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[Hero Techniques] Basic Hylo's Guide

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I've recently been having a lot of fun playing Hylos. Even as a tank (and often with about 3000 less gold than all teammates) I often come out with the MVP. Hylos with a tanky build can still dish out TONS of damage to his enemies and even better, he's a great counter to many of the current meta heros.
Thickened Blood (passive): Hylo's got an AWESOME buff in this latest patch. He went from recieving +1HP per mana point to +1.5HP per mana point. Doesn't seem like much at first, but overall, this gives Hylos an extra 750HP in this build (which is basically an additional tank item's worth of HP)! When you run out of mana, HP can be used instead for skills (this can also be a bit of a downside if not careful).

Law and Order (skill 1): Gather energy and launch an energy ball to stun a target. Range is little larger than melee range and locks onto target.

Rings of Punishment (skill 2): This skill does damage to all surrounding enemies every second and gives enemy 1 stack of Warden's Fury for every hit. This effect stacks. Warden's Fury will slow an enemies movement 6% and attack speed by 5% for every hit. Enemies will also take 7.5x more magic damage per Warden Fury. This can stack up to 10x. This naturally does 95 damage which is 182 dmg per second with 10 stacks (without any items). Add an additional 20% of your magic power into this and you can quickly see this will become very powerful, especially when you consider you've also lowered your enemies movement by 50% and attack speed by 60%.

Glorious Pathway (skill 3): Creates a temporary glowing pathway that heals Hylos for 4% of his total HP every second. Allies will move 60% faster on pathway (in direction it's going) and any enemies will move 70% slower on it.

Battle Spell: Petrifty
Always get petrify with Hylos. Keeping enemies in your Ring of Punishment for as long as possible as quick as possible is how Hylo's kills people. The stacks add up FAST and every second counts.

Item Build
Clock of Destiny - 60 Magic Power | 615HP | 600 Mana
With Hylo's passive, this item will actually give him an additional 900HP on top of the 615 it already provides (600*1.5). So now, you have a much larger mana pool to pull from AND a huge HP boost that is only smaller than what BloodThirsty King could provide (and only by 35HP). Then we add passive of this item for MORE perks!! +30HP & 5 Magic Power every 30 seconds up to 10x for Passive "Time". So extra 300HP and 50 Magic Power. Then "Reincarnate" passive adds an additional 5% magic attack and 300 mana.
So, total benefit from this weapon for Hylos?
900 Mana
115 Magic Power
What's not to like about this item in Hylo's hand?!

Enchanted Talisman - 50 Magic Power | 250HP | 20/% CDR
Now that Hylo's mana pool has increased a bit, we also need to make sure it's stay's up. Because Hylos will start depleting his HP once his mana runs out, and although he's got a lot, his skills are quite costly! This item will give him 10% mana back ever 10 seconds, which is great for replenishing between battles. And the CDR doesn't hurt either!!

Rapid/Tough/Warrior Boots/of Tranquility - 40/50 Speed + other perk pending pick
This is tough... and it REALLY depends on your enemies. Hylos could truly use any of the boots and benefit. Rapid boots will help you chase enemies down initially to start stacking warden's fury and slowing them down. Also help's you keep them in range until you've hit them with enough Warden's Fury. Tough boots are good for heavy magic based teams for additional magic resistance. Warrior boots if the enemy is heavy on physical attacks. Boots of tranquility is good in 3 regards. First, if you have a healer on your team, it boosts their heals. It boosts the heal of your ult, and if you build any Bloodlust Axe or Concentrated Energy (or both) it'll boost those effects.

Bloodlust Axe - 70 Attack Power | 10/% CDR | 20% Spell Vamp
This item will help sustain you a bit with it's passive abillity to steal 20% of skill damage as HP back to you. Originally, this item was better than Concentrated Energy before item changed to 20% Spell Vamp. I need to test this out again however. Switching out with Concentrated Energy is still a fine alternative, but this boost to physical attack actually helps with melee attacks as you hit your enemies in range of your ring of punishment. Up to you.

Thunder Belt - 25 Magic Power | 800HP | 400 Mana | 40 Armor | +15HP Regen
This item is a nice addition for Hylos.  1400HP with Hylos Passive perk, +400 mana (which Hylos can never have enough of honestly). But this item's passive REALLY makes it shine better. After skill use, next basic attack will trigger 40% of physical attack as true damage and slow target and surrounding units down. Can be used every 1.5 seconds... so basically, helps continuously slowdown your enemies while you are using Ring of Punishment.

Dominance Ice - 500 Mana | 70 Armor | +5% Crit Reduction | +15% CDR
Extra 500 Mana and also 750 HP due to Hylos passive! But the real perk of this item is in it's own passive ability. Lower's movement speed by 5% and attack speed by 30% of any nearby enemies. Add this on top of what Warden's Fury is already doing (and Thunderbelt) and you're enemies are pretty much slugs infront of you.

