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[Hero Concept] New Hero. Jason. Tank/Fighter. Great Protection and Mobility.

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Edited by KevinDurance at 2018-1-11 01:46 AM

Hello my friends. Today I will show you a new concept
First name: Jason.
Class: Tank / Fighter
Role: mobility, control of enemies
Type: Human.

Thinking about the originality for the game, I decided to focus on the appearance of this character, and, of course, on the skills.
Jason seems thin and looks more like a fighter or even an arrow, but does not look like a tank. This is an erroneous impression.
When Jason activates his Ult outer leanness is immediately compensated for by unimaginably high armor.
His skills are great for a tank, especially the Ult. Moreover, it is a very fast tank, it is extremely mobile. Jason's weapons are his gloves. They have built-in plasma amplifiers, through which he can pierce a hole in light armor with one blow from the fist. Ult Gerard focuses on the points of armor and magical resistance, and not health as with other tanks.
Depending on the level of Ult's skill, Jason will gradually receive interesting nuances of the 3rd skill
(as Leila).
I hope you like this idea and you will rate me with your comment. Thank you.

Passive Skill:
For every sixth attack, the fist is charged with a plasmic drive and a standard attack stuns the target for 0.4 sec. and deals double damage.

1 skill: Inborn Sportsman
Jason turns on the running mode. During this effect, movement speed will be increased by
10% + 4 * at the skill level. During this effect, enemy stun skills last 30% less.
The included skill constantly consumes mana (as in Hylos 2nd skill).
Coldown: 0
Mana: 60 mana every second.

2nd Skill Trap
Leaves a mine in the indicated place.
If the enemy hits the mine, the enemy will be slowed by 60% for 2 seconds and will receive 90 physical damage + 80 * per skill level.
After applying 3rd skill level 2nd above, mines will be much more effective.
Coldown: 15 seconds.
Mana: 110.
Each mine lies in its place for 60 seconds. Then it explodes. The mines left in the bushes will also be invisible, mines are always visible outside the bushes. When the 3rd skill of the 2nd level and above is active - mines will not only deal damage but also also stun the enemy for 1.9 seconds. These mines will lie in their places all the time, until Jason dies or until somebody comes to the mines.
3rd skill of Diggie,
2nd Mia Skill,
1st skill of Bruno,
3rd skill of Zhask - can disable mines.

3rd skill Ultimate Extraterrestrial Plate Armor
Jason multiply covers his body with a suit of super durable alloy for 10 seconds.
Jason will strengthen his defensive characteristics. The size of the bonus characteristics will depend on the number of enemies around. During the action of the 2nd level suit, the mines will be stunned for 1.9 seconds and will lie on the ground until someone comes on them or Jason dies.
The body of Jason can pass through any walls, if this skill has reached the 3rd level.

Bonuses that will receive Jason during the use of the suit:
+50% of current armor and resistance to magic,
+18% of the current driving speed.
The more number of enemy heroes, the more protection and resistance of magic (+10% each enemy hero nearby), also adds this bonus if there is a lord or a turtle nearby.

Jason is a member of the elite troops unit.
Once, after a skirmish with mercenaries of a hostile alien race, the neck and lower part of Jason's face was disfigured by the scars left after the battle. Because of this, he must always wear a bridge around his neck.
Having shown an unprecedented strategy, Jason was able to defeat the alien invaders. He won not only the respect of his colleagues, but also alien technology. He took extraterrestrial technology himself, and accidentally connected with armor could get a suit with fantastic abilities.
Throughout his military career, Jason acts according to one rule: the task must be carried out. The people around him think that it is characterized by cold calculation and cruelty. Ruthlessness became the reason of the guarded attitude to it from colleagues. But the tasks that must be performed at any cost, are always entrusted to Jason.

Increase the strength of skills from artifacts:
+ 80% physical damage.

Basic characteristics:
Phys. Damage: 99
Magician. damage: 0
Plate 36 Armor
Magician. resistance: 15
Health: 2931
Mana: 455
Attack Speed: 0.8
Moving speed: 250
Health Regeneration: 31
Mana Regeneration: 39
Primary Critical Attack: 0
Critical Ability: 0

Merry Christmas to you

Please rate my other concepts and suggestions:


Passive skill icon

Passive skill icon

1st skill icon

1st skill icon

3rd skill icon

3rd skill icon

2nd skill icon

2nd skill icon
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Edited by BD007 at 2019-12-29 08:34 PM
Schutzstaffel replied at 2018-1-5 11:39 PM
Nice hero concept, If this hero will release, I would definitely buy this, since Iam a Tank user and ...

Thank you. I already began to think that no one would ever leave a comment here.
I think it's not so interesting to stop here, because earlier users of the forum actively commented on my ideas, but now, alas, not many comments like before. Each my new concept almost no one talks about it, it's a pity. Probably worth telling about these concepts Arena of Valor - I heard in this game the administration and developers are actively involved in the discussion of the concepts of players.

Schutzstaffel replied at 2018-1-6 03:39 AM
Your welcome. I also noticed that but don't be sad, your hero suggestion got 200 views already and ...

I'm sorry that 200 views. I always try to make a very detailed description of my whole idea anyway. But for some reason other proposals are very much discussed, mine are not. I think people are just too lazy to read the whole text. People probably look at the picture and the skills (skills are not always). It is sad. Even more sad is that the idea will not be put into play if there are not enough comments, and I can not write all my friends to support the idea, because I have few friends who play this game.
Post time 2018-1-6 03:39 AM | Show all posts
Edited by BD007 at 2019-12-29 08:35 PM
KevinDurance replied at 2018-1-6 01:31 AM
Thank you. I already began to think that no one would ever leave a comment here.
I think it's not s ...

Your welcome. I also noticed that but don't be sad, your hero suggestion got 200 views already and still counting. Your suggestions are all detailed compare to others. Just keep up the good work bro!.

Nice hero concept, If this hero will release, I would definitely buy this, since Iam a Tank user and I do love his ulti.
Post time 2018-4-9 05:04 PM | Show all posts
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