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[Hero Techniques] Diggie Starter Guide (11/11/17)

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Edited by HallionX at 2017-11-12 07:58 PM

IGN: |DF|-Hallion
ID: 2242667
Server: 3001
Current Rank: Legend

Starter Guide





Emblems that workes the best for me are:A. Magic
C. Tank

Battle Spells.jpg

Battle Spells1.jpg

-Quite useful in delaying enemies even further, time it properly!
-also works even on egg mode


-great support battle spell for increased survibility


-great for positioning, can be used to both chasing and escaping
-flicker to bushes/through walls for better chances of escapes


-great skill to use for individual enemies~


1st.png 1st Skill: Time Bomb
Cooldown: 8.0s
Mana Cost: 70/80/90/100/110/120

throw an alarm clock at the targeted direction, it will explode after a set amount of time, dealing 300/360/420/480/540/600 points of  magical damage in an area and stunning for 1.2s, damage scales with tick time (during ticking, tap again to immediately detonate the bomb, if the bomb is detonated before 2s, it will only slow instead of stun.)

-Main Damaging Skill
-Good Lane Clearing skill
-Needs good timing and aiming to be effective
-Great combo with 2nd skill
-Try to maximize timer for best damage and stun; but do not get to greedy, make it explode if enemy is about to escape, the slow is quite useful too

2nd.png 2nd Skill: Reverse Time
Cooldown: 15/14/13/12/11s
Mana Cost: 90

Lock onto the target dealing 10 points of magical damage and slowing, after 3s the target will be pulled back into the set location and dealt 150/200/250/300/350/400 points of magical damage and slowed. If the enemy get too far away, they will immediately be pulled into the set location and be damaged.

-good CC skill, but solo target only
-awesome for delaying escaping enemies
-very effective against fast moving enemies, they will always return to the center of the skill's range no matter if they wait it out or force their way out.
-great for when enemy tower dives you and tries to run back out, you can pull him back in,
-time you combo with 1st skill to delay his stun/slow enemy even further
-works great with unique item effects like disaster/winter trunheon, ice queen wand, glowing wand, etc.

ult.png Ultimate: Time Journey
Cooldown: 60.0
Mana Cost: 130/150/170

- For 2.5s surrounding allies will be immune to crowd control. During the casting, surrounding allies will be granted a temporary shield lasting 5s.

-Awesome support skill for team fights,
-Great for saving CC'd allies in range, they will break free and will be able to run/fight back.
-The temporary shield is similar to Athena's Shield, for all allies in range, protects better per level ♡♡♡

Passive.png Passive: Young Again

Time will reverse after death and Diggie will become an egg, movement will be possible and Diggie will receive all new chick abilities. The egg form cannot be targeted, after a period of time, Diggie will revive.

Egg Mode Skills:

1st skill: Disdain
- Displays disdain at the enemy, dealing a small amount of damage to surrounding enemies while letting out anger.   

2nd skill: Egg Dance
- Happily dances his hometown jig, dealing a small amount of damage to enemies and forces them to stay and watch.

3rd skill: Victory Prayers
- Rolls on the ground praying for the enemy's base to explode immediately, legends say that this type of action has a 0% success rate.

-When Diggie dies; instead of the usual waiting to respawn back in the base, You'll be able to control him and continue to help your team out
-His egg skills does not do much damage, but it is still quite useful for:
a. scouting/spying, check around the map and identify enemy location for your allies, avoid/create possible ganks
b. prevent enemy regen, all of Diggie's Egg skills can stop enemy regen
c. prevent enemy recall, all of Diggie's Egg skills can stop enemy recall
d. tanking, diggie is not targetabble by heroes but can stilll be aimed at by Turret/Jungle/Turtle/Lord and he will not receive any damage when hit.
-keep in mind that when the respawn counter ends,  Diggie will change to his original form again. so make sure you are in a safe place by then/ else you'll be massacred
-Egg mode is a hell lot of fun but avoid feeding your enemies! (else your allies will hate you >_< )

Skill Build.jpg

Level up 1st skill first, Ult skill whenever available, 2nd skill last


Bomb Scare

-when enemy is trying to push/defending his tower
-cast 1st skill on where you want enemy to avoid
-when you are pushing with ally, this will usually make him retreat a bit further, trying to stay safe from the bomb range, allowing you and minions to push more

Time Bomb Pull
-Cast 2nd skill on enemy, after 1 second cast 2nd skill near same spot as 2nd skill..
--if enemy does not move away from 2nd skill range he be pulled after 3s, then the time bomb will explode as soon as he gets pulled back stunning him for 1.2s
--if enemy forces his way out, trigger 1st skill as soon as he gets pulled back

Surprise Bomb
-You or an ally will then act as if running away to the bush
-If the enemy tries to chase
-Cast time bomb on bush
-Enemy will be caught unaware and be stunned for 1.2s,
-follow up with 2nd skill to keep enemy in place while you keep dealing damage

