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[Hero Techniques] skil collection for miya

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Miya the Moonlight Archer

Marksman / Reap

Miya is one of the most fascinating yet most wonderful hero located in Mobile Legends. By far, she is one of the most strongest range attacker. A marksman and is perfect for jungling. Today I will be teaching you the guides or tips of using her.

Miya was marked as the No. 1 Hero globally at Mobile Legends. Miya strikes arrows onto her foes and destroy creeps only in a short amount of time. If you want to get MVP in the every match you play, then I suggest that you must master Miya first. She might look so simple, but know that her basic attack can painfully hurt a hero or someone.

Basically, Miya is a range attacker, not a fighter. So it is important for you to avoid fighters like Zilong ; Argus and Even tankers like Franco ; Tigreal ; Grock ; Johnson, etc. Know that you are weak at first. But once you'll get stronger, you'll be able to match with them.

I do not own any pics or wallpapers. All the credits of the images included in this disucssion goes to their rightful and responsible owner ^_^

[*] Miya's Skills [*]

Miya's Passive Turbo Attack

Miya increases her attack speed whenever she continues on firing basic attacks against her foes. Allowing her to stack up to 10 times and attack her enemy even more faster. This is perfect when an enemy is AFK or for a tower. Evenly, for jungles, turtle and the Lord. Her attack speed will increase up to 4% and will last for 3 seconds only.

Miya's Fission Shot

This skill allows Miya to split her arrows into two, hitting two opponents. Mobile Legends stated that it will deal 10 points of Magic Damage to the main target or to her main opponent. Also dealing 65% Basic Attack Damage. Lasts for 4s. You can use this to increase your damage to attack an enemy even further. This is one of Miya's deadliest attack. The Damage increases whenever the skill is upgraded.

Miya's Rain of Arrows

This skill allows Miya to shoot large amount of arrows up into the sky, and strikes down into the targeted area. Leaving all her foes in the area being slowed and damaged. After 4 hits, the marksman's enemy which are still standing at the area will be frozen for 1s. Allowing Miya to have the chance to beat her foes down or to make an escape.

Turbo Stealth

This skill is perfect when making an escape, it removes all the negative buffs or effects being affected at Miya's body and increases her movement speed by 2.5% and lasts for 45s. Also, increases your attack speed for 6% for 35s. So use this skill wisely. This is mostly used when pursuing your opponent or to run away/to make an escape.

[*] Descriptions and Notes for the Gameplay [*]
Article / Important Notes

Miya is a wonderful and a strong marksman, she uses her bow to hunt down her foes. With her stunning arrows. Miya's skill are basically not used when defeating an enemy, but to slow them. Miya's second skill the Rain of Arrows allows her to slow down her foe and damage it with every arrow miya will send. The damage or the attack hit will be increased whenever the skill is upgraded. Miya's first skill, the Fission Shot deals deadly damage onto her enemy. This allows her to instantly damage her enemies. And her arrows can split up into two, allowing her to damage multiple enemies in an attack. It will last only for a short amount of time.

Miya can become deadly when her items are complete. She is probably useful when supporting. But rushing or attacking, doesn't fit for her role. Whenever you see a tank or a fighter, never intend to interfere with it. Just try to avoid it. Wait for your teammates to grab it. For example, your teammate argus, fought with zilong and Argus was losing, you'll go act as a support and aid Argus upon defeating your enemy. Always take note that Heroes gives lots of gold when being killed.

Plus, when you chosed Miya as your Hero at the Hero selection panel, choose the 'Inspire' ability for Miya. Yes, this is perfect. It will greatly increase her attack speed. Miya's basic attack deals deadly damage towards her foes. So the most important stat or statistics you will need to improve first are the : Attack Speed, Attack Damage and the Movement Speed. Once you fulfilled all of these, you will need to buy a lifesteal item. This allows Miya to become invincible. Miya can hunt down Lord all by herself, when she had lifesteals and fast attack speeds.

At the beginning of the game, first you will purchase a hunter's knife, then you also need to gather coins/golds by attacking the minions. (Enemy's minions of course). When you reached level 3 or above, you must go and attack the spinners, get some buffs and continue jungling. When you're team's turret is under attacked in a random lane, go and try to defend it before it goes down. Stop all those who dares to stand in your way when jungling.

There are three types of methods to do when your HP or Health is low.

[* One is to defeat minor jungle monsters. Like tiny spinners, or the trolls, etc.
[* Second is to recall. This allows you to retreat back to your base and recover all your HP and mana.
[* Third is to use the Regeneration Ability (Also known as Regen). This will help you heal your HP in a short amount of time.

