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[Hero Techniques] The Path of Darkness - an in-depth Argus guide

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Argus and Rafaela were heavenly angels that descended into the land of dawn at the same time. One responsible for eradicating evil, the other for eradicating suffering. As Argus went through countless battles, he soon became obsessed with the pursuit of power. One time during a battle, he heard the call of an ancient being. Argus soon lost control of his ambitions and became corrupted. He was able to break the seal of the ancient being to summon forth a blazing demonic blade. By sacrificing his own life to the blade, he was able to gain even more power. Now, Argus wanders the world, seeking conflict and war, so that he can consume more lives with his blade.

Argus - The Fallen Swordsman


-- Strong Duelist
-- High Mobility
-- High Sustain
-- Incredible Splitpush capability


-- Squishy
-- Weak against any CC
-- Heavily relies on Skill 1


Pre-game Builds


Jungle Emblem

This is your primary emblem set. This set offers everything Argus needs: hybrid sustain, movement speed, attack speed, and damage. If you do not have this over Lv.35, use the Physical Emblem set.

Physical Emblem

A good all-around emblem set. It offers a bit of HP and armor, attack speed, damage, and a slight crit chance modifier. It lacks magic resistance, which is vital for taking down squishy mages.





This is the primary build I use in most situations. If I am able to splitpush with a reliable team, I go for the extra movement speed from Windstalker. Once your build is full, sell your boots for immortality if you are having trouble splitting.


If your team composition versus the enemy's team composition does not allow you to splitpush, switch Windstalker with BF. This increases your crit damage and physical attack immensely. Once your build is complete, immediately sell your boots for immortality when you can.


Let's be real: sometimes your team refuses to tank. In order to alleviate possible problems, this build comes in handy. It gives you incredible sustain with extra HP, another revive, and a bit of damage to finish some heroes off. This build allows you to charge in, have the enemy use all their CC on you, revive with immortality, and pop your ultimate to keep the fight going.


Battle Spells

Retribution is your main spell you should be using. Coupled with Hunter's Knife and its upgrades, it provides insane jungle clear, increased exp from the jungle, and can help with stealing jungle camps. With an upgraded knife, you also can upgrade this spell to help with chasing, sustain, or damage.

Inspire is also a great spell for Argus. Hitting more times is always a good this with your insane sustain. If your team is heavy on Retribution users, it's probably best to grab this as you won't be able to utilize Retribution to it's fullest potential with no jungle camps.


Skill Builds

Primary Damage

This will be your primary skill build for maximum damage output early. This build sacrifices mobility for damage.

Primary Mobility

This build focuses on mobility. Each skill level, your cooldown for Demonic Grip will decrease by 0.5 seconds. Maxing this first allows you to get in and out of tough situations quicker, while sacrificing damage.

Note: I would not build evenly with your skills. While your damage and mobility would both even out, you are sacrificing both high mobility or high damage for mediocre mobility and damage.


Now that we have pre game out of the way, let's talk in-game.


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