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[Hero Techniques] How to Counter Alucard

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Edited by DemonixAngel06 at 2018-1-6 07:59 PM

One of the biggest threat to almost squishy heroes in game. The biggest downside of Alucard is he is too item reliant. So if he not get fed in the early game, he is useless in late game. When I’m fighting against Alucard I make sure that I can outfarm him. He is melee, squishy and doesn’t have decent damage in early game. He is very easy to get kited. The only thing he can do to you is to gap-close and attack you. But that still not good enough because he has no crowd control and as marksman you have better damage against him. I play aggressively when laning against Alucard and the common scenario here is to leave me in lane and go jungle. He is good in jungling because of his sustain. But him going to jungle and me in laning, I can ensure that I can outfarm him really hard unless my teammate will feed him. In most MOBA I played I always focus in farming and that experience makes me not to get hard dealing with Alucard who also rely in farming.
Heroes to counter Alucard – The same with Alice who use lifesteal to sustain, you can also use burst heroes to prevent him from taking advantage with lifesteal. You can use Karina against him. But the common match-up I seen with Alucard is going against marksman as most players believe that Alucard can assassinate most marksman easily. Well not if you can harass him on the first place and outfarm him. You can use any marksman to counter him hardly it is the way on how you play the game.
Items to counter Alucard – If you are AD go for lifesteal such as Tooth of Greed and Fallen Sword. If you are spell caster, go for additional burst and CC. And the number counter in against Alucard is Blade Armor that is good against lifesteal.


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Item that reduce heal effect also good counter to lifesteal reliant heroes especially Alucard. His only sustain & makes him  able to takes some damage is coz he hav heavy lifesteal kit. Cut it out & he die easily.


anti-heal ^^  Post time 2018-1-22 08:30 AM
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he can't lifesteal if he can't use basic attack.

hylos will shut down alu, even if alu has 2k gold lead.
turn on skill 2, skill 1, petrify. follow, if he jump use ulti to pursue.
the ms and as slow from hylos 2nd skill will make alu become creep.

the key is to chain stun him, dont stack the stun. put cc after the previous cc is over.


ohya~~~ alu cant win Hylos, this is real story muahahahahhaa  Post time 2018-1-22 08:29 AM
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Like and need his skin
Post time 2018-1-7 07:09 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
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arcmagi replied at 2018-1-6 11:32 PM
Item that reduce heal effect also good counter to lifesteal reliant heroes especially Alucard. His o ...

Not also, but its the main counter to any sorts of lifesteal or regen
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Feela so bad to be an Alucard player. I only play Alucard and I have a 71% win rate with him. I didnt know he was so underpowered back then wheb I started playing him. Im waiting for a decent buff or planing to change my main hero to something like Hayabusa or Lancelot. In my opinion, Alucard does suffer alot from stuns, and most heroes can counter or at least play around him. But at least he looks cool with his gigantic sword, right?
Post time 2018-3-15 02:34 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
BLADE ARMOR ! A good tank will always rush blade armor for Alucard. It is totally worthy to rush blade armor against 2 autoattackers (Alucard and 1 enemy mm)
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