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Boo hoo. Another AFK post.

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So, seen a lot of these AFK posts or comments with users honestly just whining and ordering the devs to take drastic and dramatic measures. Thought I'd join in on being a twelve-year-old who takes a game way too seriously by making this salty post. I personally don't mind having an AFK at the start of a match. It's a game after all, but seeing stuff like, "Ban AFK from rank. Ban, ban, ban!!" is a tad bit ridiculous when the problem is easily solved by a premade team. If anyone should be banned it is toxic people such as myself and anyone above Epic rank. (I kid, I kid. notreally.) One of the more embarrassing ones was a player asking the devs to literally take/steal fifty diamonds/a dollar from a player everytime they went AFK. Oh, and I think a couple thousand of BP as well. I think a majority of us have went AFK at least once or twice. Which is what makes the whole matter hilarious.

Yet then you have the toxic "pro" players who join up in duos and then they both go AFK after constant whining, because the enemy team has been fed four kills, which usually came from them. Please, if you are in a clan then only join up in a five man team or alone. It makes the game a lot more enjoyable for we normies. 80% of the time I see clan members on my side I am either muting them at the start or watching them order the team and just be toxic in-general. Then again, ranked is just toxic to begin with. I am all for punishing people who go AFK, but I think some people need to remember that this is a game and stop being so dramatic with the punishments. Hopefully there are other decent people in the community who feel the same way as me or I am just gonna catch a ton of hate from this. I'm sure the first thing the "pro"s will do is find me in-game and tell me I know nothing, because I am only master trash and they are almighty god rank. So I'll just save you the trouble. I play match-up for obvious reasons. Yes, I'm a cry baby too.

Sincerely, a hypocrite.

Post time 2017-2-23 01:47 AM | Show all posts
Lol. Take this +1 support.:D
Post time 2017-2-23 02:50 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
not all high ranked players are more skilled than low ranked ones. others are just lazy or no good team or clan.
Post time 2017-2-23 02:52 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
ban afk from ranked an hour or so will be enough. better to be teamed up with not so great teammates than afk
 Author| Post time 2017-2-23 05:13 AM | Show all posts
InsanKun replied at 2017-2-23 01:47
Lol. Take this +1 support.

Much appreciated.
 Author| Post time 2017-2-23 05:18 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Lincoco at 2017-2-23 05:56
AngelRaven replied at 2017-2-23 02:52
ban afk from ranked an hour or so will be enough. better to be teamed up with not so great teammates ...

See? That is a slightly reasonable punishment. Maybe the time could be reduced on lower ranked games. Also, agreed. Almost anyone can join a duo or something and rank up. Then the ones that do manage to solo up aren't afraid to boast and put others down. There have been multiple occasions where someone's opinion or guide does not matter just because they are below Epic rank.
Post time 2017-2-23 07:42 AM | Show all posts
Dear player,we will improve our punishment for AFK player soon.Thanks for your response.
Post time 2017-2-23 08:31 AM | Show all posts
played 600 matches but still at Master.. hahaha...

i have lots of friends, officemates, classmates and even my boyfriend if playing this game but we dont have any competition at all as long as we could enjoy the game playing with each other...

and yeah.. i love to punish personally those who goes afk... eats out the fun...
 Author| Post time 2017-2-23 10:15 AM | Show all posts
troy01 replied at 2017-2-23 08:31
played 600 matches but still at Master.. hahaha...

i have lots of friends, officemates, classmates  ...

At least you are enjoying the game. I personally can't enjoy ranked. Luckily it is easy to rank up to master for the skin. Been playing since the end of season one, I believe, but I didn't know about the skin thing until recently. Just a little saddening that people are trying to make a set rule that you must be some sort of "pro" and be able to carry a game or some shizz. No casual or average players allowed.

I guess this is why I never got into the MOBA genre. The toxicity. I only got into this one, because there was no sort of communication in matches besides pings, but then they added the in-game chat. Now they are working on the voice chat. Anyway, it'd be nice to have a bunch of friends or classmates to play chill matches with. Laughing at a 3v5 massacre instead of getting a bunch of insults and blame spit around.
Post time 2017-2-23 10:32 AM | Show all posts
There are too many boosted animals in epic/legends rn. I pity them. I dont hate AFK's as long as I know I can win without them lol but much better if they are around lol.

But atleast mark their game as LEAVE and if they meet the quota like, let say 5 leave makes them "LEAVER BUSTER"  then there goes the punishment. 1 day no rank or give them required game to fulfill so they can remove the "LEAVER BUSTER". They need to win atleast 3 in a normal mode with RANDOM PICKS.
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