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[Official Forum Event] Do you know How To Play Yi Sun-shin? #Guides #MLBBForumEvent

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Official Forum Event: Do you know How To Play Yi Sun-shin?

vzooooon (5011 31708054)

sheenkz09 (3031 23254410)

#Guides #MLBBForumEvent #HowToPlayYiSun-shinKiiyonPH (3005 3058578)
Tips and Gameplay Guide for Yi Sun-shin

First, we have to understand the hero's passive. It says that melee attacks and ability damages trigger a bleed effect moving target. This is very useful in farming up to level faster. Why? If you are constantly in the move while attacking jungle monsters the additional damage makes you farm faster and get back to your lane faster as well to clear minions.

Second is about the ability line up. You need to max 2nd skill as soon as its available. Then max your ultimate as soon as its available then last is the first skill. The damage output on your first is higher compared to your first skill and the range is very useful for cleaning up and harassing.

Start out with 2nd skill on level 1 and get attack speed item. This will make minion clearing and farming faster.

Tips on gameplay:

Since you can move freely while powering up the second skill you can manuever your position to where it is safer but still be able to hit the target. You can use this to clear minion waves just make sure that all of them gets hit since the arrow pierces through all target in a line.

Use first skill to reposition yourself. If enemy is low on health and you need to dash use second and target it away from the position you want to run to to dash successfully. You can use it to escape. Jungle escape is quite easy too just use correct timing on when to leap against terrains.

Always remember to keep on a lookout on the map. Map awareness is key to your victory. Once the ultimate is available, keep on an eye to your teammates, go back to safe place a bit then check map. If you see a clash use ultimate and this can really help your teammates. Its for added damage and they can use this to escape as well if they are in a disadvantage.

On teamfights, Yi is a bit squishy much like other marksmen. So let your tank go in first together with your melee teammates. Then position yourself wherein youre safe from direct damage and start hacking to enemies health bars. 2nd skill should be used to teamfights to add damage and the ultimate is deadlier on enemies who are clumped together. Multiple hits from ultimate adds passive bleed and is harder to dodge if the marks are close to each other.

So thats it! This is my tips and gameplay guide for our new hero Yi Sun-shin! I also attached my adjusted builds here in the comments. They all go well with each other dealing pretty high damage per basic attack relying on crit strikes and on hit effects.Hope you like it!

Kiiyon PH
Region: Philippines
Id and server:
3058578 (3005)

nian_antonio (2026 20947964)
play yin shu sin just same like play with miya. but yin shu sin has an area skill that use for slain your enemy. just level up the second skill and third skill and for the last leveling the first skill.
use your jungle emblem set that give you more att speed. just play in the middle like any marksman gameplay. beside defend and attack the enemy turret,you must jungling for more money. you must see the mini map for kill,and see your friend's war,because you can use your third skill for kill the lowest hp enemy.

Danx (2041 28537472)
Tips of using him is dont get too close to the enemy because yi sun shin health is too soft. When try to kill the minion go close to them to use yi sun shin's blade so that all minion will get hit. Use the dragon boat for extra speed movement to cover our tower or get fast to enemy tower it will stun minion or hero when hit it. The ultimate relate to all enemy heroes so look at the map and see the enemy's health it is full or half. If it is full do not use the ultimate or it will be wasted because the cooldown is about 50 seconds. Use the ultimate when enemy's heroes health in half or quarter so that you can kill the enemy's heroes or your friends. If you're not the one who kill it maybe your friend and you will get an assist, and thats pretty good too. See the picture that i uploaded for your item build. Trust me its awesome. Goodluck guys. Thankyou MLBB

YengMeow (3014 742385)
Tips on using Yi Sun-Shin:

When approaching enemies, I use Mountain Shocker (3rd skill) to deal damage to all enemy heroes, focusing one enemy hero at a time. I would strike my focused enemy hero with
Blood floods (2nd skill) followed by
Heavenly vow (Passive). My last move when the HP of the hero is low will be the
One-wave sweep (1st skill).

Sometimes I use the One-wave sweep (1st skill) to stun enemy heroes then follow by Blood Floods (2nd skill), only to finish those with Low HP using Mountain Shocker (3rd skill).
lestertch (2006 5288275)

Jthanz (3021 13368310)
How to use Yi Sun-shin properly

First of all make sure to read its passive to maximize bleeding effect on enemies.

