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[Forum Original Content] Tips & Tricks To Survive Solo Que

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Ever tired of losing your ranked games just because you go for solo que?
Well then, you are in luck as these overall guide for solo que may help you win more games.
This Solo que guide is designed based on the current meta,tactics and things that you should know in order to play more effectively at solo que regardless if you are lacking a member,having bad teammates,etc.
So before anything else, there are things you should know and prepare for when you play solo que.

Things to know when playing solo que:

1)Be prepared to embrace the fact that there would be chances you will be pair up with good & bad teammates. Be it a toxic,feeder,pro,etc.

2)Knowing #1, your hero choice should always be a hero who can

a)Carry as a solo player that means you wouldnt have to 100% rely on your teammates so long as they provide fair enough distractions/tanks to soak up certain damage or bait out skills from enemies while you dish out the damage

b)the hero should always have a clear and distinct advantage when fighting such as a CC,higher burst/DPS output, reasonable sustain, decent Basic attack damage(since pushing towers is the way to win the game and not kills)

*Note this tip is a high risk high reward so if you feel like you cannot perform well as carry then try being the frontline of the team

3)Now that your hero choices are clearer lets consider about, team composition. As we all know many players would prefer to choose playing carry so now you face a hard choice as to one, trusting then to carry another would be how efficient is your team comp? There are instances where you would have to make the sacrificial choice of filling for the team but you can always go the stubborn route though this will only frustrate you even further. In team compositions, you would always cobsider this

a)Know & accept the fact that majority of the players would opt to pick mage,assassin & marksman roles leaving you more or less the role of a tank or fighter. Now if you are lucky enough to get any of those carry roles or your desired roles take it(provided you have confidence in your skills to carry)

b)Aside from looking on your team comp, look at the enemies' as well these early phase of the game more or less tells you the outcome of the game but of course it still boils down to skills of each players the only difference would be the difficulty of how you'd out lane the other because lets face it, there are heroes exceptional in wave clearing,hero poking,etc. In short each heroes are much more suited for doing certain task. This should then determine what type of hero you would pick. Would it be a tanky and utility hero such as Minotour? Or a DPS tank such as Hylos? Or maybe an initiator such as Chou or Alpha. This basically depends on both team composition.

c)Lastly in team composition you should also consider what tactics you can apply, of course most players often know only a head on tactic where they brutally face the enemy head on regardless of the composition or disadvantages. As a solo player this is essential for you to consider regardless of your role in the team because once you understand what tactics you can and cant use you can basically coordinate with your team or decide much more easily rather than wasting precious seconds of being undecisive.

3)The third and most essential thing you should know above all else when going solo would be the time you are playing. I'm sure since you maybe playing Mobile Legends for a while you'd essentialy grasp the time frames where majority of the players you hate play. For instance if its weekends its more or less given that you'd encounter more kids playing during this tine thus its not advicable to risk it(of course this is basically still your decision). My point is that regardless if you are new or not you should also consider the time you are playing. Risk a few games, make observations about it and eventually this would pay off. The only bad thing would be you're limiting yourself from playing to these times(but hey taking a break from the game from time to time isn't so bad).

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KoHaku replied at 2018-1-11 02:16 PM
True, I was having a 4 win-win streak , in 5th match got paired up with one player who from the pi ...

yup, thats why I said solo players rely on luck, or should I say 'fate'. I have played other Mobile moba and they have good and balance matchmaking.
developer should start fixing matchmaking and make really really harsh punishment for afk and intentional feeder.
Post time 2018-1-11 10:36 AM | Show all posts
I support this thread, good points Mod!

And to add on to his points, when you face dumb players who like to war the very second they respawn, either:

1. Come to ganks late and leech off the last hit kills. It's not fair that you've advised them countless time that the team shouldn't war and should actually push (since they clearly s**k at it), and when they war and you come in and try saving them, you end up getting targeted and killed because your nub team mates start running away and don't want to even try saving you like you did. Super selfish.

2. When you encounter nub fanny/lancelot/kagura/harley etc, just go ahead and take their buffs. Don't listen to them because they had taken enough buffs but still end up feeding the enemy. It's clear that they don't need it; it's a waste to give them the buff. Don't need to feel bad about it.

3. If you're playing MM and your nub team got ganked at top/bot, don't help them and instead take the opportunity to push down mid first on the chances that your mid opponent went to gank. This will turn the tide of the game instantly.

To define nubishness in early game, just look out for players who fed 0 2 or 0 3 like 2-3 mins into the game start.

4. When facing a nub team, always take the opportunity to pick out your enemy one by one and use your team mates as human shields. Do this only if you have number advantage. When the gank looks to be going awry, retreat and if you can, silently steal turrets that are vulnerable. If not, go ahead and jungle, then when they all died, purely defend your towers to wait for their resurrection.

5. #Add on to 1st point: When facing good enemy team and full of CCs opponents + nub team, deliberately camp nearby and wait for their CCs to be used up on your dumb team before coming in from back and aiming the weakest first (usually Aurora, Nana, other squishies etc). If they got MM in the back, take them out first if you can. If you're not confident, then just target the weakest ones.

6. When in mini ganks (not more than 3 person), don't follow the assassin. Stay far enough near your turret because that nub will use his escape skills and not try to help you when you get targeted.


I had enough of toxic trolls and boosted nubs in this season.

Mod, I urge you to highlight this to developers so that they can cure this cancer from ML. It's breaking the game unfairly for decent and good spirited players.
Post time 2018-1-11 12:17 PM | Show all posts
useless, ini solo que, you just have to rely 80% on luck, when the system decides you to win, you will be paired with good player and against noobs, and vice versa when the system wants you to lose.  only 20% chance that you will have a balance game.
Post time 2018-1-11 02:16 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
steven8991 replied at 2018-1-11 12:17 PM
useless, ini solo que, you just have to rely 80% on luck, when the system decides you to win, you wi ...

True, I was having a 4 win-win streak , in 5th match got paired up with one player who from the picking phase started trash taking others and picked assasin instead of fighter/tank even though we told we could swap, it was really calculated measure by matchmaking system to break my streak and turned it into a strek of defeat .
Post time 2018-1-11 02:32 PM | Show all posts
Nice article @WtripleO.
For all solo players out there.

But yeah, I guess everything is a culprit when it comes to solo queuing.
The system will manipulate your win rate.
The noobs/dumb players will do whatever they want from hero selection to the actual gameplay.
 Author| Post time 2018-1-11 04:48 PM | Show all posts
Well seeing as how much can only be adjusted in terms of the system because regardless of how much we improve the system if the player really doesn't know how to play there isn't much we can do about it afterall we've tried to provide all the means necessary for the players to know how to play the game. From hero guides to articles.

That being said we'd still continue to improve on things.
(Also thank you for your feedback guys)
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this morning I played 2 matches, and every match there is a player that AFK,
surely our team lost,

what's the point of getting AFK Precuration if the star stays down,
in just 15 minutes 2 stars lost due to the AFK player

Extremely annoying, and the MLBB team still gives the battle point reduction penalty? reduction of credit score? useless punishment
Post time 2018-1-12 05:35 PM | Show all posts
FCK_AFK replied at 2018-1-12 01:05 PM
this morning I played 2 matches, and every match there is a player that AFK,
surely our team lost,

yeah, credit score system is totally useless.

If I dont care about my win rate, I would have gone AFK in every match that I think I'm gonna lose.
Post time 2018-1-13 01:04 PM | Show all posts
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