If enemy has lots of magic, switch Bloodlust with Defensive Magic Res Item. Athena Shield is usually my preference for heavy magic users.

Your build for Hylos should be based on your enemies all the way through however. All of these items will greatly help you. The only one that I would say MUST be made in a certain order is Clock of Destiny first. Anything else can be switched around as needed honestly as they all give great benefits pending your need. You find you need more armor? Get Thunder belt next. Running out of mana too fast still, grab Enchanted Talisman. Can't seem to keep up with enemies, get your boots next.  I'd say only things you don't need to prioritize are bloodlust axe (or Concentrated Energy) and Dominance Ice.

Now, as to how to play with Hylos. Get 2nd skill 1st. This is your bread and butter. Then get 1st skill. After that, focus on maxing out 2nd skill aside from leveling 3rd.
Hylo's should mostly be used as a deterrent early game. Keep from using your 2nd skill where possible to keep your mana supply up early.  If possible, try to get buff as it will halve your mana use for skill (which is HUGE for using Hylo's 2nd skill as it depletes super quick). Try to only use Ring of Punishment for a second or 2 to hit minions then turn off and use melee to finish. Otherwise, you'll likely use up half your mana on minions alone and you want to save it for enemy hero's (trust me). If enemies underestimate you however and try to push, don't be afraid to turn on your 2nd skill, stun them, then petrify. Next thing they know, they've 1/3hp and running like hell from you. Then they'll likely stay at range while you hit minions with basic attacks.

If your mana is low at start, recall. ALWAYS. Early game, you have pretty much no mana regen. You can't stay out front. Turning on 2nd skill with HP only is pretty much a suicide and should only be used if you absolutely need to protect someone (or you absolutely cannot get away, then just hit them as much as possible).

Mid/late game, you'll have your ult for clashes. Best situations to use it are the following:
1. Initiate attack - Gather your team, click on attack, then lay it down. Can even be used to tower dive, however, this should only be used with good teams. Great for closing gap quickly and getting the jump on enemy.
2. Clash is already occurring - Get close, then use this in the clash. 2 reasons. First, it gives you HP back, which helps sustain you. Second, slows your enemy down, making it easier for you to hit as many as possible with Ring of Punishment.
3. Retreating - You see someone in trouble, get close and put the pathway down for them to run away (and run away yourself with them). Enemies will be slowed down immensely and you'll be quick as bunnies in getting away.

Always try to wait for your ult before initiating a clash if possible. You can quickly turn the tides of the battle with the HP boost. Always turn your 2nd skill on in battle and off when not. It will devastate your mana supply quickly otherwise. Try to get buff when possible, it's difference between 1 battle and recalling and taking on 3 or 4 clashes without needing a recall.

As Hylos, your focus should be squishy hero's. MM's, mages, and assassins are your prey (and some fighters). You slow them down in movement and attack. You'll find you very quickly take these hero's out in a matter of seconds. Hit them with your 1st skill to stun, then move in closer and petrify. By this time, you should have 3-4 stacks on them and they will be extremely sluggish already with about half their HP gone. Then just chase and keep them in your Ring of Punishment till they die. Pretty simple really.

Hero to hit
Odette - stun her ult
Pharsa - stun her ult
Gord - stun his ult
Aurora - no good escape skills
Layla - no good escape skills
Miya - if already hitting her, her ult doesn't prevent your 2nd skill from hitting her
Eudora - no good escape skills
Vexanna - no good escape skills
Natalie - 2nd skill counters her basic attack counter
Karina -  2nd skill counters her basic attack counter
Hercult - 2nd skill not affected by passive
Ruby - Close range fighter
Lancelot - He can dodge a "few" of your rings of Punishment, but he needs to stay in your range to hurt you too. He's too squishy to outlast your huge HP
Fanny - Go into her wall trap. If you stun or petrify her mid cable, she'll continue flying. So you want her near wall already. Get 3 warden stacks on her and her HP is 1/4. Even if you don't kill, you force her to retreat to get HP.
Akai - Bait him into wall trapping you. Your 2nd skill isn't affected by CC. You can turn it on while being trapped. You have heavy armor with this build. He barely hurts you with this attack. Just make sure your team is there to help (obviously you won't survive being trapped and hit by enitre team by yourself).
Zhask - Ult right past his spawn if he ults it. He'll usually sit in bakc behind spawn. Gun for him directly, he's squishy. If he's smart and stays near spawn back off, unless your entire team is dive bombing him.

