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Author: Tyler.Xu
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[Advance Server Update] Emblem System

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Post time 2017-12-2 08:43 PM | Show all posts
can you show us the stats of those talents for every emblem? please
Post time 2017-12-3 08:28 AM | Show all posts
Post time 2017-12-3 11:52 AM | Show all posts
AMPASGAKGUNA replied at 2017-12-1 05:00 PM
It does. For more informarion, go look a thread titled "new emblem sneak peek". It is not my threa ...

The first two has become crappy, I know.
But the first two emblems has the most abundant emblem fragments.
So if you max them out, you will get a lot of magic dust since maxed out emblems get converted into magic dust.
Post time 2017-12-3 12:50 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
goarweam replied at 2017-12-3 11:52 AM
The first two has become crappy, I know.
But the first two emblems has the most abundant emblem fr ...

Upgrade emblem also cost bp. Rather than maxed it and get he magic dust, i d rather buy magic dust from shop
Post time 2017-12-3 12:56 PM | Show all posts
AMPASGAKGUNA replied at 2017-12-3 12:50 PM
Upgrade emblem also cost bp. Rather than maxed it and get he magic dust, i d rather buy magic dust ...

Well, of you don't mind spending diamonds to buy the magic dust from shop, good for you.

I am talking based on experience though.
I have 2 maxed emblems, Custom Mage and Common Physical.
Every time I get the emblems for these 2, they get converted into Magic Dust and that allows me to accumulate Magic Dust much faster, which helped me level up my other emblems.

Common Physical and Common Magic emblems are the most abundant emblem fragments, so if you have them maxed out, you get much faster magic dust that will help you level up the other emblems much faster as well.

I hope I am getting the message through.
Post time 2017-12-4 08:59 PM | Show all posts

Hi Faanony and to other players who thinks the new emblem system is pay to win,
First of all as you can see getting BP is very limited to playing ML itself as well as participating in events and such which in turn is used for buying heroes but it is also used in upgrading emblems. Therefore making BP rather scarce although they get more BP when they get duplicate heroes from events such as the lucky box event and magic wheel(though on my personal opinion it does help a lot but it is still not enough to get the heroes as well as upgrading emblems, you personally have to make a choice between the two).

As for the second part wherein gathering the emblems themselves, players who are willing to use up real money to get advantage in terms of getting the fragments would still find themselves at a limit in terms of purchasing them since there are limits to how many you can buy in a day/week using diamonds and that even though you buy 1-5 sets of the emblem packages you will only find yourself boosting it to maybe 1-5 levels depending on how much diamonds you use.

which is why regardless of how many diamonds a paying player tops up, it can only get you to little places and I would personally advice you use it on skins instead and rekt/play against players in style . In any case as I've mentioned earlier the purpose of the emblem packages is for players who want to get ahead of others by a bit or to catch up on to others since they've recently joined or would even prefer investing on heroes rather than emblems.

I do hope this explanation clears up that even though there will be a new emblem system, the game is not pay to win as you think it is and that the game still relies heavily on skill and team coordination.
Post time 2017-12-5 12:34 AM | Show all posts
Edited by FAANONY at 2017-12-5 12:42 AM

Post time 2017-12-5 04:59 PM | Show all posts
i like it this very good
Post time 2017-12-5 06:36 PM | Show all posts
What if all of your emblem are already at its maximum level and then you still have magic dust. What will happen do the remaining magic dust?
Post time 2017-12-6 12:30 AM | Show all posts
Seems nice system though sadly we can only have save data and starlight members get to have another extra save data for creating an emblem
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