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[Hero Concept] Khara The Reaper [Assassin/Support]

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Edited by Khaltz at 2017-12-29 11:39 AM

So what is a Support Assassin? For me it's just like Saber (product of a lot of nerf) He deals damage from a far and only assist Locking down enemy and fleeing away. With right item he could also debuff and reap the enemy units (sadly Deadly blade revert). So please check and give thoughts on this one.

P.S. Please do check my other creations below.

「  Khara  」

Role: Support/Assassin

Specialty: DeBuff/Reap

Cost: 24,000BP

Durability          ■■■■□□□□□□
Offence             ■■■■■■□□□□         
Ability Effects   ■■■■■■■□□□
Difficulty           ■■■■■■■■■□

Movement Spd       265     Mana                  495
Physical Atk           135     Attack Spd         .8
Magic Power          0         HP regen            35
Armor                     12       Mana regen        19
Magic Resist          11       Basic Atk Crt      0
Health Point           2230   Ability Crit          0

    - TBA

Passive: Death Stalk

- After casting a skill the next basic attack will deal 50/ 70/ 90/ 120 (+120%AD) Physical Damage and Slow the Target by -30%MS for 1 second. If the Target is alone Death Stalk will deal True Damage and Snare the target instead.
●This passive will have good synergy with her skills later.
●No Cooldown. Damage increase by UltLvl.

First Skill: Feint Dagger
Cooldown: 6    Manacost: 65

    - She throws out a dagger and deal 150/ 180/ 210/ 240/ 260/ 290 (+100%AD) Physical Damage. Activating the skill again will teleport her at the back of Target and do 1 Auto-Attack and she then become invisible and unable to attack for 1.5 seconds.
●You have 2s to decide if you will teleport before the skill starts the cooldown.
●The extra 1 AA is for activating Passive Items and Lucky Crits. The 1.5s AA Disable is so that you wouldn't accidentaly cancel your invi.

Second Skill: Mist of Silence Screams
Cooldown: 14    Manacost: 80

     - She releases a Mist on a target area that will disable all Mobility Skills (Dashes & Blinks) and lower enemy units Armor by -30% and MagicResist by -15% for 2.0/ 2.2/ 2.4/ 2.6/ 2.8/ 3 seconds.
●As wide as Natalias Smoke Bomb.
●Pretty balance in my opinion since the skill itself doesn't have slowing effect.

Ultimate Skill: Grasp Heart
Cooldown: 34     Manacost: 100

    - Grasp the enemy unit's heart dealing 300/ 600/ 900 (+200%AD) Physical Damage, Slowing the Target by -80%MS and Delaying Target's Regeneration for 2.5 seconds.
●Target's lifesteal/ spellvamp would be like Argus' Ulti but they're not immortal.
●No stuns so that the target could retaliate if they can.

●She's a Loli Assassin. Who doesn't want that. (Pending clarification, just ask).

● Character is Jack the Ripper in Fate Series.

Check out my other creation/s:
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I'm open to any suggestion and comments, pls voice your opnion on the comments section and additional constructive critisism for improvements.

Post time 2017-12-28 03:01 AM | Show all posts
WOW. a very detailed hero concept. you have me at "loli assassin"
Post time 2018-1-5 11:31 PM | Show all posts
Khara , the female version of Gossen :)
Post time 2018-1-12 07:43 AM | Show all posts
Thats what I thought too. Except that shes more powerful than Gossen in my opinion.
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