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[Hero Techniques] Irithel Full Guide V2.0 (Gear,Spell,Emblem,Tips)

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Edited by Djentist at 2018-1-9 02:25 PM

Hi guys,

I'm Irithel main with 350+ matches and 75% win rate.

I'm gonna show you how to effectively build your Irithel as well as what emblems/spells to use; because I see too many guides out there misleading people about her true potential.

*After listening to opinions and trying out Retri-Irithel building BF first in game, I feel that it's a risky move still. Ultimately, only choose retri-Irithel if you're playing in rank with duo/trio team if possible. The same problem with your jungle being cleared by other teammates is a high probability. And only retri-Irithel if you face YSS/Clint/Kagura + you have squishy teammates/enemies. If not I stand corrected about my Inspire-based build and guide. Classic playstyle always work because it's a good failsafe. You can never be too sure what's coming up in your battles these days. And please don't build full jungle gear when using retri, just hunter's knife is sufficient. And go ahead and steal enemy's mid jungle by camping in bushes nearby and waiting for jungle health to be low before coming out and retri-spell. This applies to all MM with retribution.


Game start item highlights (go by this order): Hunter's knife -> Vampire Mallet -> Swift Boots -> Haas's Claws

1.Haas's Claws
(you can skip and choose BF if your opponent is not aggressive or is a noob. Follow sequence like Haas's Claws by substituting HC with BF in the guide below, then build HC immediately after BF & boots)
2.Swift Boots

.Scarlet Phantom

4.Berserker's Fury

5.Blade of Despair

6.Malefic Roar

Optional/Situational for item 6 if not Malefic Roar: Deadly Blade/Demon Hunter Sword/Windtalker/Athena's Shield

Last item after every slot used: Attack Potion

For gear building at the start of the game, buy hunter's knife and then save up till 400 gold and buy Vampire's Mallet as first item. Reason is because you need a little lifesteal to stop your HP from depleting early game and also the cost of the item early game, plus nowadays most mid laners use Retribution to farm fast.

And never, I mean NEVER BUILD DEMON HUNTER SWORD FIRST. Number one no no!!!!!! I already tried experimenting and looking at the HP it gives; barely enough compared to the 20% lifesteal from Haas's Claws. You will definitely LOSE out to enemy MM with Haas's Claws in terms of sustainability. Guaranteed.

At start you're given 300 gold already, it's not hard to reach to 400 after spending 280 on hunter's knife. Then start to build swift boots because Irithel needs to constantly move in and out of the target range to kite and poke, and also dodging attacks.

And time your creep score so that you can maximise gold. You win farming by good timing and safe plays in early game.

Next, build Scarlet Phantom after Haas's Claws (not god damn Berserker's Fury) because her priority is always speed over critical first in gear building. Because critical Dmg is kinda useless without Scarlet Phantom, why not get that extra speed first? Remember, Irithel is a machine gun artillery, not a critical beast like Layla/Bruno etc. For Layla of course build Berserker's Fury first.

After Scarlet and Berserker combo, you can choose Windtalker or just build Blade of Despair next by using your remaining 2 item slot (sell hunter's knife now) for their item recipe. If you choose to build BOD first, go for Malefic Roar afterwards.

This is a guranteed tank buster or if you don't have enemy tanks or only one, go for Windtalker. For team buff, you can even buy Deadly Blade if you got lifesteal hungry enemy like Zilong, Roger or Alucard, most MM etc.

If you find yourself dying ever too often due to enemy CC and mages, go for Athena's Shield.

Or if your enemy has lots of HP based tanks like Akai/Grock, go for Demon Hunter Sword to counter further their health. (Advice from Top 1 Global Irithel, LazyNickz. Thanks senpai for the tip!)



I've seen many people liking to use retribution on Irithel. But because of her early and late game nature, don't and I repeat DON'T use Retribution on Irithel. Retribution on Irithel is one of the most selfish and not to mention useless thing to do (WHEN YOUR ENTIRE TEAM RETRI-STEAL YOUR JUNGLE, GOOD LUCK), because she shines at artillery bombarding your whole enemy team, not getting level advantage like other MMs (YSS, Miya, Layla, Moskov etc). You'll need Inspire to quickly kill off the whole team because they will soon scatter apart to counter her Ulti.

She farms too slow even for jungle set + Retribution during early game and Retribution becomes useless in mid/late game. And you can use Inspire to down turret super fast when those Retri-MM go jungle to farm, and then use Ulti to escape after down tower if they come back already. Also, full jungle gear (making retribution a slow spell on heroes) is best for assassins, not MM or mage. Focus on building your main gears, then you won 30% of the game already.

Irithel is a team-dependent MM, not a sniper or hitman like other MMs. If you ask me, she's more on assist than kills. That's how you carry your team mid/late game using Inspire if they are having trouble killing your enemies.


If you really must resort to retribution due to the situation needs mentioned at the start of this guide, build Hunter's Knife only and NOT full jungle gear. Then skip Haas's Claws and go right to Berserker's Fury. This is only if you face fast farming enemies like YSS/Clint etc.


Jungle Set

For me, I personally prefer Jungle Set because of the additional percentage of attack speed and movement speed it gives. This is super crucial for Irithel as she depends heavily on good movement and attack speed. It will help you in jungling and in fights. Physical emblem is also alright, though I feel Jungle set is better. Both is fine to use. Maybe the new Marksman Emblem will be better, who knows?

1. When using Irithel, always move in a figure of eight motion. And NEVER STOP MOVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean it.
And please for the love of God, don't get hit by Kagura's Umbrella because you have the excuse of moving while attacking.

Don't let her poke you to near death and then ulti comes, teleport and bam you're dead.

