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So hi newcomers welcome to this forum page. I have seen that many of you don't know how good are all the heroes in the game. So I am going to recommend you guys some really easy to use and really good hero. When i first played this game, i also didn't know which heroes are good and which are not until I stared learning more deeply about the heroes. So I am only gonna reccommend you guys three easy and good you all should try and I hope you can fing a hero that you like and become a pro in the hero soon. Have fun!
1. Cyclops- Cyclops is a mage and many newcomers don't know how good he is. He does't look strong because his animation shows he is so clumsy. However, he is one of the strongest mages or rather the strongest in the game and is very easy to use.

Skill 1: Shoots two balls that hits enemys in their paths in one direction. With a reasonable build, this can do quite a lot of damage.

Skill 2: Creates 5 balls of magic around himself. These balls when near enemies will launch themselves at the enemy and do damage. This skill also increases the movement speed of cyclops, enabling him to chase down enemies or escape. This also do quite a lot of damage.

Ultimate: Cyclops launches a huge magic ball at a locked target. When it hits, it will do a lot of damage and trap enemies 1-2 seconds based on how far the ball have travelled. Heroes like lancelot and hayabusa can get not affected by this and fast heroes such as fanny and johnson can cancel this by moving half the whole map away from it. However, the ball can hit almost all the heroes and is very effective to start a teamfight.

Overall, Cyclops is an awesome hero with capabilities to destroy enemies.

2. Saber- Saber is a pretty powerful assasin. You can hit enemies with first skill as most of the time they can reach you as its range is very wide. Escaping and chasing is also not that much of a problem thanks to the second skill. You can take down enemies quite fast with saber's ultimate.

Skill 1: Saber release 4/5 blades (sorry i cant remember how many) to rotate around him to deal damage to enemies hit by the blades. The range of this ability is very wide and is a good way to tickle or poke your enemies. The blades will go back to saber after a short period of time.

Skill 2: Saber dash forward a short distance. If there are any blades rotating around him when he dashes, the blades will come back to him and will damage any enemies that hit it.

Ultimate: Saber dashes to a target, making him airborne for 2 second. (airborne is stun but you get kicked into the air instead of being on the ground) When the target is airborne, Saber will release a series of attacks, dealing tons of damage. Saber's ultimate is a very good disable unless heroes like Lancelot immune it. Don't be afraid, there are very little heroes which can immune this.\

Overall, Saber is not that hard to use although you need a little practice. He deals a lot of damage with his ultimate. His ultimate is a good way to start teamfights.

3. Lancelot- Lancelot is a must in this list. He is not really that hard to use. Just jungle during early game and late game just destroy the enemies. Lancelot is also a assasin and deals a ton of damage if you master him. Mastering him is really easy and he is very good even when he is 1v5 if you are ahead of them in gold and level.

Skill 1: Dashes at a target and deals damage to any enemy he passes through. Attacking an enemy (can be minions and jungle monsters) without a sword mark (it is a blue mark you will see if you pass through the enemy with this skill)(Its a blue circle around their feets), the skill will be instantly refreshed. Very useful for chasing down enemies and escaping.

Skill 2: Deals damage to enemies in a triangle/cone is front of him, the centre dealing the most damage and corners dealing the least. Aim your enemies in the centre to deal the most damage. You can also immune any abilities from enemy heroes if this skill is timed correctly. This skill deals a ton of damage if enemies are in the centre.

Ultimate: Lancelot charges and make a very long dash, dealing a ton of damage to enemies that he passes by. This skill can immune too if timed correctly. This is a good way to chase down enemies and escape and is also very effective in teamfights.

Overall, Lancelot is fantastic. His second skill and ultimate combined can almost kill enemies if you have the right build.

That's about it guys. Hope you guys have learnt something effective from this. Pls appreciate this as i spent 30 mins writing this whole thing out. If you guys need help in anything, ask in the forum and me myself and other old mobile legend players will answer your questions. Jungling is very important as it will give you a lead in both gold and level and will allow you to wreck the enemy team. Hope you guys become pro players like me! :)
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I wont suggest putting Lance as a suggestion as he's getting a nerf soon.
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