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[Forum Original Content] The Truth About Matchmaking System

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Matchmaking system, this system most often than not are overlooked by players thinking that each games they play depends heavily on it but the truth of the matter is, it is only a tool in which it helps us finds other players to play and match up with.
As we all know that MOBA games is a genre in which complex teamwork and coordination is required and that team composition matters in which greatly affects how fast the pace of the game is as well as how your team would fair out on various strategies be it focused on split push tactics or team fight oriented tactics or maybe even objective type team composition.

Let’s take a moment to analyze everything, First of all we know its clear that MOBA games are usually a 5v5 team based games wherein the foundation of the MOBA genre which was set by DOTA was originally a 5v5 MOBA game thus it is rare for us to see 3v3 MOBA games though if we did, we usually see less success in those types of MOBAs since we all practically grew up loving 5v5 fights due to the diversity and various strategies it brings.


Second, is the match making system of MOBA games wherein most often than not players would usually go on solo ques or pre-mades. This then immediately decides the fate of your game because of the possible type of players we can get and as we all know there are different types of gamers out there with different statistics. So the question you may now ask is that, do we blame the system itself for giving us bad team mates? Or is it really because the other team is just good because lets face it regardless if we have a premade teams of 2-5 we still lose games simply because the other teams are better or that there were some instances where we tend to make mistakes especially in crucial parts of the game. So overall the game doesn’t really heavily relies on the system but it really boils down to the players in which their skills and capabilities to play the game because the truth behind the matchmaking system is on whatever ranks or game mode you play the system would always put you up against players in your local vicinity which means most often than not the system would always match you up against your fellow countrymen first so that you have better gaming experience in terms of less lag but really the how the game turns out depends on the type of player you are teamed up with because as we all know each individual is unique and each maybe a toxic gamer, a feeder, a pro, a team player or whatever distinguishes them based on their personality.

So now you know the truth about matchmaking system be it in Mobile Legends or other games, no matter how much it is being sugar coated or advertised, your gameplay experience would always boils down to the type of persons you are teamed up with because no game is perfect but each games do try to improve for the better which is why we promise you guys to give you a better gaming experience as well as much needed support.

Have a good day and thank you for taking your time to read this!
-Cheers from the Forum Moderator team

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Edited by iamfeeder at 2017-12-27 09:21 AM

One solution: Matchmaking based on MMR & overall winrate. Don't pair one with way above their rank. We know how trouble your matchmaking system tho. Dota doesn't use your lousy matchmaking system. And the punishment is the shittiest punishment system in entire moba I ever play.


This is what I meant: "User Gameplay Profiling"  Post time 2018-5-7 07:31 AM
Great one for Ranked games and if you want to try new hero, you'll play in classic and rack up some winrates  Post time 2017-12-27 12:39 PM
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goarweam replied at 2017-12-29 08:45 PM
Because it is absurd.

And I am not talking about winning while doing nothing, or just roaming aro ...

what do you expect with Classic? its all in all... good and bad players...

there are some players that are good but cant play well its either they are at school just sneaking in playing, or phones dead, bad connection, got distracted, or doing something else that they cant give their everything to the match...

how amazing for a system to determine that this player can play well in this match or what...

like they know who really this person playing that it could determine how good or bad he is...

did that ever crossed your mind?

if you want to make an argument and start to blame the devs for being lazy or what or the system being BS, get your facts up...

regardless of the Match Making system, it goes down to the END USER who plays determines how the match will go, either win or lose...

i am so in holiday mode and my net sucks here in the mountain province and most threads going on in here are just rants...

did you guys ever complain if you have a bad enemy or they have a teammate who is AFK? did you ever rant it in here that you have played againts noob team and they just keep on feeding to you and played like an AI? did you consider making adjustments to your matches if there are enemies who cant play well based on their rank and stats? or just because the system decides for that...

thats so BS... I really respect you as a user in here but going over to things that has been here for days since I was on holiday was nothing but cry babies...

you want to get everything you spent since the game is closing???

is this the first game that you have played?

I have been a gamer for 17 years and have been a forum mod and admin for several private servers... just to point it out to you that an indication of a GAME that is CLOSING... there will be no such updates for several months... or they just stop caring at all...

devs only things about milking money to you by releasing heroes and skins??? which game company who doesnt???

This is a Free to Play game... you should be thankful that there is no such required subscription for you play this [insert cursing word if you must] game...

I am also part of an Indie Game for PC and emu games and resources are [insert foul language here] expensive... from the rent, to supplies, to electric bills, to internet bills, to materials, to employees, to permits, to time and effort, what did you contribute to that if they wont be milking you for such?

If you are smart enough to make a better system than this, try to make your own game...

The devs has lots of BS to consider before making such drastic measures... they have to balance out how it will affect in the long run...

And to everyone who is sick with this game and tired of this system, bugs, money milking and such, you are free to play other game...

I dont get why you keep on complaining and threatening to play other games if you could just uninstall the game and leave the forum and such...

IF you lose hope already with this game, just leave... what do you think it will do good to you if you complain and didnt get what you want... just move on...

Jesus... we got millions of players daily... how come some of them just keep on playing the way they want to play the game... regardless of the system or what...

This is a game... there's no such competition in life for this... you are not also required to purchase anything unless you want to... WANT TO... you were not forced for that... so there is no point in asking for refund or such if you didnt get what you want...

the connection here is so bad that I have to compress everything I wanna say from different [foul language] threads I have just read this afternoon... so its not just you okay?? its for everyone...
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Post time 2017-12-27 03:11 AM | Show all posts
The matchmaking is uh...fine i guess i dont see any reason to complain against it (yes people that keep losing but you have a 50% chance of winning so yeah)
Post time 2017-12-27 04:15 AM | Show all posts
Edited by BD007 at 2020-1-31 09:39 PM

Hi fair it is when u noticed that u being epic you get aired with Betosky the YOUTUBE THE FAMOUS ONE THE ONE THAT HAS 700 STARS ALMOST 800  and also looking yourself in the livestream meanwhile u get reckon and also knowing that there's no even mithyc on ur team. a hah

I can show pictures by the wah. I'm  it lying
Anonymous user  Post time 1970-1-1 08:00 AM
Post time 2017-12-27 07:07 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
So if you epic, and matching up againts mithyc, and lose because against mythic its fair? What kind shit is that? Mythic and epic player has different playstyle.
Post time 2017-12-27 07:45 AM | Show all posts
well if it's a one time event then we can't blame the matching system, but for "it" to team you up with total don't know how players 5 times in a row is fair? c'mon, whats the use of mmr then if what you're saying is as what it is? GM/EPIC against LEGEND MYTHIC, where's the fairness in that?...
Post time 2017-12-27 08:04 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Aside from the obvious points, I'm still shock that people don't know that the match making system secretly pairs you up with players according to rank, not level. That means if you're level 20 with level 40+ emblems and you're warrior/elite rank, you get paired with warrior/elite/master players who are way below your level and lower emblems in both classic and rank 70% of the time. I still don't believe how unfair the matchmaking system is because of this...
Post time 2017-12-27 08:05 AM | Show all posts
how about those who're offering boosting services ? it's because of them the matchmaking is f'up.
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