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Author: superlaser97
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Grand Warden  32000  599






Every 1 points of mana received from equipment and mana, will also give Hylos 1 points of health. When mana is not enough, health can be used to cast skills instead.

Cooldown 12.0  Mana Cost 80

Stores nature's energy to lock down the target and deals 300 (+80% Total Magic Power) points of magical damage and stuns for 1s.

Cooldown 1.0  Mana Cost 50

Releases the power of the centaurs to summon a Ring of Punishment, every second dealing to surrounding enemies 95(+20% Total Magic Power) points of magical damage and also stacks Warden's Fury, every stack of Warden's Fury will reduce the enemy's movement speed by 6%and their attack speed by 5%, enemies will also take 7.5% more damage from Ring of Punishment, Warden's Fury can stack a maximum of 10 times. Ring of Punishment will continuously use mana when it is active.

Cooldown 500  Mana Cost 150

Creates a pathway that lasts 6s, Hylos will heal 4% of maximum health and be immune to slows while on the pathway. Allies moving towards the pathway will have their movement speed increased by 60%, enemies moving away from the pathway will have their movement speed reduced by 70%


Cost 1950

+60 Magic Power
+615 HP
+600 Mana

Adds 30 HP and 5 magic attack every 30s. Up to 10 times
If Time is fully stacked, then the hero will receive 5% magic attack and 300 mana

Cost 630

+50 Movement Speed

Cost 2110

+850 HP
+36 Magic Resistance
+35 HP Regen
+10% Cooldown Reduction

Within 4s after being attacked, the hero will regen 4% HP. This effect has a 8s cooldown time.

Cost 2230

+500 Mana
+70 Armor
+5% Crit Strike Rate Reduction

20% Cooldown Reduction
Lowers movement speed 5% and lowers attack speed 30% for nearby enemy heroes.

Cost 1860

+920 HP
+50 Magic Resistance

Deals 2% of one's max HP as magic damage per second to nearby enemies.

Cost 1940

Skills that damage an enemy hero will carry a 15% slow down effect. This effect lasts 3s and can stack up to 2 times.

ID : 45808774 (2071)

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Dear player, old emblem system has been with us for over a year. As time went by, we have found some flaws in the system. For example, 6 emblem sets are not so specially made for roles, players have limited choices and lack of pursuit towards emblems. As a result, we substantially adjusted and improved the emblem system. Hope you enjoy the new system and give us your precious feedback.

New Emblem System Description
1.To make each emblem set more distinguishable, we have adjusted the old 8 emblem sets' builds and attributes, now each emblem set will become more suitable and enhanced for each role.

2.Added a whole new emblem set for Marksman - [Custom Marksman Emblem]

3.Added whole new emblem talent system: Each emblem talent will be unlocked when its matching emblem set reaches lv.15. Each emblem set provides up to 8 to 9 kinds of attributes and talents with unique effects. You can create almost a hundred talent combinations according to your preference. Only with the right emblem sets, your heroes will be able to give their best in the battleground! (Please check more details on Rules of Emblem Set in the game)

4.As the new emblem system goes online, we have remade the emblem UIs to make it easier for you to understand the new system with enhanced visual effects

5.The tag of new emblems is added to the bag. Items used to update emblems can be found under this tag.

6.Rule changes of unlocking emblem sets: At the beginning, you own 2 common emblem sets for free. The rest 7 sets will be available when your account reached lv.10, you can unlock 2 emblem sets for free. After that, you have to unlock emblem sets with magic dust or diamonds. Free unlocks will be given to you according to the number of your current emblems set.

7.Cost changes of upgrading emblem set: We adjusted each emblem sets' attributes and upgrading cost to make the upgrade more reasonable. Total cost will be almost the same as before. You current emblem level will be saved. Changes are as follows:

Emblem Level        Total Fragment Cost of New Emblem System        Total Fragment Cost of Old Emblem System
Lv.1 - Lv.10        483        450
Lv.11 - Lv.20        1210        1450
Lv.21 - Lv.30        2540        2500
Lv.31 - Lv.40        3880        3975
Lv.41 - Lv.50        5510        5930
Lv.51 - Lv.60        9150        8650
Total Cost From Lv.1 to Lv.60        22773        22955

New Emblems System Coming Online Gifts
To celebrate New Emblems System coming online, all players will get:
1.For the reason that items needed to update emblems and stats allocation have been adjusted, every player will receive 200 Magic Dust by email.

2.In order to help players have a better experience with new Custom Marksman Emblems, every player will receive 200 Custom Marksman Emblems through email.