2. Always push turrets first, or if you can't push because of good defence from enemy mid, clear mid lane super fast and go help other lanes when you're level 6 onwards. Alternatively, ask your team to help turtle together works too. Of course, please wait for the right time when there are no minions in lane and the next wave is still far away/not spawn yet.

3. Try not to recall back to base because you will waste a lot of XP rate and time. If you must recall, clear minion wave as fast as you can and then recall. Sometimes depending on timing, you should not wait until your bars are fully regen. Just go when it's 90-95% full. 1 Sec is a lot for mid laning, and that second can take out 30% of turret health already if the MM uses Inspire to hit turret while you are away.

4. While casting Ulti, always jump sideways or backwards depending on situation, only forward when enemy is running away already. NEVER jump into the middle of the crowd; you will die super easy and fast. Free food for enemy lol. Please use your Ulti to clear minions too if you find yourself rushing a little late to turret to defend so that you don't risk losing too much turret health. Also use this when you see empty top or bottom lanes so that you can quickly rush to fill the empty space.

5. This applies to all mid laners but I will put it here; watch the map constantly and the moment that the enemy is missing in action, they can be: one, jungling; two, recalling; three, going to turtle; four, waiting in bush and looking at the right moment to gank you. Be very, very CAREFUL of ganks during early game in mid. This almost always happen in high ELO.

Thanks for viewing my guide, Irithel users let me know what you think in the comment section below and please criticise me for whichever parts that I'm missing. All criticism are welcome!

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thats gret
Post time 2018-1-3 11:35 PM | Show all posts
Can I ask your season 6 rank before the reset if you dont mind?
 Author| Post time 2018-1-4 07:15 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
CastingCouch012 replied at 2018-1-3 11:35 PM
Can I ask your season 6 rank before the reset if you dont mind?

Sure! Honestly I pushed all the way to Legend V from Epic IV just 4 days before the reset lol. Before that I solo q all the way.

I don't consider myself pro but I solo q or duo mostly with a decent Hilda. I find that Irithel shines the most when you got a solid tank who protects the hell out of you, if not she's easily food as there's many MM killers now in early game who are looking to halt MM's farm rate by taking them out often by ganks.

Forgive me if I'm nub haha :P
 Author| Post time 2018-1-4 12:19 PM | Show all posts
Hi guys, I've edited the guide and updated it with more in-depth explanations and details. Please take a look and let me know! :)
Post time 2018-1-4 01:14 PM | Show all posts
Hi, does it works if I build critical item first, [Berserker's Fury] and then lifeseteal [Haas Claws]? Because I think Irithel needs crit in early game.


Updated: It does work if you're a confident Irithel user that can play safe for your HP + retribution spell. If not, super easy to die....  Post time 2018-1-9 02:26 PM
 Author| Post time 2018-1-4 01:24 PM | Show all posts
DarkSlayerVS replied at 2018-1-4 01:14 PM
Hi, does it works if I build critical item first,  and then lifeseteal [Haas Claws]? Because I think ...

Hi DarkSlayerVS,

It is not really recommended as you will lack sustain plus too low of a critical damage from the gear.

Berserker's Fury works both ways, you need both Physical Attack to be sufficient, not just critical rate. If your overall Physical Attack is too low, even with Berserker's Fury's passive of Doom, the damage will not be enough. And also the item cost of BF is too high for early game. By the time you build that, your enemy MM will have Haas Claws already or other essential gears.

In 1v1 trade you will definitely lose out because of lower stats and DPS.

Also do note that Irithel's attack speed sucks in lower levels so your critical gear will just hit crit only a few times...... That's the reason why I recommend speed gears (Scarlet Phantom) right after Haas Claw and Swift boots.

For Layla, Berserker's Fury works for her second/third gear after Haas Claw and Swift boots because Layla's critical damage is quite high even at that point in game, so her DPS will outwin a Layla with Scarlet Phantom (considering both Laylas have Haas claws and boots at this point).

For Irithel, always prioritise attack speed and movement first before critical/damage gears, because Scarlet Phantom always work with Berserker's Fury/Windtalker.

If you really want to go with Berserker's Fury first, I suggest you buy Vampire Mallet at least so that you have a bit of lifesteal compared to zero sustain.
Post time 2018-1-4 01:46 PM | Show all posts
What do you think of my gear. First jungle item yeah but without retr. Just attack speed spell.

1. Windtalker - needed get few attackspeed and movement spd. Critchance can wait in late game
2. Rapid Boots - I know i can get other boots for atk spd but i don't like letting anyone escape.
3. Haasclaw - atk and ls, why not? XD
4. Scarlet Phantom - More attackspeed, dmg and critchance (You can win mid game with 4 gears)
5. Berserk's Fury - More damage and crit. Will be scary at late game
6. Blade of Despair - GGWP.

also buy bottle too xD
 Author| Post time 2018-1-4 03:15 PM | Show all posts
OOrmak replied at 2018-1-4 01:46 PM
What do you think of my gear. First jungle item yeah but without retr. Just attack speed spell.

1.  ...

Hmmm good suggestion, it may work but I just worry when you jungle, your hp will fall too low. If not this may work too..

Rapid boots + Windtalker + Buff looks super good on Irithel. She will be a small speedy monster hahaha.

Haven't try so I can't really tell haha.
Post time 2018-1-4 04:11 PM | Show all posts
I have question about spell and jungle item. I have tried your build and i find it very slow to kill jungle monsters without retribution spell. I also have problem with hunter knife as i find that i'm running out of mana too often, i usually buy lvl 2 jungle that refill some mana when she kills monster.
Any advice on that or i'm doing something wrong?
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