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Author: Logan
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[Official Forum Event] Official Forum Event: Do you know How To Play Yi Sun-shin?

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Yi Sun-shin Match footage submission

Early game: GF saves my ass in mid, I get a kill, and then I die = Not terribly proud.

I'm not terribly proud overall of my performance in this match (I'd put something more badass but I wanna get the submission in early...-ish :P )

The match perfectly illustrates some points I'd make though:

The ult is a slingshot to MVP!

Is it fair? - No
Will you get yelled at for unintentional - or intentional - KS (kill steal) ? - yes
Will you get MVP at the end if your team wins and you use ult a lot? - almost guaranteed.

There's just something undignifying about getting it so easy.
The hero IS badass though.



Use combos of glaiving or ability on them and get them to move around.
Build-wise I've experimented with focus on DMG + Lifesteal + attack speed + Demon wings (for extra hp and extra dmg when below 40% and then some more damage.)

I use purify so I can get out of stuns when ganked, get out of melee range and shoot them.

You should know how to kite (stay out of melee range, and whenever approached use skill1 to get away)
It also helps with utilising the passive. you can shoot them with skill2 or use melee attack to inflict bleeding and slow, then jump away with skill1 or simply run (kite) & shoot.

TIP#1: Skill one can be used to chase with too, so you atack backward to leap towards fleeing enemy, then shoot.

TIP#2: You can also leap over smaller obstackles with the skill so you can escape through walss enemy has to go around!

TIP#3: Look at the minimap often. When you see clashes occurring between your teammates on other lanes and enemy, help them with your ult. Keep in mind that those circles appear first and there's a slight delay between that and receiving the damage. I've had the most success with sending the ult when they pinned down and stunned one of my teammates, cause then they're focused on attacking and they either take the damage, finish that teammate off, but the rest have a better chance now against them, with lower hp, or they stop attacking to flee the damage and i save a teammate. In any case the 3 shots of Yi's ult disorients and helps in teamfights.

Tip#4: Look at the base from time to time to see if you have mount available, and use it whenever tactically it could be advantageour (getting from bot lane to top lane to help for example. tp home and ride top is fast) or when teamfight might be imminent, so you can stun with skill while riding.

All in all i think it's a very versatile hero. Playing with it is a gratifying experience. Getting MVP so easily with ult - a little less so...but I'm enjoying playing with the hero. Looks badass too :P
I'm looking forward to experimenting with it's mechanics and potential and posting an update :)

BONUS Team tip: If you're playing with a friend, get someone who has some ability that moves the enemy hero around, for added effect of the passive (I didn't test it yet but it might work)
Imagine shooting the enemy with skill2 and then Franco pulling them in or lee kicking them back. It might just have enough stackability to the bleeding effect to make a great difference.
I'm planning on testing it against AI with my GF when we get around to playing again. I'll post results probably ^_^



(A fan of the Franco fountain hook and other such mechanic exploits :victory::P )

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Name: Deja-wuu
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Name: Deja-wuu
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Name:Deja-wuu ID:14308914
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Name:. Deja-wuu ID:14308914
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Id Rhane Region indonesia
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Satria Rizali Video Entry :dizzy:

Title : MASSIVE DAMAGE HERO !? - HOW TO PLAY AND BUILD Yi Sun-shin - Mobile Legends : Bang Bang
The new marksman hero is have a massive damage in ulti !! Just see my gameplay and click that tittle .. well is clearly my build , but be carefull of walking glass hahah, you have to smart to use this build.. thanks~~

About Me:
IGN: Raven Dark
ID: 20187823
Server: 2024

jempol yu san.jpg
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Edited by sheenkz09 at 2017-2-17 20:37

Hello guys this is my fan art of "Yi Sun-Shin: Spirit of Navy" I really love graphic designing and also Yi  so thats why I made this custom fan art for you guys.. I really put time and effort in making this Hope you like it! :lol :victory:

Adobe CC 2017 - Editing software
PhotoZoom Pro 7 - Extracting HQ image for screenshot of Yi-Sun-shin

Download here

Wallpaper here

I've been playing Yi for now and all I can say his very versatile and also fun to play specially his ult hehehe :P ;P

damager (but not as like miya), hybrid, agile, Epic ulti (You will be MVP if you use it wisely
squishy easy to kill (if you dont reposition yourself frequently especially team figt) :'(

ITEM BUILDS (Current Item comba that works well in my play style)
note: (some items will be change depending on any scenario and playstyle you want)

Screenshot_2017-02-17-20-24-49-cropped.jpg Screenshot_2017-02-17-20-24-48-cropped.jpg
for me Yi's will be more effective if you will constantly change your angle and position, Movement and Positioning is a key)
still you can choose other abilities depending on you playstyle.



this is sound silly but this is the essential way of making faster money and building items.

Level up 2nd skill always(Blood Floods) -> 1st Skill(One-Wave-Sweep) -> Ulti(Mountain Shocker)

In pushing lane always use the 2nd skill either harassing enemies or killing minions it has a very long range coverage and bleeding effect so make this as advantage. TIP(Long press the 2nd skill to maximize the range output and also it will double up the bleeding effect)

Dodging and maneuverability, use your 1st skill (One-Wave-Sweep) either in dodging enemy CC's or chasing them, this could be also useful jumping in a wall or an obstacle in a terrain TIP(be aware that in using this skill since Yi's will automatically jump backward if you choose to target in front of you.. so if you want to jump in the other side you need to target it manually on the opposite side)

MOUNTAIN SHOCKER is a MVP TOOL (SPOILER ALERT: hahaha! many will really angry of you if you are really greedy so use it in cautioun ;P) so if you want to be greedy? here's how! :P ALWAYS ALWAYS Check the MAP!! find if there is any Team fights, see to it that if there is an enemy that have low HP and (slowly press the third skill with a GREEDY SMILE ON YOUR FACE HAHAH!) nope just kidding Press it automatically either you will get the kill or you have the assist it always a WIN WIN scenario right? hahaha!

TIPS (In team fights use it right away when the BATTLE is heating on! you dont need to use it in Last hitting the Enemies the key of this is that you need to utilize its Ability Effect which is Bleeding and Slow the more the enemies get hit with the Mountain Shocker it will double up or tripple its effect! SO USE IT!) and also (Use this ability to insta MAP HACK! NO KIDDING! since it will hit all the enemy team you can automatically find out where they at! NICE right? hehehe! ;P)

Always practice using Yi, you can't be so good with one thing if your are not doing and practicing it frequently. PRO TIP (SO KEEP CHECKING THE MAP & SPAMMING THE 3RD SKILL OK??? HAHAHA!) Just Kidding.


Hope you like my Guide and also my fanart! THANKS TO MLBB Team for this amazing game! MORE POWER TO YOU GUYS! See you in the Game! PEACE YO!

PS: you can freely use my image just notify me or credit me ok? thanks :)


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Please back to voice chat pls
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