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[Query] How to fight a skilled lancelot?

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Do you have any idea how to counter a skilled lancelot? He often just appears from nowhere and just kills you *snap* just like that.
He often use this combination, 3rd skill to initiate and go near you, and then he will use 1st skill twice, and then you're dead.
If you're not dead then he will use 2nd skill because that's the time I will run or fight back so he will be immune while I
am slowed. And then he can use the 3rd skill or 1st skill again, he was using skills all the time every time he appears and it's really crazy.

I mean that's really weird he got bloodlust axe, hunter strike and magic shoes for cooldown reduction but it seems he doesn't have
cooldown at all.

My primary suspiscion is it's becuase maybe level gap? and poor teamwork I guess.
I think he was well farmed and I was solo the whole time on the lane,
defending from 2 other enemy heroes (3 when he appears) while my team is busy on other lanes,
without even trying to roam on my lane to rescue me.

But regardless, I need advice to counter or just escape skill spamming lancelot, it's soo weird, it's like
experiencing lag and die when you reconnect. Lol.

I tried watching youtube videos but the enemy lancelot is not as good as what I had experienced.

 Author| Post time 2018-1-18 05:02 PM | Show all posts
Jokar7 replied at 2018-1-18 04:01 PM
1- using any hero they has a charge/dash/jump skill.
2- keep close to him.
3- focus on he skill 2, w ...

Thank you. Now I know that It will be difficult for me as an mm (I was using mm that time, plus the team mates were not helping me)...But I do 2-4 when I am using tank hero and I can successfully cc him or at least distract him so my backline can finish him off. I will be checking for heroes that has charge/dash/jump skill. :D
Post time 2018-1-17 02:53 PM | Show all posts
Having quick reflexes and prediction on the player I guess is a way to counter him. I just played a match where a pro Lancelot is getting 6 kills in a role in top lane.. And I managed to shut him down 4 times by anticipating his skills and stunning him when he is on cooldown.

I reckon the best counter for ANY assassins INCLUDING FANNY is Aurora with a tank in front of you. Just buy rapid boots for bobbing and weaving and freeze them at the right timing followed by ulti and first skill combo.
Best way to counter them is to bait them to tower dive and then freeze them. But only use stuns after Lancelot use his 2nd skill for the best results
Post time 2018-1-17 03:34 PM | Show all posts
Counter Of Lancelot Hmm Well Ther Are Lots Of Hero Who Can Ezly Counter Lancelot But Assassin Kill Assassin Soo My Point Is You Can RuN When He Use His Ultimate Bcs iS Ultimate Is Surat Skill You Can Go Left Right..... Hero Best Hero Is Fanny Roger Alucard And Y.s,s They Ezly Kill Lancelot
Post time 2018-1-17 04:34 PM | Show all posts
If you use melee hero..try to attack and move past him regularly. Don't just spam attack button without moving. Because of the delay on lancelot skills, most likely he will miss the 2nd or 3rd skill at close range.

Just abuse lancelot skill delay if you play melee hero. Even a pro lancelot can miss his skills on occasion. Just don't stand still and spam attack. Move around a little bit. I do this so many times when playing yss
 Author| Post time 2018-1-17 05:21 PM | Show all posts
EugeneH replied at 2018-1-17 02:53 PM
Having quick reflexes and prediction on the player I guess is a way to counter him. I just played a  ...

Thank you for your help. I guess I was just unlucky that time, I was using a marksman. I do finish him easily when I'm using Aurora (she's one of my favorites).
 Author| Post time 2018-1-17 05:22 PM | Show all posts
Noob115YouTube replied at 2018-1-17 03:34 PM
Counter Of Lancelot Hmm Well Ther Are Lots Of Hero Who Can Ezly Counter Lancelot But Assassin Kill A ...

Yes, I guess the best way when he use his ultimate is to move left and right, but sometimes I just got surprised he's suddenly there, I should practice my reflexes more. Thank you. I will practice the heroes you have mentioned as well.
 Author| Post time 2018-1-17 05:24 PM | Show all posts
izaidi replied at 2018-1-17 04:34 PM
If you use melee hero..try to attack and move past him regularly. Don't just spam attack button with ...

Thank you. I will take note of that and be aware of the delay. I was using marksman that time so I was unlucky. He is easier to be dealt with fighters though in my past experience. I will practice your advice, thank you again :D
Post time 2018-1-17 05:45 PM | Show all posts
I'd like to add a little,
Initiate an attack toward lancelot when his skill 2 is on are difficult as they can dodge it easily and counter you very hard, his most vulnerable moment is after he use his 2nd skill
Post time 2018-1-17 09:01 PM | Show all posts
partner with a good Saber, Chou, or Harley. a good Helcurt can give any Lancelot problems.
Post time 2018-1-17 10:54 PM | Show all posts
Other than asking to nerf heroes, it would be good if all peoples in this forum make a post asking/sharing on how to counter heroes. There is no OP heroes. All heroes can be OP if used correctly with right build and used by skillful player. As for Lancelot, don't let your guard down and pay attention to your environment. With a good reflexs, you can evade his skills easily. Also anticipate when he will use his skill and estimate his cooldown so you can defense and offense on the right time.
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