-Use time bomb to where you/allies is running towards, anticipate enemy movement speed..
-use 2nd skill if an enemy gets too close
-Use Ult to release allies from CC / when they would need the additional shield
-If timed right it'll stun/slow down enemies giving your ally/ies better chances of escaping

Team Fights
-Use ult as soon as allies need the additional shield/protection or for defense from CC
-delay enemies using 2nd skill
-cast 1st skill in front of your vanguard and let it explode on full timer to assist them

Support Lockdown
-On a team fight. wait for an ally to cast their cc skill first
-followup using your 2nd skill then 1st skill to lock and stun enemy in place
-use Ult if ever enemy fights back

Egghanced Skills
-use all egg skills on enemies, if you have Ice Queen Wand in your gear, it's slowdown effect will still work! Great for assisting allies~
-if you stay close to enemies if you have Holy Aegis, it's slowdown effect will still work!~
-equip Cursed Helmet, the additional damage will still take effect as you get close to enemies, great for hunting enemies with low hp~ (IT IS SO FUNNY TO BE ABLE TO SLAY AN OPPONENT AS AN EGG! XD)
-battle spells heal & petrify works even when on egg mode!


1 - 2

Great for laning and harassing/scaring enemies

2 - 1

For chasing enemies and preventing escape


Time 2nd skill and 1st skill properly and keep your distance and you'll be able to harass a lot of heroes specially melee ones specially those try tower dive you~
-balmond, zilong, argus, hilda, fanny, saber etc.

Enemies with good CC, as you can cancel it with your Ult easily enabling your team to fightback or esacape
-Kagura, Aurora, Cyclops, Tigreal, Akai, etc.


Mages with good burst

-Eudora, Vexana, Harley, Kagura, etc.

-Layla, Irithel, Moscov, Miya etc.

Heroes that can be free from / be immune to CC (somehow)


Allies that can burst / good DPS
- eudora, vexana, aurora, karina, fanny, hayabusa,  lancelot, kagura, layla, miya, clint, zilong, argus, irithel etc.

Combo with other tank heroes with good CC
- Tigreal, Akai, Lolita, Minotaur, Johnson etc.


Gears listed below are interchangable, and should be bought according to your play style and enemies you are facing, Learn to buy manually from the shop and change gear layout depending on the situation. Below listed, has been effective for me..


DuraBirdie /AngryEgg Set

1. Cursed Helmet
-Good Magic Resistance and Additional Damage
-Good help for clearing minion waves, stay close to them as you cast 1st skill
-can be used on Egg Mode

2. Wizard Boots
-Diggie can accumulate a lot of support counts since he can stay in battle using egg form, assist as much you can during fights, this'll give greag additional gold

3. Holy Aegis
-Good additional physical Def + mana + CDR ♡♡♡
-the slow down effect can still be activated when on egg mode, stay close and annoy your enemies!

4. Ice Queen Wand
-Good Magic Damage and Mana Regen
-Great for slowing down enemies, it can still work in egg mode!

5. Courage Bulwark
-Great support item, good buff for allies and minions
-be there for them and support as much as you can

6. Immortality or Athena's Shield/Demon's Advent
-additional hp+def item, for magic/physical, choose dependening on enemy lineup
-these can also be the first item if you prefer survibability


Here are alternative gears you may want to consider..

Enchanted Talisman
-Good Magic Damage + CDR

Magic Shoes
-for additional CDR

Calamity Reaper
-enhanced normal attacks + CDR

-to slow down enemies with your skills

Blood Wings
-awesome increase in Magic Damage and HP

Athena's Shield
-good replacement item for 1st buy if you prefer survivability, great when used with heal spell

-good magic def item + cdr, the heal gained can be quite useful too

Demon's Advent
-great defense item if fighting a lot of physical enemies

Lightning Truncheon
-additional skill damage and regen can be quite useful

Disaster Truncheon / Winter Truncheon
-great magic damage + additinal defense
-awesome unique effects too, both quite good for diggie

Feather of Heaven
-nice item if you'd like to improve your normal attack damage, grear help for pushing

Rapid Boots
-increase movement speed to be able to rotate better

Boots of Tranquility
-Quite useful if you like to play it safe


Diggie is an AWESOME and insanely cute support hero!

He is an extremely FRAGILE hero, so you'll have to extra careful with him.. His damaging skills needs practice to maximize, but his CC potential is very High!.. His egg skills are weak but can be quite useful specially with the right gear~ His Ult is super useful in team fights giving your team a great edge!!

Did I already say how insanely fun it is to hunt enemies on egg mode? Specially those who are almost out of HP??! XD

Dont take my word for it, watch his gameplay or better yet try him yourself~~

I hope my guide has helped you get started with Diggie~



Post time 2017-12-1 05:56 PM | Show all posts
Just bought this hero today and yes I think he is awesome. Just one question is does Ice Queen wand still work on Egg mode? it feels like it doesn't slow down the enemies.
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