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[Hero Techniques] Quick Guide: Odette

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Quick Guide: Odette

-Skill Tips and Combos
1) 1st Skill is an aoe magic nuke with nice width but with not much lenght which also slows the targets you hit. This is going to be one of your main tools to farm minion waves hitting all minions at once, thanks to its low cooldown you can also spam it (without hitting any target) to get stacks for your passive.
2) 2nd Skill is a very nice skillshot cc skill, it can block the movement of many targets at once if properly aimed and thanks to it "splitting" when it reaches max range good players can make very good use of that giving them the chance to throw it at very different angles to hit enemies with it. It's a very important skill to master if you want to be a good Odette player.
3) The Ultimate is one of the most scary aoe damaging skills in the game if not countered by the enemies. You slow enemies and continuously deal high magic damage to everyone in an extremely big area around you and while you do that you also receive 30% less damage making you harder to be killed. Very very strong skill, positioning and timing is key. Note that during your ultimate the frequency and speed of your passive bounces are empowered so if possible always try to have some stacks from your passive ready to go, or already bouncing around, before you cast your ultimate.
4) The Passive is a very strong tool in her arsenal, after she casts a skill the next skill or basic attack will also cause magic projectiles to bounce around damaging nearby targets. This skill is very useful to farm minions but it's also one of her best tools to deal damage during fights. Note that you can "stack" this passive if you cast skills without hitting enemies, if you do so you are going to have more bounching projectiles ready to go in a very short amount of time.
5) Your combo depends on the situation, you usually want to do a full rotation of your skills finishing with your ultimate, if possible is nice to block enemy movement with 2nd skill just before you cast your ultimate so you are going to guarantee hitting them.

-Skill Leveling Order
I personally like maxing out Odette's 2nd Skill because it gets a lower cooldown with each point you put into it, since it's your CC skill I think it's important having as short of a cooldown as possible.

-Battleground Spells
Flicker: Odette has no mobility skills so Flicker is easily the best and most versatile spell to have on her. Note that you can use Flicker during the ultimate to reposition yourself!
Purify: This can be situationally better if the enemy team composition has a lot of ways to stop your ultimate and if you have good reflexes. If you are casting ultimate and an enemy wants to interrupt it you can use Purify just before the stun hits you so you can keep casting your ultimate. It isn't easy to do and the cooldown is long so in my opinion it's better to simply go for Flicker.

1st Item - Enchanted Talisman: Good Magic Power, some HP, high 20% CDR and very high Mana Regen so we will never run out. Very good item which will allow us to spam our skills for the rest of the game thanks to the high cdr and mana regen provided.
2nd Item - Magic Shoes: Movement Speed and additional 10% CDR (if you plan focusing on having the Mage Jungle Buff active at "all" times you should buy Arcane Boots instead).
3rd Item - Concentrated Energy: High HP and Magic Power and a lot of Spell Vamp giving us more survivability and self sustain thanks to our aoe skills (the bounces from our passive will also heal us!).
4th Item -
Lightning Truncheon: High Magic Power and Mana Regen. The Passive gives us even more burst and aoe damage.
5th Item -
Ice Queen Wand: High Magic Power, more Mana Regen and some Mov. Speed. The Passive will make our skills Slow the enemies, very useful with pretty much all our skills since they can hit in an AOE, most importantly our Ultimate.
6th Item - Blood Wings: Insane amount of Magic Power and a lot of HP, final touch to give some more survivability and a lot more damage.
Starting Item: 2x Magic Necklace.
Note: When it comes to Odette builds I think there are 4 items that are always good to have and those items are Magic Shoes, Enchanted Talisman, Concentrated Energy and Lightning Truncheon. The order of these items can also be varied (just make sure to buy Magic Shoes as 1st or 2nd item at most) depending on the situation. The last two items are very flexible, some of the good options are: Athena's Shield, Ice Queen Wand, Glowing Wand, Blood Wings, Devil Tears.

-Good Allies to Have
Odette can go well pretty much with any ally but the ones who can protect you from stuns during your Ultimate are nice ones to have, allies who can keep enemies inside the range of your ultimate are also good.
Aurora could stun many enemies with her ultimate while they are under your ultimate for a very fight winning combo;
Grock can stop enemies from escaping your ultimate thanks to his wall;
Lolita can protect you with her shield and also use her slow/stun ultimate on top of yours to keep enemies longer in the area;
Franco can use the movement block from your 2nd skill to easily hook allies;
There would be just so many allies to name, she can fit everywhere.

-Heroes you Counter
Odette doesn't really counter anyone in particular but she does well versus heroes without stuns and without much mobility.
I don't really feel like naming anyone in particular, pretty much it's the same as above. Like she doesn't really need any particular ally to shine in the same way she doesn't really counter anyone in particular.

-Heroes who Counter You
All heroes who can easily stop Odette's ultimate are her counters although with good timing and positioning on your part and with help of your team you can try to mitigate that.
Aurora can stop your ultimate from a long distance with her freezing ultimate;
Franco can easily hook you during ultimate because you are standing still;
Gord can stun you from a long distance with his 1st skill;
Tigreal can stop it by pushing you with his 2nd skill;
Nana can stop you with her ultimate or polymorph;
You get what I mean.
Natalia can also counter Odette since if she manages to silence you she will most likely kill you, try to be very alert if you are versus Natalia because if you see her approaching because of the marker you might survive by using your ultimate just before she hits and silence you.




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