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[Archived & Unclassified] Be ashamed moonton and company of ML!

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most of us know what you are doing right now. We support and donate our money to you but nothing getting better instead to cause mess out and worse as wasting our money. What do you think AOV? ML always buff and nerf cycle is insane! A lot cry babies didnt learn and adapt to this game. AOV do not touch heroes! Let to hero to be op because AOV is skill based game not team based like ML you need good team to win. In AOV if you are pro, automatically you will win. AOV cheaper skins even epic and legendary are 40-60% much cheaper than ML like shit expensive and nothing look good and benefit so much. You be ready to get down and close your business and company of game will not able to continue ML. Shutdown ML and AOV will become top moba for mobile era. Goodluck ML!
AOV is almost all heroes are op! More nicer skins and look much better than ML does! AOV has so many generous free heroes and skins for just to complete task play with friends and ranked. Login 7 days for free heroes! Then what ML? You selfish and suck a lot cash and hunger cash again? Poor your management cash for business and you hire bad staffs which is cheaper labor. Low skill developers which slow and busy to work that ML.

Feel free to against me. That is what i am seeing right now, i noticed how ML treated that way to us and youtubers. We endure your suffering and problems because of that Tencent LoL sue you court for copyright infringement? So you have debt to pay the california court otherwise they will shut down you if you didnt meet their amount payment deadline date for illegal copyright, I am right to think and suspicious that? Feel free to comment here. ML you have to tell us truth and let us know if you had debt to pay court for sue you for illegal copyright then why not we will support you to continue that game? Brainless ML, be ashamed. Do not attract Chinese product and they will do dirty tricks to you.

I am very disappointed this game getting worse since July i have been observing and seeing that ML is slowing to become the worst.
Post time 2017-11-17 10:08 PM | Show all posts
For all people who thinks AOV is better than MLBB, then get the f outta from here and play AOV. Simple as it...
Post time 2017-11-17 02:26 PM | Show all posts
He was treated badly because he only paid $0.99
Post time 2017-11-18 05:18 AM | Show all posts
all i saw in this post was AoV-- AoV-- AoV.. LOL!

FYI, as far as i know.. AoV was released in other country before launching here in PH, so technically speaking.. they already balance the game and all the heroes before we experience it. Sooner or later, that game will be having a tons of event where you should Donate. Do you think they will continue a game without getting in exchange. (Just my Opinion)

Mobile Legends is a individual company, not like Garena who already have dozen of games. Money talk? all of us needs money to survive daily. If you don't want to donate then don't, That's why it is called "DONATE" nobody forced you to do it. You can play even without skin in game but for some, (LIKE ME) skin is just a bonus for donating and to support this game.

*****This next message is my own opinion and Mobile Legends is not liable for it.
To you Author;
I don't think you deserved to play in any online games or MOBA games that are free-to-play because of your  pessimistic belief. actually, you can just be thankful you don't need to pay to play this kind of game.
---I want to give an early apology to my words and unprofessional-ism if ever i says something wrong but i Don't feel sorry to what i'm saying to the author.

Goodluck to our separate ways.
High Five.!
Post time 2017-11-17 01:56 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I know the balancing issues is out of control like a lot of cry babies started to stated to nerf this hero but you can't compare AOV with ML.. i know its moba but every game has it own unique.. ML trying to be better, they also added free 7 day login (include skin and hero) which is an event for newbie but as a lot of people complained about it was unfair, ML started to give it to old player also which is good.. ML always listened to us.. what we wanted, they also added lucky spin for those ppl who can't afford to buy skin and charge only 20 diamonds. And this charge been changed into ticket as people complained that ticket is useless.. the only issues here is balancing hero other than that, its has excellent event.
Post time 2017-11-17 02:10 PM | Show all posts
Jauregui replied at 2017-11-17 01:56 PM
I know the balancing issues is out of control like a lot of cry babies started to stated to nerf thi ...

They always listen to players, you can't just expect everything to happen instantly. The balancing issues was because of the players not the devs. Actually, the one that needs adjusting are the players not the heroes itself. They also don't know that they're only being bribed to play, and the day will come that it will all stop. Welp, expected from other free-to-play players (I didn't mean to offend F2Ps, I'm an F2P).
Post time 2017-11-17 02:20 PM | Show all posts

This is a MOBA game... if you dont know what is a MOBA game... check it here: it is a TEAM PLAY STRATEGY GAME... You wont win the game even though you have lots of KILLS or Few DEATHS... still down how your team manages to sneak in the enemy base and destroys it first...