Probably, the most majestic way to recover your health points, is to steal the HP of heroes or the monsters. This will require you to get many lifesteal items. Lifesteal is perfect for you to become invincible.

[*] Jungling or Farming With Miya [*]
Tip No. 1

Jungling is the most awesome way to acquire more golds or coins. Do this when you are strong enough to beat the spinners and the reapers.
There are many newbies of Mobile Legends that doesn't know what jungling is. Well, another name for Jungling is Farming. The complete definition is that Jungling means that you need to beat all the monsters outside your kingdom or outside your base. There are many jungle monsters outside the wilderness. And each of them grants awesome buffs, large amount of gold and pack of EXPs.

I am going to classify the Jungle Monsters. Be sure to read their descriptions, they might be useful for your gameplay. Always remember, know the minors first before going through the major


Jungle Monsters

-= This photo was determined to be true. The Terms included in there are stated by the Mobile Legends Team =-

The Lord

The Lord is the most powerful Jungle Monster ever to exist in Mobile Legends. He is the upholder of the wilderness and personal ruler of the land. Defeat him and you'll gain his control. The Lord cannot be defeated easily. Unlike the other monsters, the Lord uses his powerful and stunning skills to destroy or penetrate his enemies using his deadly sword. Once he is defeated, he will be ressurected at the base of the previous player who killed him, and he will act as an ally of the player and aid them defeat their enemy. He will choose the lane with the least turrets standing. The Lord usually spawns at the middle of the game.

The Turtle

The turtle is the second most powerful and dreadful jungle monster of the game. The turtle usually spawns at the beginning of the game. Unlike the Lord, the turtle throws magical breaths unto its foes. Dealing large amount of damage. Once defeated, the turtle will give lots of bounty/gold and exp to the team who defeated it. So If your team is lack of gold and level, then I prefer you to beat this monster before the Lord will arrive.

The Spinner

There are two types of spinners ; The Tiny one and the Larger one. The Little provides healing buff to the player once it is defeated. The Larger one provides a buff to the player that strengthens its statistics or stats based upon its class. I would suggest that if you are farming, then you need to beat the spinners first. They are quiet useful for you while jungling.

The Reaper

The Reaper is just like the larger spinner. But much more powerful. The Reaper deals powerful damage using its claws. And has high amount of HP. By far, also one of the strongest jungle monsters of Mobile Legends : Bang Bang. Once the Reaper is defeated, the player who defeated it shall receive a buff, the same as what the Larger Spinner gives. So use it this buff wisely. This will increase your basic attack damage. The Reaper also gives plenty of Gold once it is defeated.

Other Jungle Monsters

There are also other jungle monsters, if I am to name them, they are minor monsters. These four are major monsters. Those minor are not too powerful enough to beat you. So I suggest that when you need to level up, you must defeat them first before going through the major. These minors include giving health buffs. As same like the little spinner gives. Use them wisely.


Farming and Jungling With Miya Pt. 2


Miya is a great marksman and is usually perfect when jungling/farming. At the Hero Selection Panel (Located at the beginning of the game/After everyone had entered) Choose Miya. Go to the Equipment Schemes and Choose Jungling. Once done, close it and go to the Abilities. Clik the 'Inspire' ability. This will allow Miya to greatly enhance herself and increase her attack speed for a short amount of time. Then go to emblem sets, then click the 'Fighter Emblem'. Not Jungle. If you want to choose Jungle, then you are free. Cause they're both the same XD

When the game starts, choose your lane (Mid;Top;Bottom). Don't forget to buy the item Hunter's Knife. This will make your attacks deadly towards the Jungle Monsters. Then defeat the enemy's minions. Once you reached level 3 and above, head towards the spinners. Attack it and acquire the buffs. Once done, go to the troll. Kill it. Keep on jungling till you reach level 7. (Don't forget to equip your jungle items, this will allow you to make your damage deadly towards the jungle monsters) Head for the Turtle. Kill it and acquire the golds and EXPs. Once done, aid your teammates. Take note that never approach the fighters and the tanks. You can, but your strength isn't enough for them yet.

When you had completely buffed your items and purchased them all, you are now strong enough to beat everyone. You also need to master Miya's spells and how to move quickly the joystick. This allows you to save yourself from being killed. Continue to support your teammates.

Continue to Jungle, every Jungle Monsters provide different buffs. So use them wisely. You can also lifesteal upon them when you don't have enough HP. Never forget to kill the minors to receive some HP. Majors give plenty of golds and exp. Minors gives HPs.