3.Players who unlock new emblem sets with diamonds will receive corresponding emblem fragments. According to the emblems unlocked with diamonds, old players will receive compensations via emails

ign ; AvarelGP99
id ; 71538332(2132)
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Where i know that's events are ongoing or not? I'am new member
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OOrmak replied at 2017-11-16 03:48 AM
wait what? I just forgot about bane existence because nobody played hero bane wow

Congrat aa
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how to win?{:5_133:}{:5_133:}{:5_133:}
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Freya is one of the strongest Fighter heroes in Mobile Legends. In general, Freya is used as a War opener in a match. To maximize Freya usage, this time I will give Freya Mobile Legends Guide, build Freya special items and various interesting tricks about Freya that you can try. As one of the Fighter Initiator heroes, Freya plays an active role in opening a War. Hero with a look like a queen of war can be obtained by doing any top up nominal. Almost every attack owned by Freya has a Stun effect on enemy players. This of course can be used by your friends to be able to finish off the enemy quickly. Bring up a sacred shield when successfully attacked twice with basic attack. If it has reached 3 sacred shields, will result in high damage. Cooldown: 10.0 Mana Cost: 80 Wings of Faith is a skill that allows Freya to jump to a certain place. Build the best Freya item Each jump will generate 240 damage and make the enemy sucked in the middle. Cooldown: 7.5 Mana Cost: 80 Increases attackspeed for Freya's first 3 attacks for 5 seconds. On the 3rd attack, Stun and damage will be 180. Cooldown: 34.0 Mana Cost: 120 Freya will turn into a Valkyrie that will slow down the enemy and generate 360 ​​damage. In addition, the physical strength of Freya build items will increase 20 points, and Magic Resistance increased by 15 points. Freya has a useful Skill to give stun effect to the opposing player. That way, the hero damage of our team dealers will be able to easily slaughter the enemy. Here are some recommendations of the best Freya Build Item team version of Road Rats: Berseker's Fury Swift Boots Haas's Claw Windtalker Blade of Despair Immortality The recommended Battle Spell when using Freya is Retribution for Jungling or Inspire to increase Freya's attack speed. As much as possible the level you are not left with the enemy. Do not forget to always finish off our forest minions and monsters for faster leveling up and having lots of money to buy items. At Mid Game (5 minutes up) try to finish off the enemy marksman or mage. Because they have enough blood tips and easy to finish off. The combination of skills when using Freya is Godspeed Strike - Wings of Faith - Valkyrie (2-1-3) or Wings of Faith - Valkyrie - Godspeed Strike (1-3-2) That's the guide Freya Mobile Legends, build special items Freya and various tips interesting tricks about Freya hero you can try. If you have other tricks tips, do not forget to share in the comment field.
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I Want to see many guides{:5_135:}
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Mobile Legends Hayabusa Item, Skill Build and Strategy Guide
Mobile Legends Hayabusa

Mobile Legends Hayabusa is one of the most banned hero in draft matches. With his mobility and Shadow Kill ability, Hayabusa is one of the toughest hero to kill in the game right now.

Hayabusa belongs to the assassin category in Mobile Legends. His 2nd skill Quad Shadow forms the core of Hayabusa’s mobility, Hayabusa releases 4 phantom shadows in different directions. Upon second usage of the skill, Hayabusa teleports to the direction of the phantom shadow. Coupled with Shadow Kill, Hayabusa is able to teleport to enemy, deals massive damage before teleporting out again.
Interesting Fact – Hayabusa’s passive ability, Ninjutsu: Shadow Heal regenerates health points after dealing ability damage to enemy 4 times.
Mobile Legends Hayabusa Item Build

Hayabusa Item Build #1 Magic Shoes
+10% Cooldown Reduction, +40 Movement Speed
Hayabusa Item Build #2 Blood lust Axe
+70 Physical Attack, +10% Cool down Reduction
Unique – Bloodthirsty: When skill cause damage, heals 20% of damage as health points.
Hayabusa Item Build #3 Magic Blade
+60 Physical attack, +24 Magic Resistance
Lifeline: When HP drops below 30%, get one shield that can absorb 510-1350 damage. (Increases with level)
Hayabusa Item Build #4 Malefic Roar
+60 Physical Attack, +40% Physical Penetration
Unique – Buster: Basic Attack ignores 20% of turret’s defence.
Hayabusa Item Build #5 Hunter’s Blade
+100 Physical Attack, +10% Cooldown Reduction
Unique – Pursue: Attacking enemy 5 times in a row will enhance movement speed for 2s
Item Build #6 Blade of Despair/Deadly Blade/Immortality
Situational based. I like to format my gear setting in this manner so that I can switch accordingly. Blade of Despair gives more physical damage and a boost in attack speed. Deadly blade is a counter for heal, which is useful if your opponent has an Estes. Immortality re spawns you with 15% of health points + shield after death.
Mobile Legends Hayabusa Skill Build

With Quad Shadow and Shadow Kill, Mobile Legends Hayabusa is actually one of the best hero for split lane strategy. On top of that, Phantom Shuriken provides slow ability effect to crack down on enemy targets.
ID:19949639 (2022)
IGN: Anton アジ

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Wow is very nice
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Kungfu panda, pasti itulah hal yang terlintas dalam pikiran kamu ketika melihat Akai. Hero Tanker yang sangat keras di Mobile Legends ini baru saja diremade dengan model, skin, dan playstyle terbaru
Senjata Akai kini bukan bola besar, tapi berubah menjadi cambuk dan ditemani dengan kodok yang lucu. Untungnya skill ultimate Akai masih berputar seperti tornado, tapi nggak menggelinding seperti dulu tapi berputar seperti dance.

