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[Request] Natalia: The Underrated Silencer's Ulti Rework Proposal (!)

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I've been observing Natalia since her debut in ML. I've seen her grow; I've seen her change (Spammable "2x" Claw Dash is not applicable anymore unless you hit an enemy on the 1st strike; her Smoke bomb made her immune to turret hits before). She's decent but underrated! Do you agree? Natalia is not the most-picked Assassin in Ranked. In high ELO, especially in Legend and Mythic division, when we say "Assassin", the first heroes that come into our minds are FANNY, LANCELOT, SABER, and HAYABUSA. And oh don't forget Karina who is the most-banned Assassin around S4 or S5. Why is this? If we'll determine the skillset of Assassins in ML, it is observable that every one of them has either 1 NUKE (usually low-cooldown) ULTI. See Fanny for example, her ULTI is a burst especially when her prey has 2 marks. Lancelot... do we need to elaborate his skills or should I describe his "one shot" Ult? Oh I already did. ✌ Imagine also the Ult of Saber, Hayabusa and Karina, these are nukes, right? Show me the "Watch me NUKE you freely" pose.

Before we proceed with the more organized discussion of the Power of Assassins and my Proposal of Natalia's Ult Rework, let me finish my introduction with the deadly daggers of Helcurt. That is a NUKE too. Oops.

When we look at the logic of "assassination", it is usually 'quick and easy'. No, no, no pardon me, I should say it's not easy, but at least do it quick, right? That's how assassins should be. Below are some of my thoughts (which some of you already know or have been thinking too).

1) These MELEE assassins have NUKE skill/ULTI.
Ex.Fanny, Lancelot, Saber, Karina, Hayabusa
*Natalia's ULTI is decent but is SLOW (the animation is around 2 seconds? Correct me if I'm wrong.)

2) They have Invulnerability when casting ULTI.
Ex. Saber, Lancelot, Hayabusa
*Natalia is very open to attacks. You might say "Use her Smokebomb when casting ULTI and somehow she'll be immune". It's different from INVULNERABILITY tho.

I am fine with her being squishy compared to other assassins. I can handle that. My only concern is Natalia's Ult must be reworked. She needs to undergo a change once more.

1) Change the animation from many slashes into one big AoE Slash (Imagine it like the Ult of Ruby). The difference is the animation should look like a group of three claws (counter-clockwise animation: hitting west from right side)
2) The damage output of the ULTI may be increased. The effect of the one big Slash should lower movement speed of heroes by around the same percentage of her current ULTI.

I think it's time for Natalia to at least say Hi and get some attention she deserves. Applying this rework will somehow equalize the pick probability within the Assassins Category especially in high ELO. She might even appear on future Official International Tournaments held by MLBB.

What do you guys think about my suggestion of Natalia's new ULTI? I hope the developers take some time to think about my proposal.

Credits to Devcloped for the upcoming Natalia skin.

Welcome to Zexu... *cough cough [(!) Smokebomb]

 Author| Post time 2018-1-12 04:46 PM | Show all posts
Ohnana replied at 2018-1-12 02:59 PM
idk what you're talking about. Natalia is still being used high ELO. Albeit not that often, her late ...

Thanks for sharing your idea. With all due respect, I play Natalia in high ELO (the proof is the image attached below). I also observe how Top Ranked Players such as Unta strategize gameplay with her. My claim is correct as you have also observed that she is not used that often. And if you are still wondering what I'm talking about, I'm describing her ULTI relatively ineffective compared to Lancelot or Saber. I argue that other assassins' ULTI does well in the Late game but Natalia? Her ULTI (which is almost equal to two basic attacks) does not deal decent damage (in Late) plus it leaves her wide open making her a high value target in an instant. This means that using her ULTI under a crucial situation actually puts her in a disadvantage rather than benefiting her and the team because she is out of position. It may lead a Natalia user wonder and sometimes ask (in Late game situations): "Should I even use my Ultimate when I can do two basic attacks instead? Doing basic attacks are less risky anyway."