Second make sure to max its attak speed and lifesteal for survival and farming.

3rd max 2nd skill then 3rd last is its 1sr skill.make sure to properly use its 2nd skill to hit its mark and 1st skill to hunt enemies or dash out or place yourself in a team fights l, lastly the 3rd skill or your ss.make sure to use it properly and always see mini maps if thers a fight going its effective also to find natalia if your being ganked.just use your ss when ! Hits your head then use 1st skill to flee out of natalias smoke.otherwise natalia will silene you and slows and drains your hp so if their is a natalia be happy because ganking you will be less.just always ready your 3rd skill for natalia.

4th is when placed top try to talk to other players to get blue for you to always use your 2nd skill and cause bleesing and damage to the opposite side. When placed middle use your 2nd for damaging minions and the hero and farming faster. When your in bottom lane make sure to get the red to have more damage and use your skills properly to not waist mana.mana is importand in fights so make sure to have sufficient mana ready for fights. In every lane please make sure to always check fights because using your ss can help your team mates and having an can see mini map for your guide if your teams in trouble or being ganked usaing your 3rd skill will slow the enemies.

Last is play away as possible on mages or asassins because of its durability is just like miya.

YengMeow (3014 742385)

Morphistoz (2013 10774993)
Yi Sun is very mobile from the start of the game. With his first skill he can easily attack and dodge attacks at the same time. This gives him the mobility to escape sudden attacks from assassins that can easily takedown marksman within seconds.
Thou he can both melee and range at the same time be cautious of stunners that would look out for you to take you down first because of the danger you can cause in a match.
His ultimate is a great danger to the opponent since it cause damage to everybody in the opposing team even to the likes of Natalia.
Here is my clip when trying out Yi Sun Shin and got a PENTAKILL!!!

Drakabsyu (3031 21194117)
Role: Adr
capabilities: Good Attack Range/Lane control/Global Skill
Weakness: Squishy/2nd Skill sometimes tricky

I often play Yi Sun-shin on mid lane, and I focus on its 2nd skill that allows to harass
enemy and clear lanes fast. As it is supper effective looking at its passive.

Early Game:
Focus on farm first and harass your enemy as possible as you can. I usually build thor's Sting for its
first item for it can hasten your farm more and can have advantage in the lane.

Mid Game:
Remember to vary your item build to the opponent you encounter, it is very important to know what item to
have in situations and the like. And remember always be patience when it comes to initiation.

Late Game:
Again items you purchase is very precious for the reason it can change the outcome of the game. For me I prefer
much needed damage as you can see on the vid above.

1stm8 (6030 24777692)

Use combos of glaiving or ability on them and get them to move around.
Build-wise I've experimented with focus on DMG + Lifesteal + attack speed + Demon wings (for extra hp and extra dmg when below 40% and then some more damage.)

I use purify so I can get out of stuns when ganked, get out of melee range and shoot them.

You should know how to kite (stay out of melee range, and whenever approached use skill1 to get away)
It also helps with utilising the passive. you can shoot them with skill2 or use melee attack to inflict bleeding and slow, then jump away with skill1 or simply run (kite) & shoot.

TIP#1: Skill one can be used to chase with too, so you atack backward to leap towards fleeing enemy, then shoot.

TIP#2: You can also leap over smaller obstackles with the skill so you can escape through walss enemy has to go around!

TIP#3: Look at the minimap often. When you see clashes occurring between your teammates on other lanes and enemy, help them with your ult. Keep in mind that those circles appear first and there's a slight delay between that and receiving the damage. I've had the most success with sending the ult when they pinned down and stunned one of my teammates, cause then they're focused on attacking and they either take the damage, finish that teammate off, but the rest have a better chance now against them, with lower hp, or they stop attacking to flee the damage and i save a teammate. In any case the 3 shots of Yi's ult disorients and helps in teamfights.

Tip#4: Look at the base from time to time to see if you have mount available, and use it whenever tactically it could be advantageour (getting from bot lane to top lane to help for example. tp home and ride top is fast) or when teamfight might be imminent, so you can stun with skill while riding.

