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[Hero Concept] Mutya the Spirit Doctor

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Edited by revered_skies at 2017-11-17 05:11 PM

Hi guys, here is my new idea again for a hero that focus on support and has healing abilities as well (I observed in the forums that healing supports are in demand, but I did not make her focus on it)

Mutya - Spirit Doctor


Passive: Elder Spirits
Mutya is guided by 4 Elder Spirits in the form of little creatures circling around her. They will melee attack enemies within her radius and deals
magic damage. Each guardian inherit 5% of her Magic Power and 80% of her Attack Speed. When Mutya receives 5 consecutive hits regardless from skills or basic attacks, the guardians will detonate and deal 8% of her magic power each, creating AOE stun within her radius. They will respwan 16 seconds after they detonate.

1st Skill: String of Fate
Using her magical thread, Mutya will tie a string to an ally, tethering them together for 6 seconds. While tethered, Mutya and the ally
will receive an additional 30% of shield based on their max hp and will return the damage it sustained as health once the shield depleted, string is broken or the skill is over.

While skill is active, it can be instantly reactivated, pressing the skill towards the ally will make them switch places while pressing the skill away will pull the ally back to her, breaking the string afterwards. Enemy will change the target to Mutya during the switch.

Once the string is broken by any means, both of them is granted additional 30% speed for 3 seconds.

2nd Skill: Ethreal Bloom
Mutya will conjure a rose-shaped energy shield in a conical area in front of her and will stay for 1.5 seconds. On its initial cast,
it will deal magic damage.

An attack to the shield, regardless of melee or ranged attack will detonate it into an additional AOE magic damage
with stun and disrupts all active skills in the area.

3rd Skill: Energy Vent
Mutya will use her hand fan to create an energy whirlwind within her radius for 6 seconds. Allies within her radius will gain a shield
based on 30% of their max hp and will return the damage it sustained once depleted or the skill is over.

When the shield depletes before the skill is over, they will have another shield based on their 20% max hp.

Enemies within the radius will be slowed for 45% and have their items' passive debuffed for the first 2 seconds of entering the skill's radius.

If Elder Spirits are present, They will grant Mutya a magical aura that will turn her basic attacks to magic damage plus 30% attack speed and 10% magic penetration.

Full Bio:
Mutya (pronounced as MU-TEE-YA) is a Spirit Doctor, in the Land of the Dawn.
A person who can communicate and be a medium of spirits, perform  exorcisms and can control her own soul's energy for both defensive and offensive ways.

She is sought by many warriors such as Akai, Zilong and Chou to teach them to control their chakras.

She enjoyed a peaceful life in the forest, teaching meditation and philosophy to creatures who are interested
until one day, She is sought by the Elder Spirits of the forest for help as unknown evil forces have started invading and destroying the forest.
Concerened about the forest's condition, Mutya sets out on a journey to track the source of these evil forces and put an end to them once and for all.

Concept Sketches:

Mutya and the elder spirits

Mutya and the elder spirits

Mutya and the elder spirits

Alternate Skin - Birds of Paradise

Alternate Skin - Birds of Paradise

Alternate skin - Birds of Paradise

- Unique Mechanics
- Finally you can target annoying team mates with her 1st skill to pull them back if they keep attacking enemies without strategy
- 1st skill gives you a chance to save your team mate by giving you option to switch places with team mate
or pulling that team mate back to you for escape
- skills give team mates sustain (a lot of shield that will heal you after)
- good disabler
- good mobility

- Team reliant
- Low magic power base (as she is a support mage)
- Not much offensive capabilities
- Passive reliant for offense
- Melee mage (she doesn't shoot projectiles for basic attacks but only brings out energy waves in front of her but has high
hit box that can hit multiple targets near each other)
- Crowd Control abilities are dependent on good timing (passive when she is hit 5 times and 2nd skill, when only enemy attacks her shield).

Post time 2017-11-17 04:49 PM | Show all posts
seems feasible. its a nice idea
Post time 2017-11-17 07:54 PM | Show all posts
Nice hero suggestion, love the artwork. keep it up
Post time 2017-11-17 08:07 PM | Show all posts
i love the elder spirits idea. so cute
 Author| Post time 2017-11-20 08:11 AM | Show all posts
Edited by BD007 at 2020-3-1 04:59 PM
Schutzstaffel replied at 2017-11-17 07:54 PM
Nice hero suggestion, love the artwork. keep it up

Thank you. I really love designing characters. That's why I love posting them here whenever I have ideas although it won't get noticed by the ML board.

MiraiKuriyama replied at 2017-11-17 08:07 PM
i love the elder spirits idea. so cute

Yes, I've always want a character with cute creatures following them. I just happen to sneak that idea to this character :D :D
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