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Hi guys, I am lestertch, from Singapore in the server Asia 1( I suppose as I always receive the latest update first). I have been playing since Season 1 in Sep 2016, so you can say that I have played this game for quite a while now. I also play quite a bit of League of Legends and Vainglory, so transiting to ML was pretty easy. I enjoy playing all roles in the game, but out of all roles, I enjoy the marksman role the most. I have much success climbing the ranks using marksman, especially Clint, although I will admit he is a high skill-cap hero. I managed to climb to Glorious Legend this season.

Ok enough intro. Anyway, ML came out with this Yi Sun-shin marksman recently and I would say he is a pretty interesting hero. He is a mobile and poke marksman and he definitely deals a hell lot of damage if you know how to use him well. Here, I will be sharing my build of him to you.

Emblem: Physical Emblem Set (ALWAYS upgrade this if you can!)

Abilities: Flicker (DEFINITELY a must for marksman. It can save you from dangerous situations and to chase people to finish them off when they are low.)

If you are not Level 19,
-Fury (Very useful if you position well in team fights. Can deal tons of damage)

-Ghost (For mobility and escape)

Other abilities are also viable depending on your playstyle. However, I do recommend these abilities on any marksman.

Build (in order of sequence to build):

Fallen Sword
Swift Boots
Blade of Destruction
Thor's Sting
Wind Chaser
Blade of Despair

If the enemy team are all squishies i.e no tanks, replace Fallen Sword with Tooth of Greed as first item.

This build is extremely good in teamfights. We build Fallen Sword and Wind Chaser to kill tanks more efficiently.

Tip: If the game lasts super long such that you have a lot of gold, do not hesitate to sell Swift Boots and get another damage item or build Immortality if you always get targetted by Assasins. Do note your movement speed will be very slow, so stick with your team and do not get caught by enemy team. One wrong move, and the game is lost. FOCUS on winning teamfights by positioning yourself properly in late game.

Skill Order:
Max Mountain Rocker(ult) whenever possible
- Use this when you sense a fight is about to start, or when enemy is escaping. Your ult is a game changer if the enemies are grouped up; it deals lots of damage.

Blood Floods (second)
- Your bread and butter skill. Use this frequently in lane to harrass your lane opponents so that they will always bleed. Try to charge the arrow to the max and aim properly at the enemy to get the most out of the skill.

One-sweep slash (last)
- Similar to Clint's 2nd skill Heel Rope. Used to slow enemies or to create distance between you and the enemy. Slash backwards to chase enemies. Not an essential skill so max this last.

Ok, so here comes the unique part of Yi Sun-shin, which I feel is his passive Heavenly Vow. The coolest thing is the turtle ship that you can receive every now and then near your base. Similar to Corki's package in League of Legends, it allows you to travel quickly around the map. However, the twist is that when you encounter an enemy while on the ship, using One-Sweep Slash allows you to disembark the ship and stun enemies for 1.5s. It is a GAME CHANGER if used correctly at the right moment.

The combo to use if you manage to hit a stun is as follows:
Immediately use ult > Charge Blood Floods to max and hit as many enemies as possible > Spam auto attacks > Use One-Sweep Slash to slow enemies or slash backwards to chase enemies. This is a VERY deadly combo to catch anyone.

How to play early game:

Like any marksman, he is pretty weak early game. Focus on farming up your hero as efficiently as possible. In lane, charge max Blood Floods whenever possible and aim at enemies for poke. Throw some auto attacks if enemies are in range. Always keep a distance between you and the enemy. When your minion wave is cleared, farm some jungle monsters and go back to lane.

If your lane is losing, play safe and farm under turret. Do not keep fighting the enemies if you are already behind. Your first power spike will be the full Fallen Sword/Tooth of Greed item. Try to get it ASAP.

How to play mid game:

Mid game is characterised when the map is being opened up as turrets are destroyed. The map becomes much bigger, thus you will need to roam frequently. Do not stay in your lane forever. Try to go for objectives together with your team and farm minion waves safely.

Mid game to me is the tie-breaker between good and bad players. It all boils down to your decision making as to what to do at the right moment; whether to split up as a team or when to group together.

I definitely do not recommend Yi to split push as for any marksman, when they get caught, they cannot escape. Split pushing is when you realise enemies in say bot and mid lane and your team is busy stalling them or fighting them. If you happen to be in top lane, push top lane, get the top turrets, and recall. You do need to be cautious when you realise enemies are missing or when you see them coming after you. However, if you see the chance, split push if you can.

How to play late game:

Late game is when teams start to team up and teamfights occur. Objectives such as inhibitor turrets and lord becomes priority. For a marksman in teamfights, your job is to position yourself well in the back line behind your tanks and deal as much damage to the enemies without getting hit as best as possible. Stay with your team whenever possible to avoid getting caught.

How to be a skilled marksman:

There is a well-known technique for any marksman user to master. It is definitely the most essential and basic skill to learn and when mastered, is extremely rewarding. It is known as kiting. As weird as it sounds, the term is derived from the kite-flying technique.

Picture the scenario where you are fighting 1v1 with say Alucard. Alucard is a melee hero who in a way keeps sticking to heroes like a glue when he ults. As a ranged hero, your advantage against melee heroes is that you can hit them from far without taking damage. Hence, your aim when fighting melee heroes is to ALWAYS create a distance between you and them to take advantage of their weakness.

This can be easily done, but it definitely needs time to master it properly. When you are fighting Alucard, run backwards, 1 auto attack, run back wards, 1 auto attack and repeat, with some skills in between along the way. By doing this, Alucard will constantly receive damage while chasing you. Although it is not guaranteed that you will win Alucard, it is definitely better than standing on the spot to allow him to hit and lifesteal you freely at his will.

Bad marksmen will always stand on the spot and spam auto attacks without even trying to reposition themselves. In the case of Yi Sun-shin, its a blessing that he can fight melee. However, for low mobility marksman like Miya and Layla, kiting is pretty much the only option left when facing melee heroes.

The WORST mistake, for any marksman to commit, is to stand at the front line in teamfights. Marksmen, though able to deal tons of damage, are extremely squishy and you will get killed very quickly. Just note that a dead hero is a hero who deals zero damage. I would recommend you to play fighters or tanks if you happen to do that frequently as marksman may not be the role suitable for you.

Thanks for spending your precious time on my Yi Sun-shin guide. It is my first time doing a guide and I hope that it is detailed enough to help you and to get the most out of Yi properly. If you have any queries or feedback, feel free to add me lestertch as friend or in game message me. See you around in ML and all the best to you!
Posting one of my Yi Sun-shin epic footage. Hope you guys enjoy it!

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Correction: Swap the build sequence for Thor's Sting and Blade of Destruction.
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thanks for sharing the guide!
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Thanks for sharing guide
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