All in all i think it's a very versatile hero. Playing with it is a gratifying experience. Getting MVP so easily with ult - a little less so...but I'm enjoying playing with the hero. Looks badass too :P
I'm looking forward to experimenting with it's mechanics and potential and posting an update :)

BONUS Team tip: If you're playing with a friend, get someone who has some ability that moves the enemy hero around, for added effect of the passive (I didn't test it yet but it might work)
Imagine shooting the enemy with skill2 and then Franco pulling them in or lee kicking them back. It might just have enough stackability to the bleeding effect to make a great difference.

sheenkz09 (3031 23254410)
I've been playing Yi for now and all I can say his very versatile and also fun to play specially his ult hehehe :P ;P

damager (but not as like miya), hybrid, agile, Epic ulti (You will be MVP if you use it wisely
squishy easy to kill (if you dont reposition yourself frequently especially team figt) :'(

ITEM BUILDS (Current Item comba that works well in my play style)

note: (some items will be change depending on any scenario and playstyle you want)


for me Yi's will be more effective if you will constantly change your angle and position, Movement and Positioning is a key)
still you can choose other abilities depending on you playstyle.


this is sound silly but this is the essential way of making faster money and building items.

Level up 2nd skill always(Blood Floods) -> 1st Skill(One-Wave-Sweep) -> Ulti(Mountain Shocker)

In pushing lane always use the 2nd skill either harassing enemies or killing minions it has a very long range coverage and bleeding effect so make this as advantage. TIP(Long press the 2nd skill to maximize the range output and also it will double up the bleeding effect)

Dodging and maneuverability, use your 1st skill (One-Wave-Sweep) either in dodging enemy CC's or chasing them, this could be also useful jumping in a wall or an obstacle in a terrain TIP(be aware that in using this skill since Yi's will automatically jump backward if you choose to target in front of you.. so if you want to jump in the other side you need to target it manually on the opposite side)

MOUNTAIN SHOCKER is a MVP TOOL (SPOILER ALERT: hahaha! many will really angry of you if you are really greedy so use it in cautioun ;P) so if you want to be greedy? here's how! :P ALWAYS ALWAYS Check the MAP!! find if there is any Team fights, see to it that if there is an enemy that have low HP and (slowly press the third skill with a GREEDY SMILE ON YOUR FACE HAHAH!) nope just kidding Press it automatically either you will get the kill or you have the assist it always a WIN WIN scenario right? hahaha!

TIPS (In team fights use it right away when the BATTLE is heating on! you dont need to use it in Last hitting the Enemies the key of this is that you need to utilize its Ability Effect which is Bleeding and Slow the more the enemies get hit with the Mountain Shocker it will double up or tripple its effect! SO USE IT!) and also (Use this ability to insta MAP HACK! NO KIDDING! since it will hit all the enemy team you can automatically find out where they at! NICE right? hehehe! ;P)

Always practice using Yi, you can't be so good with one thing if your are not doing and practicing it frequently. PRO TIP (SO KEEP CHECKING THE MAP & SPAMMING THE 3RD SKILL OK??? HAHAHA!) Just Kidding.

Hope you like my Guide and also my fanart! THANKS TO MLBB Team for this amazing game! MORE POWER TO YOU GUYS! See you in the Game! PEACE YO!

ART (3014 8703976)
I always start by farming up to level Four to unlock his prowess and global presence. Always look at the map and ready your ultimate, don't hesitate to use it because even if it is just an assist it will give your gold for items and can definitely be a game changer.

I build him out with RAW damage to amplify his ultimate skill.

First skill: I use it for position or to chase my prey.

Second skill: I use it for poke, it really hurts if you're able to charge it up plus the bleed damage.

Ultimate skill:  One of the best skill in the game, you are able to help out your team mates even if you're not with them. (Always SPAM it if you can see that other lanes are clasing.)

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Thanks for featuring my guide MLBB team.. hope I help other players.. even though Im not pro hehe BTW Thank you so much! :D
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Thanks for featuring my gameplay guide and for the great rewards! Got my franco just now with tickets. Yeheyyy! I'll be sure to participate in the next event and ask my friends to join too! :)
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Thanks for guide
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