spd. more fast he get.^^
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Edited by ted1st at 2018-1-19 11:00 AM
chelski replied at 2018-1-18 04:07 PM
flicker is much better to chase enemies when you ulti and they try to escape or to escape yourself,  ...

I also used flicker on Zhask.. but I realized something when I watched hororo chan warrior's lab on Youtube.

Inspire is kinda useful too. The 3rd hit of nightmaric spawn will give stun to the enemy. It will slow down the enemy to get closer, with attack speed, we can get continuously stun.

It's true attack speed didn't affect his magic damage, and that's why Feather of Heaven is very useful in this build. It gives magic power also attack speed. So you still have high damage plus speed.
I didn't use 2 Feather of Heaven like above, the optional item that I used is Windtalker. It will give you movement speeds 20 % to run away, attack speed 25%, and crit 20% and the unique will deal 125 magic damage to 3 enemies around.

If you prefer to play safe, you can use flicker.. but if you truly pusher and poker, inspire is the best choice.

The other option, you can use roamer emblem to get movement speed, so you don't need to be afraid, you can run away from crowd and make a distance.
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ted1st replied at 2018-1-19 10:55 AM
I also used flicker on Zhask.. but I realized something when I watched hororo chan warrior's lab on ...

he spawn not 3rd hit give stun to the enemy~ is end of 2nd attack hit give stun to the enemy ^^
haha ur calculate not bad also~~ thx to ur support ^^
Post time 2018-1-29 11:56 PM | Show all posts
For me, I mix Mage attack speed and MM attack speed + Crits rate for Zhask and it works well, battle spell also Inspire
Post time 2018-1-30 12:14 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Michael99 at 2018-1-30 12:16 AM

This is my build: Swift Boots, Enchanted Talisman, Feather Of Heaven, Scareless Phantom, Windtalker, Blood Wings or you can replace Wingtalker by Calamity Reaper.

 Author| Post time 2018-1-30 08:04 AM | Show all posts
Michael99 replied at 2018-1-30 12:14 AM
This is my build: Swift Boots, Enchanted Talisman, Feather Of Heaven, Scareless Phantom, Windtalker, ...

thxQ ur suggestion ^^
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