Hero's to beware of:
Irithel - She can move away while still firing at you. Unless you use ult to catch her first (or she's silly and lets you close in on her) she can kill you just by running in circles away.
Karrie - she'll wreck your defense quick. Make sure you got the jump on her 1st or her true damage will wreck your hp.
Nana - 2nd skill counters the world. Always be careful of her.
Gatotkaca - Careful of him provoking you. He'll pull you away from teammates if he's smart.
Lolita - passive shields, stuns, and slows. All these things will hamper you. You can still do well, but it'll definitely help their team against you overall, whether it be to escape from you or turning the battle on you.
Hayabusa - Don't try to chase him... he'll make you waste so much mana with his teleporting. Instead, stay near allies to keep him from using his ULT to best ability and 2nd skill to keep him from closing in.
Cyclops - his 2nd skill is deadly when you think you've got him if he's got concentrated energy and some decent magic power. Careful not to fall for a trap of his when you "think" you've got him. This build is also not very heavy magic resistance.
Harley - Since he teleports, he can escape your 2nd skill. If you don't have 3 stacks before he uses it, don't try to chase. If you do, he won't be able to run away fast enough if you got your boots.
Moscov - He'll push you out of placement/range.
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i want to buy him, but somehow, i donr like him for some unknown reason..
Post time 2018-1-4 12:22 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Hylos 2nd skill always activate Thundr Belt on CD?
Post time 2018-1-5 10:07 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
 Author| Post time 2018-1-5 11:09 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Malicewolf at 2018-1-9 12:04 AM
hottudoggu replied at 2018-1-5 10:07 PM
Hylos is one of the best tank now. your build is good but you dont need to have an enchanted talisma ...

I find Enchanted Talisman to be worth it. There's plenty of time between clashes usually. The time between allow you to fully recover your mana with it's passive. Otherwise, you have to either recall (meaning you might be absent from the next clash or you go in with low mana and eat away at your own HP during the battle.  It'll still give you a good boost in magic power as well (so more dmg). But no doubt, you could switch it out for another defensive item, but this build at lvl 15 will give you over 13k HP, sooo, not really sure why you'd need more. But you could put in magic resistance as this build is lacking in that. A hylos with Low Mana is pretty much useless.
Also, I think you mistake my build for the order it should be done. I'll repeat. Build based on the need. But with Clock of Destiny's extra HP you get from passive, you gain a lot more than a normal tank item which will help sustain you greatly. If enemy is hitting you hard with physical attacks, get thunder belt next (or even warrior boots). Getting hit with magic a lot, then Athena Shield or tough boots (pending how hard). If you find your hp is keeping you sustained just fine, then grab Enchanted Talisman early so you can spam out your ult more often (as that gives you back about 1/3 of your HP.

Also, did you mean Demon Hunter Sword? But yes, that is the bane of any tank user really.
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I also wanted to create a Hylos guide. Good Job!
Post time 2018-1-11 09:04 AM | Show all posts
i not suggestion to build Enchanted Talisman, is waste of many golds to purchase this item. jz early game purchase the Elegant Gem, until lvl 11 o above, than upgrade to Clock of Destiny.
hehehe {:5_122:}
 Author| Post time 2018-1-11 10:20 PM | Show all posts
Jokar7 replied at 2018-1-11 09:04 AM
i not suggestion to build Enchanted Talisman, is waste of many golds to purchase this item. jz early ...

I would say not getting Clock of Destiny as soon as possible is a bigger waste imo. Because of Hylo's passive, everything about it is amazingly beneficial. More hp gain than Bloodthirsty king. Largest mana pool gain possible, huge boost in Magic power.  But it takes some time for the passive to build to full potential. Getting Clock of Destiny right away compared to waiting until level 11, I'd have my 10 stacks already. And there is absolutely no item that matches in Hylo's hand stat wise.

As for Enchanted Talisman, it's preference on whatever you like. I've found the CDR and the mana regen to be well worth it. I've tried a few builds without it to test and I found I couldn't spam out my ult as much (which meant more recalling for hp) and I often had to recall for mana as well, because late game, me going into a battle with low or no mana meant me dying simply because of the huge impact my 2nd skill had on my hp, as well as enemy hitting me. I'll just say, give Enchanted Talisman a try before knocking it. I can actually REALLY tell the difference when I don't have it. Don't build it 2nd (as I said, build based on need. Thunder Belt would likely be much better 2nd pick).
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Malicewolf replied at 2018-1-11 10:20 PM
I would say not getting Clock of Destiny as soon as possible is a bigger waste imo. Because of Hyl ...

well~ i will try build Enchanted Talisman ^^ thx ur suggestion
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The sad part is when you ulti and start team fight but your teammates are cowards. So I sometimes end up in the middle of enemies lol. Hylos is my favorite tank right now despite that. With a good team, I seldom lose.
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