Anyways... Sorry about the constant changes... we are basing it to the Players Data, Complaints and Feedbacks... that is why changes has to be done... it was needed because lots of people sees it needs a change...

And as for AOV... that is a new game... they just released a new server and of course... it is necessary for a game to give new stuffs to entice players to play... same as ML... we got 7 Day Login rewards to new players...

And also... ML wont Shut Down... the volume of daily players we have is exceeding already to our expected numbers... so it wont be closing because we got constant number of players playing and also newcomers coming in...

We are making lots adjustments and also giving free stuff to everyone and making events that can participated by everyone also... and as for Youtubers, they get lots of traffic daily and visits... also streamers gain audiences...

Can you also explain how you were treated?

Post time 2017-11-17 02:30 PM | Show all posts
yes indeed, almost all AOV Heroes are powerfull even tanker role, and nobody complain to nerf this or nerf that. I almost give up when encounter Gildur+Alice+Butterfly. Maybe Moonton should more carefully distinguish which customer demand or rival demand who want to try to ruin this game.
I'm not good or expert player and from my experience of playing MLBB, I only mastered 5-6 heroes, and when I encounter strong enemy or new release hero, I learn how to defeat him/her. Every heroes are unique and every of them had pros and cons
About skin, mebbe you forgot if skin on MLBB had additional attributes, and in AOV there are no additional attributes. And no one force you to buy skin
Post time 2017-11-17 03:14 PM | Show all posts
In my opinion, ML still the best MOBA right now. I have tried to play AOV, HE, and so on, but I still didn't get the feel. Somehow, ML is more fun to play and has good user experience. If you talk about AFK player, feeder, moody, and so on, I think all MOBA games have that kind of players, and It's normal tho.

I agreed with Winnie about the skin, no one force you to buy skins. Emblems level give bigger effect than the skins. If you can't buy skin because too expensive, you can spend your time to play in order to reach higher emblems level.
 Author| Post time 2017-11-17 08:36 PM | Show all posts
Edited by troy01 at 2017-11-20 10:25 AM

I explain you how ML treated me because last post i praised ML that somehow improve acceptable matchmaking then i able to get Epic III by solo q only but after update it pissed off me make it worsen matchmaking. I surprised opponents are much better than our team are such retarted? Unlike last update not much more retarted players in ML as improved matchmaking. I gave up and stop play solo q.

Well, what do you think about me? I have played LoL for 2.8 years and dota 2 for almost one years. Most their heroes are crazy op and insane skills. We won often because some of our team able to carry and nice matchmaking because i always meet pro enemy and pro our team. I am pissed off nerf and buff, i dont have any problems to encounter Kagura, lancelot and fanny. Too simple just ambush and pick right heroes to encounter them like zilong or saber is easiest hero to encounter them. Discipline those cry babies and idiots retarded cannot encounter those op heroes, i am fine to encounter them as piece of cake. Teach them learn how to adjust, pick right heroes and strategy to shut down op heroes and carrying heroes of enemies. I have to smurf account because my account got suck 48.52% win rate, i must brawl to improve my winrate. I have one another account in master IV, around 200+ matches and 59% win rate because i just playing classic and brawl.

HON, Dota 2 and LoL are more much cc, stuns and slow downs even knocked, you have to use your brain and think befoe you going to do. ML is too cheap cc and stuns cause most players not think and not use brain to start fight, encounter and charge to enemy.
I want to expressing here what i thought, opinion and feeling frustrated because i am experienced player of moba and since i moved on other place and my computer stay at my home. Only i have is iPad and Phone, i need moba to make my day.
Post time 2017-11-17 08:40 PM | Show all posts
Well, DotA 2 and HON are games w/ more players obviously, so players are able to meet players w/ the same capabilities I believe. But since ML is just like a year old, don't expect its matchmaking to be the same as those MOBA games. Matchmaking is designed to find matches fast, so the chances of getting good teammates is the same with getting bad ones. Go queue w/ someone instead if you don't want to risk. Besides, even if they improve the matchmaking system, still, there will always be afkers/toxics/cancers and that's already part of all MOBA games.
Post time 2017-11-17 09:41 PM | Show all posts
Edited by erbolgwapa at 2017-11-17 09:47 PM

Then why are you still here? If you want to play a game without strategy and teamwork then go play AOV. Nobody is forcing you to be here anyways. ML doesn't need impatient players like you.
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