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[Official Forum Event] Guides Collection Event Results

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Guides Collection Event Results

Thanks for your support to the Guides Collection event. Here is the list of winners and links of award-winning guides. The awards will be sent via in-game mail on this Friday. Please remember to check your inbox and claim rewards.

Premier Guide | 500 Diamonds
Quality Guide | 300 Diamonds
Participation Award | Hero Fragments x 20 + Double BP Card (1 day) + Double EXP Card (1 day)

Akai.png Akai
Premier Guide | Liith | Link

Alice.png Alice
Premier Guide | -GoW-Basara | Link
Quality Guide | Jellaluu | Link

Alucard.png Alucard
Premier Guide | -GoW-Basara | Link

Argus.png Argus
Premier Guide | RyagaiDragnir | Link

Balmond.png Balmond
Premier Guide | Jokar7 | Link

Bane.png Bane
Premier Guide | JunTheTrap |

Chou.png Chou
Premier Guide | ★Watch★Me★ | Link

CyclopsCustom.png Cyclops
Premier Guide | Ryoshi | Link
Quality Guide | OverWoot | Link
Quality Guide | Apocrypao | Link

Participation Award | olDIE | Link
Participation Award | Mr.X3N0N | Link
Participation Award | Ryeokai | Link
Participation Award | Lemmorzurc | Link
Participation Award | EthanTheCreator | Link

Diggie.png Diggie
Premier Guide | Mindereak | Link

Fanny.png Fanny
Premier Guide | RaiTo19 | Link
Quality Guide | EliteRazerz | Link
Quality Guide | SnoobMC | Link

Franco.png Franco
Premier Guide | Hexcellion | Link

Freya.png Freya
Premier Guide | Bowmeow | Link

Gatotkaca.png Gatotkaca
Premier Guide | aryoawibisono | Link

Gord.png Gord
Premier Guide | OverWoot | Link

Grock.png Grock
Premier Guide | Marshtart | Link
Quality Guide | Gospel | Link

Harley.png Harley
Premier Guide | Plutonic |
Quality Guide | 17Keihatsu |
Quality Guide | Macaron |
Participation Award | Harleymain |

Hayabusa.png Hayabusa
Premier Guide | iplayHAYDAY | Link
Quality Guide | daisygaming21 | Link

Irithel.png Irithel
Premier Guide | Khantzawhein | Link
Quality Guide | Ehren23 | Link

KaguraCustom.png Kagura
Premier Guide | FairyFaver | Link
Quality Guide | -GoW-Basara | Link
Quality Guide | BabyBean | Link

Participation Award | KhaL'Thas | Link
Participation Award | zhongying138 | Link

Karrie.png Karrie
Premier Guide | diwang | Link

Lancelot.png Lancelot
Premier Guide | xSnickers | Link
Quality Guide | HallionX | Link
Quality Guide | KenzieRetro | Link

Layla.png Layla
Premier Guide | Demigra | Link

Lolita.png Lolita
Premier Guide | superlaser97 | Link

Miya.png Miya
Premier Guide | Demigra| Link

Moskov.png Moskov
Premier Guide | peterleyz | Link

Nana.png Nana
Premier Guide | -GoW-Basara | Link

NataliaCustom.png Natalia
Premier Guide | Liith | Link

Quality Guide | Bandit | Link
Quality Guide | krush888 | Link
Participation Award | NoBODYz | Link
Participation Award | ams20 | Link

Participation Award | LoA_He!!$g@tE | Link

Odette.png Odette
Premier Guide | Mindereak | Link
Quality Guide | KenSan | Link

Rafaela.png Rafaela
Premier Guide | YukisD | Link
Quality Guide | olDIE | Link
Quality Guide | Reenツ | Link
Participation Award | Elporinger | Link

Ruby.png Ruby
Premier Guide | WeaponOfSadness  |
Quality Guide | Antiheroes3 |

Saber.png Saber
Premier Guide | AbhirupAD |

Tigreal.png Tigreal
Premier Guide | PipexHbk |

Vexana.png Vexana
Premier Guide | Saboteur |
Quality Guide | SkyeMLBB |
Quality Guide | Reginatjy  |

YiSunShin.png Yi Shun Shin
Premier Guide | -GoW-Basara |
Quality Guide | Akre |

That's all for the winners!! Thanks for your participation, we hope to see more quality guides in the future :) . For the participants who didn't win, don't be sad, you will have the chance to show off your writing skills in other events. Please let me know if there is any broken links >.<

~ Bye!

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moskov:a long-distance hero and a passive man who can blow his spear into the enemy behind his other enemy

skill 1 abyss walker:cooldown:7,5    mana cost:75
moskov uses its power to move
to another place with the power of his shadow

skill 2 spear of death:cooldown:12.0   mana cost:90
the moskov throws a spear at the enemy in front of him if the enemy gets hit by the wall or gets hit by his other enemies will be hit by stun for 2s

skill 3 speaar of destruction:cooldown:45,0  mana cost:130
moskov will throw a bigger spear and will issue damage of 450 [+ 140% total physical attack]

skil 1 abyss walker after that remove skill 2 and hit the wall if the enemy managed to escape you can throw skill 3 to kill her

swift boots:
+15% attack speed

scarlet phantom:
+30 physical attack
+40% attack speed
+10%crit. chance

haas's claws:
+70 physical attack and gift a 20% lifesteal

berserker's fury:
+65 physical attack
+25% crit. chance

blade of the 7 seas:
+65 physical attack
+300 hp
+20% attack speed

blade of despair:
+170 physical attack
+10% attack speed

because moskov must be fast so its item items to be a good marksman

physical or assassin
because moskov is a hero that needs more damage

I'm 5A_Yakan
ID: 108966502 [2552]

thank you

Post time 2017-11-16 03:38 AM | Show all posts
Where page Bane?!
Post time 2017-12-15 10:06 AM | Show all posts

Post time 2017-11-15 11:29 PM | Show all posts
Yaaay, Finally {:2_31:}

Congrats To all the winners.
Post time 2017-11-16 12:43 AM | Show all posts
Will someone inform me when there is an event like this on going.I really want to join an event like this and get some rewards. Thank you!
Post time 2017-11-16 12:45 AM | Show all posts
I've been waiting forever!!! Finally!!! Thankiiieeewww!!! <3
Sorry superlaser97, u had to deal with my annoyingness of bugging you xD
Post time 2017-11-16 12:47 AM | Show all posts
My girlfriend won
Post time 2017-11-16 01:21 AM | Show all posts
I wanted to see irithel guide link... but it was wrong link and its hayabusa :(
Post time 2017-11-16 01:37 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by BD007 at 2020-4-5 12:47 PM
OOrmak replied at 2017-11-15 02:21 PM
I wanted to see irithel guide link... but it was wrong link and its hayabusa :(

Yeah, i found out that too, but anway its cool to see so many guides, very good event!

Liith replied at 2017-11-15 01:45 PM
I've been waiting forever!!! Finally!!! Thankiiieeewww!!!

I guess i can say that too, as i was very anxious for the results and i bugged him too. Too bad it got delayed, i just needed 300 dias for Hellfire skin with 30% off, but at least i'll still receive the 300 to help me get it anyways
Anonymous user  Post time 1970-1-1 08:00 AM
Post time 2017-11-16 03:48 AM | Show all posts

wait what? I just forgot about bane existence because nobody played hero bane wow
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