[*] Learning to Master Miya's Skills [*]

Tip No. 2

As of what I have stated earlier, you also need to master Miya's skills. Especially Miya's Rain of Arrows. Take note that Miya's skills might not be dreadful or painful towards your opponent, but they can support you. Miya's Fission Shot aids you by strengthening your arrows.

Miya's Skills can aid her towars her foes. Now let's learn to master all of them.

How to Master Miya's Fission Shots Skill

Miya's Fission Shots Skill allows Miya to split her arrow into two plus strengthening her basic attack. But know that this will only last in a few seconds only. So use it wisely.

The Fission Shots Skill is perfect when you are attacking an enemy. As of what I stated earlier, Miya can increase her attack speed in a short amount of time when she continues to shoot her foe. While shooting, try to activate the Fission Shots Skill, then instantly click the second skill (Rain of Arrows) This is to slow your foe. It will also deal some amount of damage against it. Also, once you activated Rain Of Arrows, also activate your inspire ability. Then continue hitting your foe. Once you're weak and your enemy casts you a spell and growed a negative buff. Use your Turbo Stealth skill and try to run away or rush into a nearby bush. Heal yourself using the Regeneration Ability (Or Regen). Then do the same all over again.

I got over 29 Kills and 0 Deaths in a ranked match last time, using Miya. I got maniacs and legendaries, plus two savages. I'm new in Mobile Legends though, but I seem to get it. My rank is Master III now, and I'm level 18 ^^.

By the way. Continue this until you will finally achieve it and master Miya's skills.

How to Master Miya's Rain of Arrows Skill

Miya's Rain of Arrows skill is useful to slow your foe. While attacking your enemy, activate the rain of arrows skill and it will slow your foe. Then instantly beat him. When done, try to regenerate your health. One of the most important stats for you to improve is Lifesteal. Do it by purchasing plenty of lifesteal items. ( I didn't tell you to fill your item bar of lifesteal items, I suggest you to buy 3 lifesteal items, this includes Haa's Claws and Endless Battle).

Miya's Rain of Arrows is also useful for stunning your opponents, it can freeze your foes. But you need to lock them in the targeted area. The Rain Of Arrows is a perfect pair when someone will try to attack you. It will slowly decrease their attack speed, allowing you to get the chance to eradicate them.

How to Master Miya's Turbo Stealth Skill

This skill is only used when escaping or pursing down your opponents or your foes. This allows Miya to greatly increase her movement speed and making her invisible for 1s. Also increases her attack rate/attack speed. So use this wisely.

You can use this when chasing or escaping. Like whenever your health is low. Activate this and rush towards a bush, hide there and recall. Miya's Turbo Stealth Skill is a combination of invisibility and Miya's previous skill, Turbo.

[*] How to Master Miya's Movements [*]

Tip No. 3

The movements are one more major statistic for you to master. Miya's survivability depends on your movements. Which actually means that you need to have a fast or quick finger. Whenever your health is low, quickly go to a nearby turret or a bush then recall. Also, when using a skill, you need to press it immediately or instantly. Quickly, without any extra movements. Once you failed, then you're screwed.

Miya is too hard to be played with, I mean, you can't control her easily. She might be strong but she requires a smart and expert player. Master Miya's movements. Those who are expert at typing at android or iPhone devices, can easily master through her movements.

Don't worry, soon you'll be able to achieve this. Just keep playing. You can test your knowledge at the AI Bot Match.
Always remember that Miya's Survivability depends on your action and in your movement. Be sure to master these. In order for you to fully Master upon using the Moonlight Archer, Miya.


[*] Battleground Spells That Usually Fits for Miya [*]


Inspire allows Miya to greatly increase her attack speed. This is very effective when you are trying to fight a hero. Unite this with the Fission Shot Skill in order for Miya to become incredibly Strong.


Retribution is perfect for Miya. This is only effective against the Jungle Monsters and Creeps. Retribution deals large amount of Damage towards the jungle monsters. Allowing Miya to instantly finish the Monsters in a short amount of time ; Retributions can be upgraded through purchasing Jungle Items at Shop.


[*] Equipment Purchasing Orders [*]

At the Hero Selection Panel, at the beginning of the Game, be sure to check at 'Equipment Schemes' and choose 'Jungling'. This will allow you to buy all the jungle items. Also, whenever two items appear at the upper right corner of your screen, don't just keep on pressing randomly. You also need to choose which Item you'll be taking with you first.

I recommend you to buy first Hunter's Knife, then begin to kill minions till you'll reach Level 3 and can start Jungling/Farming. Remember to achieve the items at the Equipment Scheme. Those items can buff Miya up. Allowing her to become more deadly and unstoppable.

