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Author: superlaser97
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ah, i wish i had known this earlier, i would've made a guide for johnson and Lolita
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I wont skin irithel. plasee!
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Yay i need to win wkwk
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gimana mainnya
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ently, Mobile Legends released their latest tank hero Hylos. How the hell, Hylos build this item?
Hylos, the hero who has this centaur form, may still be less famous than Grock or Akai. However, if you use Hylos build item below, Hylos will be very useful. Check it out!
1. Background Hylos
In the midst of the foggy mountains of the northern Land of Dawn, there lived the ancient and mysterious centaur race. The centaurs are responsible for keeping the springs at the top of the mountain. It is said that this spring is the source of life.
Dark Forces has also repeatedly tried to get this life force by trying to find the spring, but always thwarted by the centaurs. Unfortunately, over time, the power of the centaurs is declining.
Until finally Hylos arrived and finish off all the intruders who are eyeing the springs. He eventually became a figure of legend in the history of Land of Dawn.
2. Hylos Skill

Now we will discuss the skills owned by Hylos.
* Thickened Blood (Passive Skill) *
Hylos passive skills are very useful because it can change every 1 point Which is received from equipment and Where Regen into 1 point Health Point.
In addition, if Mana owned by Hylos is not enough to issue a skill, you can use the Health Point owned to exclude the skill.
* Law and Order (First Skill) *
Hylos will lock the target and give magical damage of 300/350/400/450/500/550 points and stun effect for 1 second when this skill is used.
* Ring of Punishment (Second Skill) *
Hylos will use his centaur's power to summon the Ring of Punishment. This ring will give magical damage to its target of 95/125/155/185/215/245 points.
This skill will bring up Warden Fury which will reduce movement speed by 6% and attack speed by 5% from target. In addition, the target will also receive an additional damage of 7.5% -20%. Warden Fury can be stacked up to 10 times!
* Glorious Pathway (Ultimate Skill) *
The ultimate skill of Hylos will create a 6-second path that will add its Health Point Regen of 4% -5% of its total Health Point. While on this path, Hylos will also be immune from the slow effects.
In addition, Hylos and his team will get an increase in movement speed as much as 60% -70% when walking in the same direction. While the enemies will be affected by movement speed reduction as much as 70% -80%.
Do you already understand about Hylos's background and skills?
3. Build Item Hylos

Usually, the items used by the hero tanks adjust the order of the opponents they face. If their opponent consists of a lot of hero mage, the tanker must automatically make the item magic resistance.
The order of the items used below adjusts to Hylos's skills so that their passive skills can work well:
* Clock of Destiny *
In addition to providing additional magic power of 60 points, this one item also adds 615 Health Point and 600 Mana.
Another advantage of using this item is every 30 seconds, this item will give 30 Health Point and 5 magic attack. It can be stacked up to 10 times, then your hero will receive an additional 5% magic attack and 300 Mana.
* Rapid Boots *
Buying these shoes as a second item is a good choice because it can add a movement speed of 50 points.
* Oracle *
The advantages of this one defense item is to reduce the cooldown time by 10%, add 850 Health Point, and 35 Health Point Regen.
You will also get an 8% Health Point extra 4 seconds after your hero is attacked by the enemy. Nevertheless, this one ability has a cooldown period of 6 seconds.
* Ice Queen Wand *
Magic-based attack items will give you 15 points Mana Regen and 7% additional movement speed. This item is very good for Hylos because it can give a slow effect of 15% if the skill used to damage the enemy.
* Dominance Ice *
You will get an additional 500 Mana by using this item. In addition, Dominance Ice also reduces the cooldown time by 15, decreases the movement speed of the enemy by 5% and their attack speed 30%.
* Cursed Helmet *
920 Health Point and 50 magic resistance points will be obtained by using this item.
Do you use the same Hylos build item with the guide on at@Rivan23
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moskov:a long-distance hero and a passive man who can blow his spear into the enemy behind his other enemy

skill 1 abyss walker:cooldown:7,5    mana cost:75
moskov uses its power to move
to another place with the power of his shadow

skill 2 spear of death:cooldown:12.0   mana cost:90
the moskov throws a spear at the enemy in front of him if the enemy gets hit by the wall or gets hit by his other enemies will be hit by stun for 2s

skill 3 speaar of destruction:cooldown:45,0  mana cost:130
moskov will throw a bigger spear and will issue damage of 450 [+ 140% total physical attack]

skil 1 abyss walker after that remove skill 2 and hit the wall if the enemy managed to escape you can throw skill 3 to kill her

swift boots:
+15% attack speed

scarlet phantom:
+30 physical attack
+40% attack speed
+10%crit. chance

haas's claws:
+70 physical attack and gift a 20% lifesteal

berserker's fury:
+65 physical attack
+25% crit. chance

blade of the 7 seas:
+65 physical attack
+300 hp
+20% attack speed

blade of despair:
+170 physical attack
+10% attack speed

because moskov must be fast so its item items to be a good marksman

physical or assassin
because moskov is a hero that needs more damage

I'm 5A_Yakan
ID: 108966502 [2552]

thank you

Post time 2017-12-16 08:34 PM | Show all posts
hello my name is muhammad rangga, i will give tips andtricks how to play lesley, this hero type is marksman
my user id :130792350
my nickname :~NJX`pro`FUN~
Before that we first introduce skills name:  
-The first skill called:Master of Camouflage is quiteunique, because it will make it vanish for a while and get additional speed ofmovement! He will reappear when attacking the enemy cooldown 2.0,mana cost 30
-The second skill called:Tactical Granade makes LesleyMobile Legends firing on a shotgun bullet that will throw the enemy and Lesleyback. The damage resulted from this skill is not much but suitable forblur! cooldown 10.0,mana cost 40
-The ultimate skill called: Ultimate Snipe! This skill willget him to lock a hero and fire 4 bullets from a distance and will pursuetargets wherever they go,The main bullet that can catch the enemy everywhere,for example there is a dying enemy that we shoot with ulti skill thenautomatically the enemy will die cooldown 40.0
-Passive Skill, Lethal Shot Passive Skill, Lethal ShotIfusing this skill will get energy every time to attack the enemy. If you do notreceive or attack the enemy for 5 seconds, then the attack will provideadditional damage and also additional attack distance.Hasil gambar untuk herolesley
The advantages of this hero are:
-If the blood of this hero is dying he can escape by usinghis first skill
-A very fast road can make it easier for him to chase down adying hero and run away when the hero's blood is dying.
The deficiency of this hero is:
- his very thin blood makes him die fast
-physical attack is almost the same with miya hero isbetween 120-140
- often the first enemy's target
-in the beginning of the game, lose opponent mage
- less powerful if not yet high level
-the resistance or its defense is relatively small
build:Hasil gambar untuk build hero lesley
how to play??  :
how to wear this hero is by relying on basic attack andskill or can be called kombo skill, combo skill it is:
combine the second skill + basic attack + third skill, thenif your hero blood is dying use skill 1 to escape.
spell is used: spell fury, because it will increase thespeed of hero when attacking, for example when there is the same hero (lesleyvs lesley) have the same physical attack and the same attack speed, if we useautomatic spell fury we will win fast on appeal our opponent

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