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[Hero Concept] Yvraine the Celestial Warrior

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Edited by revered_skies at 2018-1-16 11:30 PM

Here is my new concept for a Mage/Fighter class combination hero. I have put some gif to explain my hero so it is advisable to view it on desktop.

Name: Yvraine
Title: Celestial Warrior
Class: Mage/Fighter




Passive - Star Flare: Successive hits of basic attack starting from 4 hits will prolong abnormal state for 0.5 seconds
and additional 5% magic penetration stacking up to 4 times only with 1.5 seconds cooldown.

First skill - Starburst

Shooter Mode: Yvrain can throw a large star projectile in a specified direction and will burst, chaining to
AOE magic damage to the first target it hits and will burst into smaller stars for another 2 seconds
dealing magic damage per second to enemies in the area.

Animation is similar here, but more concentrated bursts than this one.

Striker Mode: Yvrain will conjure bursts of light in front of her for 1.2 seconds, dealing AOE magic damage and slowing
enemies by 30% in the affected area.


Second Skill - Starwaves

Shooter Mode: Yvraine will unleash star waves on a specified area three times dealing AOE magic damage,
slowing enemies by 30% in the area.

Similar animation

Striker Mode: Yvraine will be cloacked by star waves, granting her additional 5% movement and attack speed,
10% armor and magic resistance for 3 seconds (increases with level) while also dealing AOE magic damage to
enemies nearby her.

Similar animation

Third skill - Shooting Star

Shooter Mode: Yvrain will dash on a specified direction, her dash ends when she reached her maximum distance or
hit a target or obstacle, chaining to an AOE magic damage and 50% slow to enemies hit.
She will then switch to striker mode for 15 seconds, her basic attacks will then change to magic damage, referencing
her magic stats but 20% weaker.

Animation is similar to Johnson ult but faster since it is a dash.

Striker Mode: During the duration, this skill can be tapped again to end striker mode, Yvrain will launch
a beam that will cause her to recoil back. The beam will deal magic damage to enemies hit.

Animation is similar here except the range is only like Yi-Sun-Shin's first skill with her recoiling
so she can move away and be prepared for shooter mode again.

I know I used other games as inspiration, I'm not sure if it's allowed here but just tell me and I will take it down if it's not allowed.


Full Bio
Yvraine is one of the many guardians of Celestial Cycles, beings who guards space and time to make sure parallel worlds will not meet each other to cause universal imbalance. They are the only ones who can use Starsoul magic, a magic derived from planetary movements. Upon knowing that their past leader is reincarnated in a planet, and now known as "Cyclops", Yvraine was sent to follow after him and guide him with his magic before he falls into using it for his own gain.


Character lines

Hero Selection - Travelling distant worlds, isn't it amazing?

- Every world is beautiful in its own way.
- I've been looking for that being who holds the stars on his eyes.
- A star will keep shining even alone in the darkness.

Random attack line:
- Ha! Ya! Hooo!!! (fighting yells)

Random Skill line:
- Light the way!

- Shooting Star!

- Every end has a new beginning.

Post time 2018-1-17 01:03 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Skill names are not creative. "Star" xD
 Author| Post time 2018-1-17 01:21 AM | Show all posts
Edited by revered_skies at 2018-1-17 01:23 AM
ImANub301 replied at 2018-1-17 01:03 AM
Skill names are not creative. "Star" xD

Well, I wanted her to be straight-forward and easy to recall, at least players only have to remember that she has "star" skills. She has a star theme anyway...Using other skill names I came up with are Nova Explosion, Radiance, Meteor Strike, But I don't really want it to sound like a science class. Maybe you have better ones to suggest? :D
Post time 2018-1-18 09:06 AM | Show all posts
Good concepts, except the fact that you are using heroes from heroes Evolved. Although I personally believe that is okay if you cite the reference, I doubt Mobile legends would create this hero. It would give them another copyright issue. lol. Nice work though, keep it up!
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