Untuk memaksimalkan penggunaan Akai di game Mobile Legends. Jaka juga memperbarui guide Akai Mobile Legends, build item Akai terbaik, dan beragam tips trik seputar hero Akai yang bisa kamu terapkan.
Latar belakang Akai : Bahkan panda yang ceroboh bisa bermimpi! Dari desa yang jauh di timur, di mana panda kebanyakan menikmati gaya hidup yan santai. Hiduplah Akai, panda yang suka berguling dan ingin menjadi pejuang.

Meski orang tuanya menyuruh Akai untuk menyerah dengan mimpinya dan selalu diejek temannya, Akai yang ceroboh tidak pernah menyerah. Dia berlatih setiap hari untuk menjadi lebih kuat. Rupanya Akai menarik perhatian seorang biksu yang sedang mengembara.

Dibawah pengawasan biksu tersebut, Akai pun berlatih dan berhasil menguasai cambuk dengan harapan untuk menggunakannya suatu hari nanti melawan petarung terbaik di dunia. Sekarang adalah waktunya Akai untuk bersinar.

Skill Akai Mobile Legends
Skill Pasif Akai : Tai Chi
Setiap kali Spell dikeluarkan, Akai akan menerima perisai diatas dari Health maksimumnya dan memblokir 8 persen Damage yang diterima selama 2 detik, tapi hanya berlaku setiap 2.5 detik.

Skill 1 Akai : Thousand Pounder
Cooldown: 11.0
Mana Cost: 70
Akai dapat melompat ke Target Area, memberikan 300 Physical Damage pada musuh setelah mendarat. Target yang berada pada Area tertentu akan terkena Stun selama 1 detik.

Skill 2 Akai : Blender
Cooldown: 8.5
Mana Cost: 70
Menembakan Shock Wave berbentuk kodok ke musuh, Shock Wave akan meledak jika bersentuhan dengan musuh atau ketika mencapai batas jangkauan maksimum. Serta, akan memberikan 350 poin Physical Damage dan menandai musuh.

Basic Attack pada musuh yang memiliki tanda akan memberikan tambahan 5 persen dari maksimum HP milik Akai sebagai Physical Damage.

Skill Ultimate Akai : Hurricane Dance
Cooldown: 40.0
Mana Cost: 120
Berputar seperti tornado selama 3.5 detik dan mulai memukul Target. Setiap putaran akan membuat musuh terpental dan memberikan Magic Damage.

Selama proses ini, Akai akan kebal terhadap efek Slow Down dan menggunakan Ability ini akan menghapus semua efek negatif dari Hero. Movement Speed juga bertambah sebanyak poin yang dihasilkan selama durasi Skill berlangsung.

Build Item Akai Mobile Legends

Ingin mencoba Akai dalam mode Match Up maupun Ranked game? Berikut adalah rekomendasi build item Akai terbaik versi tim JalanTikus.

Athena's Shield
Warrior Boots
Demon's Advent
Bloodthirsty King
Heart of Steel
Meski gendut, Akai merupakan jenis hero Tanker yang sangat lincah. Hal ini karena kemampuan skill pertamanya Thousand Pounder yang dapat meloncat ke target. Skill 2 Blender Akai juga sekarang bisa kamu arahkan secara manual.

Kamu harus memanfaatkan tower dengan baik untuk membunuh musuh, lompat dengan skill 1 sedikit di belakang musuh, lalu lepaskan ulti dan dorong musuh masuk ke tower kita. Tamatlah sudah riwayat musuhmu, jika musuh belum mati cambuk dengan skill 2.

Untuk Battle Spells Akai, kamu bisa menggunakan Assault atau Flicker. Target serangan kamu hero Marskman atau Mage, selalu gunakan skill 1 untuk melompat tepat di belakang musuh dan meluncurkan kombinasi di atas.

Pada 5 menit pertama, jika bisa jangan sampai mati dan fokuslah untuk mendapatkan gold sebanyak mungkin dengan membunuh minion ataupun monster di hutan sehingga dapat membeli item yang cukup

Akhir Kata
Itulah guide Akai Mobile Legends, build item khusus Akai dan berbagai tips trik menarik seputar hero Akai yang bisa langsung kamu coba. Pimpin pertarungan tim, jadilah initiator dan tanker yang mematikan. Buat musuh-musuhmu tak berdaya.
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