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[Advance Server Update] Emblem System

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New Emblem System:

Dear player, old emblem system has been with us for over a year. As time went by, we have found some flaws in the system. For example, 6 emblem sets are not so specially made for roles, players have limited choices and lack of pursuit towards emblems. As a result, we substantially adjusted and improved the emblem system. Hope you enjoy the new system and give us your precious feedback.

New Emblem System Description

1.To make each emblem set more unique and distinguishable, we have adjusted the old 8 emblem sets' builds and attributes, now each emblem set will become more suitable and enhanced for each role.

2.Added a whole new emblem set for Marksman - Custom Marksman Emblem

3.Added whole new emblem talent system: Each emblem talent will be unlocked when its matching emblem set reaches lv.15. Each emblem set provides up to 8 to 9 kinds of attributes and talents with unique effects. You can create almost a hundred talent combinations according to your preference. Only with the right emblem sets, your heroes will be able to give their best in the battleground! (Please check more details in Rules of Emblem Set in the game)

4.As the new emblem system goes online, we have remade the emblem UIs to make it easier for you to understand the new system with enhanced visual effects

5.Rule changes of unlocking emblem sets: At the beginning, you own 2 common emblem sets for free. The rest 7 sets will be available when your account reached lv.10, you can unlock 2 emblem sets for free. After that, you have to unlock emblem sets with magic dust or diamonds. Free unlocks will be given to you according to the number of your current emblems set.

6.Cost changes of upgrading emblem sets: We adjusted each emblem sets' attributes and upgrading cost to make the upgrade more reasonable. Total cost will be almost the same as before. You current emblem level will be saved.

Changes are as follows:

Emblem Level Total Fragment Cost of New Emblem System Total Fragment Cost of Old Emblem System
Lv.1 - Lv.10 483 450
Lv.11 - Lv.20 1210 1450
Lv.21 - Lv.30 2540 2500
Lv.31 - Lv.40 3880 3975
Lv.41 - Lv.50 5510 5930
Lv.51 - Lv.60 9150 8650
Total Cost From Lv.1 to Lv.60 22773 22955

Advanced Server New Emblem System Testing Rewards

As a thank-you gift for the Advanced Server players testing Emblem System, all Advanced Server players (who own an account already) will get:

a.200 Magic Dust and 200 Marksman Emblem Fragments from in-game mail

b.Marksman Emblem Fragments from Marksman Emblem Quest in Events Hall every day

c.Custom Marksman Emblem from Special Giftpack in Shop

d.All 7 unlocked talent points for test before formal server update. After formal server update, talent points will be reset according to your actual emblem level.

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El-diablo86 replied at 2017-12-21 05:31 PM
when normal sever have this new emblem setting?

When you stop spamming
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finally there is enough information for us to know how many emblems we need to obtain, please also put all 8 emblems in shop to be sold at specific price? some of us have max 1 or 3 emblems to lv 60, but we dont want to keep buying 50 diamond per 44 chance of random emblems. if we max out physical emblems we dont want to get repetative emblems again while using diamond to buy. it is a big waste. always make emblems available to be sold in shop individually instead of random thanks. and also allow us to upgrade emblems with assuming 1 diamond per upgrade or something, bp is too slow to get. do your calculations dev.
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Edited by chechenglin at 2017-11-30 10:49 PM

lv 1- lv 60 = 22773 Emblems
9x Different class emblems is 22773 E x 9 = 204,957 Emblems
Random 45 Emblems (lucky if you can get 55) = 50 Diamonds
204,957 Emblems = 227,731 Diamonds
5000 Diamond = 99 USD
227,731 Diamond = 4,509 USD

Ok I am not complain about how expensive it is, I did calculation because sure I will spend that much money to upgrade all 8 different emblems. why? because I don't stick to one hero for the rest of my life, I enjoy this game and use anything. so all emblems are fun and useful for me. but developers make this system so stupid. since this is new update and yet still on advance server, battle server still get to pay more diamond for buying emblems to upgrade. so please sell specific emblems at a specific price at shop 24/7 and not limit to how many we can buy per week. a lot of new player started this game and I am pretty sure everyone wants to max everything and be on top. this system is slow especially the battle points part. yes you can buy all emblems but how long until you upgrade everything? long enough.. and worse part is why 50 diamond for random emblems? what if example I max my physical emblem and tank emblem to lv 60 already? I wouldn't want to buy 50 diamond / 45 random emblems and keep losing my value? we are talking about real money here. please also allow us to use 1 diamond per upgrade of emblems, battle point is really limited, even if you had created the new daily quest. although this is not my concern but some player "kids" are not able to use mommy's credit card, they want to buy hero, so with this limited amount of battle point, should I upgrade emblems or buy hero? and by the way the magical wheel , yes we get emblems chances when we are trying to obtain 200 magical points for miya and syber. which I got both already. so the wheels are useless. I have started this game 2 weeks ago. and a lot of event star light or season skin I am not able to get by diamonds. please put those skins on magical wheels thank you . so we can enjoy spinning the wheel and also get emblems. and remove trail skin gift. so pointless to be honest.

this is coming from a player who really spend money and support this server, I am not complain about price. just make it fair and square and remove those bugs.

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chechenglin replied at 2017-11-30 10:18 PM
lv 1- lv 60 = 22773 Emblems
9x Different class emblems is 22773 E x 9 = 204,957 Emblems

Why would you collect ALL emblem if yoh only use few of it? It is true though that it is expensive.
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AMPASGAKGUNA replied at 2017-11-30 11:33 PM
Why would you collect ALL emblem if yoh only use few of it? It is true though that it is expensive ...

Because it’s fun tbh for me lol also I don’t stick to one hero as well. I find the first two useless even though he HP they give looks so good. I have them all Lv40 and one Lv50. I hope the new marksman vet has crit and attack speed or else I’ll just be using Jungle or assassin otherwise
Post time 2017-12-1 01:27 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Help for connection being good and nothing laggy
Post time 2017-12-1 03:10 AM | Show all posts
chechenglin replied at 2017-11-30 09:57 PM
finally there is enough information for us to know how many emblems we need to obtain, please also p ...

Hi Chechenglin!
Actually for maxed emblems, they turn into magic dusts whenever you collect a repeat of it after you've maxed it which is a fair trade since the game actually promotes more of a grinding side rather than paying(of course this is subjective) As for using diamonds to buy one way to avoid it being a waste is to avail the time limited emblems wherein from time to time specific emblem package are set on sale with a purchase limit, this is so that players who are willing to take the shortcut or players who have recently joined won't be too far ahead or behind of the players who have been playing the game for long.
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DPloi replied at 2017-11-30 11:55 PM
Because it’s fun tbh for me lol also I don’t stick to one hero as well. I find the first two usel ...

It does. For more informarion, go look a thread titled "new emblem sneak peek". It is not my thread but it will help you.
Right, the first 2 emblem is shit. The others seven is what we should pay attention to it.
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