I also stated ealier that you will need to harvest more gold in order to get more items ; This is by Farming/Jungling and Killing Minions. Also, slaying Heroes. Grow your money so that you will be able to buy majestic and useful items from the shop.

Don't also forget to choose the Physical Emblem Set.


You can master Miya when you continue on playing. Remember, the advantage of farming allows Miya to become stronger. Grow your Attack Speed and make your basic attack even more stronger. Also, don't forget to equip the Physical Emblem or the Jungle Emblem. Follow this guide if you want to master Miya quickly.

Also, don't forget to never approach a fighter or tank when you're not buffed up yet. This is to avoid your death. Once you're strong and your basic attack is deadly enough, you will be able to face them.

You also need to understand each description added to each of the items provided at shop. This will help you to choose which item you will pick.

Also, don't forget to master Miya's skills and movements They are very important ;)


[Heroes that Miya Can Fully Get Along With]


Layla can be miya's pair or partner. Perfect when they work together. They are both marksmans, the only thing that differs from them are their weapon. Layla uses her some sort of gun or cannon that she had been bringing with her. This allows her to deal massive damage towards her foes.

While Miya, uses her bow and her arrows to strike her opponents and hunt them down. Though they both can be strong when their basic attack and attack speed are being improved greatly.


Zilong can aid Miya by using his 1st skill. It allows him to transfer the places of his foe. Putting it behind him. While Miya, who's supporting him will be firing their foes. Great teamwork is recquired for this.


Franco is a tank, who deals massive damage. The same like Zilong, Franco uses his hook to drive his foe into him. Dealing massive damages. Miya, who is supporting him, will try to attack their foe, while Franco, continues to stun it. Teamwork is greatly recquired for this to happen. Participation too.


[Heroes that Miya Counter]


Chou might be a great fighter yet his armor becomes weaker whenever Miya hits him. I totally get massive kills of killing Chou. Miya's arrows can penetrate through Chou's warm clothes. Miya can also use her Fission Shot skill. This allows Miya to deal massive amount of damage towards Chou. But becareful, Chou can sometimes beat you whenever he can catch you. Chou wins if there is a turret nearby. That he can easily make an escape.


Irithel is also an archer yet she is also powerful. But not as powerful as Miya. Like Chou, Irithel had an open body that Miya's arrows can easily slip through. Miya can deal massive damage at Irithel using her Fission Shot Skill or her basic attack. Mostly, Irithel can't beat Miya easily. But sometimes, when chasing Irithel down, be sure to use the Turbo Stealth skill to increase your movement speed.


Aurora is a mage, totally, she freezes her enemy using her spells. And can also slow her foes. But, before attacking Aurora, you need to make sure that the Red Bar beneath her mana is not yet full. Because it allows her to freeze you and can deal massive amount of damage. But if its not. Then now's your chance. Also ensure that she doesn't have any support. You can attack her if she had a support but the support must not be a tank. Tanks don't usually die easily. Miya's second skill Rain of Arrows can slow Aurora down, then use the Turbo Stealth, walk towards her and activate your Fission Shots + Inspire. Hunt her down. I totally killed Aurora many times using Miya. So I included her here.


[Heroes That Counter Miya]


Argus deals large mess against you. You can't beat him easily, yet whenever his HP becomes low, his wings will grow and he will enrage over your teammates and you. Allowing him to convert all your damages into his Health/HP. Plus increasing his attack speed / basic attack. So whenever you're beating him. And his wings has grown. Don't intend to fire him. You're only making him even stronger. You can beat argus when you have a support. Support such as the Tanks or the Fighters.


Like what I stated earlier, Zilong can be a good teammate, although, he can also become the baddest enemy you ever had. When his sets or equipments were fully acquired, Zilong is unstoppable. The only thing you can do is to avoid him. Do the same as what you do to Argus in order to beat him. Know that he can fly towards you with his Spear Strike. And can penetrate you using his spear flip. Plus he can increase his attack speed rapidly with his Supreme Warrior skill. So its better to stay away from him if you want to avoid being killed. Zilong can deal massive damage towards you by the way.


Lancelot is a great damage dealer and is totally a painful assasin. His skills can deal massive damage against Miya and can even kill Miya instantly in no time ! You can beat lancelot when you have Argus with you. Although, don't try to go solo against him. I bet you'll be defeated though. Make sure to avoid him whenever he tries to attack you. But if you're fully strong and upgraded. Then I guess he will be the one running.


Good Luck and Take Care !

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super ekill
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Great tips!
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