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[Hero Techniques] Quick Guide: Pharsa

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Quick Guide: Pharsa

-Skill Tips and Combos
1) 1st Skill is an extremely good Mobility Tool. Pharsa temporarily transforms into a bird gaining additional Movement Speed and the ability to fly over any obstacle. This makes the skill an awesome tool to move around the map, to reposition yourself during teamfights or to escape (as you can fly away at fast speed and flying over walls making it hard to be stopped). It can be countered by hard disables so be mindful of when you use it if you are trying to run away. The skill also gives increased Magic Damage passively which is nice to have to deal more damage. Note that the skill can be reused to end the transformation immediately.
2) 2nd Skill is a nice straight line damaging spell. It simply deals good Magic Damage to all enemies in a straight lane, its range is nice too. Useful skill to farm minions or to harass enemies, more so if used in combination with her passive.
3) Her Ultimate surely is her signature move. Pharsa stands still and gains the ability to bombard an extremely large area all around her dealing massive Magic Damage. With this skill you can deal a ton of damage from an extremely long and safe distance: you can use it to quickly farm jungle monsters or lane minions (make sure to either be in range for the gold or to get the last hit or you will miss the gold if you are too far and one of your lane minions gets the killing blow); you can use it to easily defend your tower from an enemy push, this makes her one of the best defenders in the game; kind of in the same way she is also good when pushing because she can zone out enemies trying to defend the objective. Auto aim is fine to use, more so if you are going for quick bombardments, but sometimes it's good to go with manual aiming for more precision. The cooldown of this skin is very short so feel free to use it even to hit an enemy hero once and stop the ultimate, if you do it on a squishy enemy hero (usually marksmen, assassins and mages, some warriors too) you will take 40-50% of their HP giving them a hard time deciding what to do next. Note that you can use Flicker to reposition yourself during the ultimate without stopping the ultimate and remember that you can still use your 2nd skill during ultimate, do it if enemies try to get too close. Master this skill, get good at predicting enemy position and movements and get good at finding the right time to use it. Always use it to harass whenever it's possible, that's one of the main pros.
4) The Passive is a strong addition to her burst damage. After it charges up the next time you deal damage to an enemy her bird Verri will deal additional Magic Damage and slow down that enemy. When you are going to harass someone (mostly with your ultimate) always try to do it when your passive is ready.
5) There is no particular combo with Pharsa, all you have to do is pretty much use your ultimate on the right place, on the right target and at the right time, after you've done that use your other skills when needed.
6) The Mage Jungle Buff isn't a must have but it surely is nice to have. Get it if you can (use ultimate for a quick clear), if you can't secure it or your allies need it more than you it's still ok.

-Skill Leveling Order
Max Pharsa's 2nd skill first for maximum damage potential, her 1st skill is already very good even with just one point. Level up your Ultimate whenever you can of course.

-Battleground Spells
Flicker: It's a very versatile battle spell overall but in addition to that if needed you can also use it to reposition Pharsa during her ultimate without stopping the ultimate.

1st Item - Clock of Destiny: Very high Magic Power, high HP and Mana. The Passive will make the stats better but it will also increase all our magic power by 5%. Its component Elegant Gem will provide a lot of HP/Mana sustain in the early game.
2nd Item - Magic Shoes: Mov. Speed and nice 10% CDR. I like having some CDR on Pharsa, more so if you can't guarantee getting the Jungle Buff everytime.
3rd Item - Lightning Truncheon: High Magic Power and Mana Regen (it should solve all your mana needs). The Passive will add additional burst damage, increasing with each item we buy!
4th Item - Holy Crystal: A ton of Magic Power plus a +25% Magic Power which will scale insanely well with the other Magic items.
The Passive will give us some extre boots, try to empower one of your Ultimate shots.
5th Item - Devil Tears: Good Magic Power and extremely high Magic Penetration, thanks to her very long range you will most likely get the boosted penetration aswell. This will make you remove big chunk of hp even from tanky enemy heroes.
6th Item - Blood Wings: Insane amount of Magic Power and a lot of HP, final touch to make the burst truly insane.
Starting Item: Power Crystal to build Elegant Gem ASAP.

Potion: Magic Potion (Blue), gives some additional Magic Power and useful 5% CDR.

Build Note: Thanks to this build the burst damage you will be able to deal with your ultimate is going to be insane being able to 2-3 shot most squishy heroes in the game. The 1st shot of her ultimate will deal: Normal Ultimate Damage + Pharsa's Passive Damage + Lightning Truncheon's Passive Damage = bye bye squishy heroes! On top of that the 2nd ultimate shot will also be empowered by Holy Crystal for additional damage. This is pretty much why you should use your ultimate to harass even if it is just with 1 hit, because that 1 hit will deal insane damage.

-Emblem Set--
Common Magic / Custom Mage (old names: Magic / Magic Assassin): Both these sets are very good on Pharsa, use the one you have at the higher level or if the level difference is small use Custom Mage (Magic Assassin).

-Good Allies to Have
Pharsa doesn't require specific allies to shine because her skillset doesn't require much added synergies.
That said it's nice to have someone in the team who can defend her if someone is trying to focus her so in general all tanky heroes with CC will be able to do that fine.
Having stunners/heavy slowers in your team will also help landing you more ultimate shots on your target.

-Heroes you Counter
Pharsa doesn't really counter anyone in particular although she surely does better against enemies with no/low mobility because it will be easier for her to hit them down with her ultimate.
You could also say that she does well against those heroes that usually like staying in the backlines since thanks to her ultimate she can still nuke them down from a very long range giving them little counterplay.

-Heroes who Counter You
Heroes who can silence, stun, or burst her down before you can escape with your 1st skill are her worst opponents.
With good positioning it shouldn't be that easy though to be directly counter as in "the counter comes and kills you", I think that if you are in a good spot it's going to take a good and coordinated team effort to bring you down.
It doesn't say much but we could say that in general high mobility assassins will be the scary enemies to face, all heroes who can someway bypass your frontline and quickly bring you down.



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Woo Nice guide :)))
2 Problems tho
1. I dun have Pharsa
2. Your mini guide is pretty long ;w;
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Edited by figloalds at 2018-7-4 07:32 PM

I get very good results playing as Pharsa, but my first and foremost item ultra essential in my build and playstyle is Ice Queen Wand.
Pharsa's ult with a slow effect is ridiculously awesome for defending turrets, clearing up lanes, keeping enemies at bay, Team Fights, everything.
Also specially making enemies hesitate entering your radius, if they do dare though, depending on which hero it is, you can kill them before they reach you, specially if you're in a bush.
I also disagree on prioritizing skill 2 over skill 1, because skill 1 gives juicy marvelous Ability Power which strongly advantages my Ult which is my favorite skill ever, while also favoring the 2nd skill slightly.
But hey, those are my personal bits and experiences, I'm not necessarily right or wrong.
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