Post time 2018-1-13 12:11 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I would really love to see the higher ups doing something about this situation. Most Nata players don't even use the ult unless the opponent is low HP and running away. They can also choose to just use her first to chase down instead of ulting. So, the ult either should be buffed to a 'NUKE' skill or just change it entirely to help her accomplish her job such as immediate stealthing or silencing an enemy. Either way, I hope that Nata will get some more love from the players of MLBB. She deserves it


Thank you for sharing the same sentiment and for the amazing feedback.   Post time 2018-1-13 01:28 AM
Post time 2018-1-12 04:44 PM | Show all posts
Djentist replied at 2018-1-12 03:21 PM
I like your observations, but I have to disagree with you. Do you know, between a pro lance, pro fan ...

True Natalia just so happen to be able to counter these heroes BUT look with a wider view Natalia can be countered by half the heros in ML
Post time 2018-1-12 04:42 PM | Show all posts
Ohnana replied at 2018-1-12 02:59 PM
idk what you're talking about. Natalia is still being used high ELO. Albeit not that often, her late ...

Natalia cant be used in high ranked unless last player picking her because half the heros in ML can expose her from invisibility and invisibility is one of the key components of Natalia
Post time 2018-1-12 03:01 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
You got my support mate! I totally agree her ulti is almost useless (still useful, but come on...). I know Natalia is very strong in late game, but compared with Karina, Natalia is very underpowered.. Karina can spam 1st skill and got immune + speed every 3 fkin second while Natalia only 10 secs and no mov speed... Karina ult is one hit and its hurt af, while Natalia ult barely cant kill enemy with low health and its very unnaceptable! Just see Lancelot, he has 2 fkin immunities while Natalia only one (basic attack only tho). And Lance ult is immune while damaging very very high.. Natalia ult is incomparable with those.. i strongly agree at least one hit ult will be nice and add more damage. Because i really cant kill enemy with that, only if they have 1 (or maybe 2) bars of health i can kill them with ult, its really sad... hopefully devs will hear ajd rework her ult asap... i dont want an OP buff, i just want justice, cause her ult is crap... and dont tell me i cant use her ult.. she is my main and i know exactly how to use her.. thanks...
Post time 2018-1-12 03:21 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I like your observations, but I have to disagree with you. Do you know, between a pro lance, pro fanny and pro Nat, a pro Nat will break the entire game for the enemy since she goes around disturbing players' farm rate and picking squishies one by one the quickest out of all assassins? Even faster than a haya. Haya Isa you can see him coming, but f**k oh no not Nat. In half a second when you see her prey marker, a pro nat would have already strike you down. They would never ever let you predict or Guess their movements. So no, Nat doesn't need a rework on skills Nor buff or nerf. She's fine as she is.
Post time 2018-1-12 02:59 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
idk what you're talking about. Natalia is still being used high ELO. Albeit not that often, her late game potential triumphs any assasin. Furthermore, some of the top ranked players are using her too. (i.e. unta)
Post time 2018-1-12 03:20 PM | Show all posts
yes I agree. Her ulti is too useless. She used to be my main (when Im still Master & GM though) until the era of mage I stop playing her until now
Post time 2018-1-12 04:46 PM | Show all posts
I think that Natalia’s passive could use a buff too.. A very slight buff.. Increase the range of her ! Warning so Natalia can irritate the enemies and not be exposed easily.. Her ulti though :/ Late game her ulti is useless.. I rather increase the base damage of the ulti to very very high so early game her ulti is relevant but for the phisical items only add 20% of physical attack so in late game her ulti is weak.. just to balance
Post time 2018-1-12 05:53 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
ZexusTV replied at 2018-1-12 04:46 PM
Thanks for sharing your idea. With all due respect, I play Natalia in high ELO (the proof is the i ...

while i agree her ulti is close to useless in late game, her ult should only be meant for early game bursts. she depends on basic attack anyways; unique to most assasins
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